Nintendo’s new nightmare

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has finally debuted in Japan… and it is a big problem for Nintendo. According to Famitsu, the PS4 had a pretty great launch week, moving 322,000 units in its home market debut. The Sony box has clearly accelerated the steady erosion of Nintendo’s 3DS portable console sales.

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BoneBone1517d ago

"The Wii U is dead and buried — even in Japan, its sales are now at a dismal 8,000 weekly level. It’s all now riding on 3DS."

Childish and unprofessional use of language. After 7 days of the PS4 on sale? Please learn some patience before jumping to extreme conclusions 4 years too early. Terrible 'journalism'. Just terrible.

DonDon1516d ago

Lol I just KNEW you would be the first one to jump to Nintendo's defense. Nothing in your response undoes the facts stated in the article. If you want to hold onto some hope that the Wii U will be fine, than go ahead. But don't expect EVERYONE to put their trust in a system that had a 1 year head-start, only to be outpaced in a mere 3 months by ps4. We can believe what we want, and according to sales, MOST people believe that the Wii U isn't worth their time, while the ps4 IS.


Geekman1516d ago

While at the same time the PS4 outselling one console doesn't mean doom for it. And there were no facts in this article, speaking as a neutral gamer.

BullyMangler1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

ps4 sold more than a wiiU, aaand ??

haha sales dont deem a winner . lol wiiU STILL on top of ps4 like missionary position. and with less sales .

Better looking, more inventive, more next Gen quality exclusives on a wiiU rather a ps4 just Resogun < lol . .

nintendo is in the lead by a TON over ps4 < fact , because sales dont determine a consoles glory, the exclusive games do < fact . . .

nintendo is STILL dominating. better get used to it. .

just-joe1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Let's overlook the fact that Nintendo is still worth more than Sony as well as Sony selling off it's PC business and closing over 60 percent of their stores. The Wii U may not be selling well but Nintendo still doing better than Sony.

BoneBone1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Jumping to the defense of the Wii U? You sound a little like an over emotional school boy with a crush on a teacher. Problem is with people like you, you see it as strange should anyone say perhaps nice or positive things about a toy, but reading, writing and commenting negative things about a toy is just completely normal.

No, that's just a little bit psychotic.

Honestly, all you hear PS4 people talk and talk and talk about is SALES. SALES, SALES, SALES SALES. And power. POWER and SALES.

Why do they NEVER talk about games? Because it has NO games.

Wii U has plenty of top draw games. PS4 folk only turn their consoles on to load up N4G and play that great old game of Brag About Sales.

It's embarrassing.

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rdgneoz31516d ago

It might not be dead yet, Nintendo has a huge bank to live off of for a while. Though investor's are not gonna like slumping sales. However, it's somewhat discouraging when the WiiU has been out since Nov 2012 and the PS4 since Nov 2013, and the PS4 is beating it in total and weekly sales. The WiiU needs more 3rd party support and to pump out some more quality system sellers to get back into it.

Knushwood Butt1516d ago

Today (Friday) is the 7th day that the PS4 has been on sale.

Chevalier1515d ago

Really your going to complain about the lack of games on a system that has been out 4 months? Now that is just desperation. The PS4 has 3rd party support unlike Wii U and has more games coming out this year then all the Wii U games out. The Wii U has slight bumps in sales every time a new game comes out, but, they are far and in between with most sales from Nintendo 1st party. Where are the 3rd party games? I have sold more PS4 in my store in the last month than all the Wii U sales we had since christmas. Our 1 month of sales more than doubled our whole 1st year sales for Wii U. If that is your idea of good then I really have to ask what your smoking.

It's all about the games you say? Just look at how many exclusives were released on PS3 last year and the GOTY and variety. PSN had more good free games then all the good Wii U games that came out in 2013. Sony has much more 3rd party, indie support and many 1st party studios so let's give it a year first. Funny how you say the article is 4 years too early and call the writer immature yet you can only comment on lack of games when PS4 has been out 4 months! Great logic there. If you bothered to look at all the games coming out this year and compared it's not pretty. Wii U has no major releases into this summer and my preorder list is at a dozen titles whereas PS4 has more than 3x that. Unless you know something I don't I would say prove it? You say lack of numbers? Then where was your proof?!

3-4-51515d ago

These people's BOSS do not hold them accountable for accuracy anymore.

It's all about first instead of most accurate.

Calling something "dead" is the new "cool journalist" thing to do now. haven't you heard.

All the cool people are doing it

Baccra171515d ago

So the truth is childish now, that's good to know.

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Neonridr1517d ago

Pretty sure those who play handhelds will still play handhelds even if they purchase a PS4. The more interesting numbers to watch is if the Vita gains more traction with the new PS4 owners.

3DS will be fine, as long as they still get the Monster Hunters, Pokemons, Animal Crossings, etc.

Benjaminkno1516d ago

Since Nintendo is in better shape than Sony..

I can't take this opinion seriously.

Let me know when Nintendo posts a billion dollar loss.

Vegamyster1516d ago

That and laying off thousands of employees.

KonsoruMasuta1516d ago

It's funn. Nintendo's loss was nowhere near that amount.

Alex_Boro1516d ago

Lol, why are there any disagrees? Some people are butthurt by the truth. SMH.

XisThatKid1516d ago

I mean I really don't care how much most of these people make it's not mine but
And yea it was 2011 I remembered when this happend. All in all I see your point though.

Vegamyster1516d ago

That was Nintendo's first loss in 30 years and it was a $458 million loss, not $926 million.

XisThatKid1514d ago

yea i know, I seen it in the article I just posted.

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Ck1x1516d ago

The title of this article made me think Nintendo pulled a Sony and canceled a high profile game in development or something... Damn people don't scare me like that!

SegaGamer1516d ago

What is with the daily bashing of Nintendo these days ? it's like people want it to be bad.

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