Criterion offers free Burnout Paradise car content in honour of Harold Ramis' death

VVV: "Criterion Games has honored the death of former Ghostbusters star Harold Ramis, who sadly passed away at the age of 69 this week, by offering the Burnout Paradise Legendary Car Pack for free to Xbox 360 and North American PS3 users today."

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Mikelarry1520d ago

i wouldn't mind another burnout paradise game for the ps4 as i played the hell out of this on ps3

PixelNinja1520d ago

It's a shame, Criterion were an absolutely brilliant game company, made me feel more Patriotic about England's Games companies.

EA have ruined them, there is little over 20 employees left at the studio, the founders have left as well. Hopefully Criterion will be on the road to redemption.

FantasyStar1520d ago

It's going to happen to Respawn and Crytek as well. Anyone who touches EA turns to....well

ZombieKiller1520d ago

Harold Ramis died along with a piece of my childhood.

Egon Spengler - please Rest In Peace. I might have to trap you one day if you come back to haunt us.

MonChiChi1520d ago

Such a great game. Had some of my best online play in that game.

Pintheshadows1520d ago

I can't get over Harold Ramis' death. My childhood memories hurt.

ironfist921520d ago

Is it just more or is there a recent influx in famous deaths?

Paul Walker, Nelson Mandela, James Avery, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Harold Ramis...