BF4 Emblems – How to Make Awesome Emblems on Battlefield 4

Trying to figure out how to make a high quality emblem on Battlefield 4? BF4 emblems can be tricky to create. They often require a lot of time for production, especially to create an intricate design. But this post reveals how you can get an awesome emblem of your own without any hard work at all.

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mgszelda11543d ago

I rock the same emblem since cod bo. My mr Saturn

XxMajeSteRxX1542d ago

Are these working on console now ?

Detoxx1542d ago

Yes they have been working on console since 2 patches ago.

brightlight1542d ago

it was supposed to be working at launch but hey who cares 3 months later. Just like second assault, platoon, spectator mode and many others.

XxMajeSteRxX1542d ago

Ahh man didnt notice,thx for reply

Alduin1542d ago

Yup these work pretty well now. It's pretty great to be able to get a decent looking emblem without having to spend hours going through a tutorial trying to perfect one.