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Get Titanfall Xbox One Bundle For $475 With This Coupon

Angie Santiago reports: "A coupon has been found and shared on Cheap Ass Gamer that gives users a 5% discount on the Titanfall Xbox One bundle at the Microsoft Store. The catch is, you have to text the code “MSHS” to “29502″ for the coupon which will then give you the coupon and drop the price of the console to $474.99 before tax." (TitanFall, Xbox One)

demonddel  +   154d ago
got it
jaymart2k  +   154d ago
Adds up to $504, same as amazon but amazon is faster shipping, not so great.
TheFallenAngel  +   154d ago
What's next? Get a free PS4 with the purchase of the titanfall bundle? lol jk.
B1uBurneR  +   154d ago
@ ThefallenAngel good one.. ... the coupon is the price of what the Console should of started off with. $475 is a ideal price or closer to what it should be, A lot closer. Microsoft should stop experimenting with it and make it the new price. Right now these discounts could make their early adapters angry, and other those, that are on the fence, stay on the fence longer. Microsoft Gamers are not stupid we know you know you have to do something about your current next-gen situation, your peoples crunched the numbers in the office, man up..
hotbeef  +   154d ago
Cool... glad I spent full price 3 months ago to play it like 20 hours so far. Half of that being the titanfall beta. Microsoft should give day one edition owners Titanfall for free
Kingoftherodeo  +   154d ago
lol go cry else where man. wish i could get a free shit or money refund for shit i bought before last years holidays
hotbeef  +   154d ago
It's all good, I bought a second one and sold it to some turd for 700 so technically, I'm still on top. Just a bit bitter about Microsoft so far this gen when the 360 was my preferred console last gen and I really wanted something amazing and all they've done is let me down.

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