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Watch_Dogs Might Get a Release Date and a Trailer Very Soon as Leaked by Official PlayStation Site

Today something very interesting appeared on the Official PlayStation competitions website. As you can see from the picture below, it included a link to a “new trailer” that included the release date. The link has been removed, but the internet spotted it in time. (PC, PS3, PS4, Watch Dogs, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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jackanderson1985  +   637d ago
april 27th would be a great day for it... mainly cuz it's pay day and i'll be busy in march with other games
thereapersson  +   637d ago
Yeah, I'm going to wait until this gets marked down to under 50 bucks before I buy it. I just picked up Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition on PS4, and I still have The Last of Us to play through, not to mention the fact that I haven't completed the single player quest in Shadow Fall. Second Son comes out less than a month from now, and Drive Club is now rumored to be out in the next 3 months, meaning I will certainly have my hands full.

I don't play games as much as I used to either, so that is a big hurdle preventing me from keeping up. I'm still excited to play Watch Dogs regardless, it will just take a while for me to get around to.
Nyromith  +   637d ago
Why so late? Release it today.
mcarsehat  +   637d ago
my guess has always been the 30th but when the trailer comes out i will be like: HO HO HOOOOOOOO YUMYUMYUMYUMYUMYUMYUMYUM YUM YUM YUM YUM
Doritos_Pope  +   637d ago
My child, I am pleased by this.
jay2  +   637d ago
Can't wait
SniperControl  +   637d ago
Mid April sounds good to me, that will give me time to play Second Son and hopefully some Driveclub to boot.
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candy_mafia  +   637d ago
Anyone else super hyped for this game??

I'm glad they delayed it. A game of this scale has to impress. We don't need another half assed GTA clone.

Watchdogs is on my watch list for sure. I'm also interested to see how the last gen versions hold up, and of course Wii U should see a decent (fingers crossed) version of the game.

Not sure about a April release. Everywhere I've read points to May/June as less big titles get released during this period, so keep watchin' :)
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markyboy2181  +   637d ago
look at the date of betond two souls this was up last year
CharlesSwann  +   637d ago
Never understood the hype of this game. I think it was all marketing. Assassin's creed with a cell phone? Boring.
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Unreal01  +   637d ago
Dude, this game is pretty innovative. I think the hype is there because it plays similar to GTA, and people love a good open world game. It'd be cool if they had various online game types.
Sevir  +   637d ago
The sniper of footage they showed in the PS4 release trailer for Japan last week looked even better! I'm ready for it! I want direct feed images and footage!

:) excited
OpieWinston  +   637d ago
What are you talking about. Literally NOTHING changed in that little clip that was shown in the PS4 Japanese Commercial. Everyone has seen that scene, where have you been?
Sevir  +   636d ago
Polish!!! I can see graphics improvements
markyboy2181  +   637d ago
where can we see this sniper gameplay m8?
CannonB8  +   637d ago
It looks like he was auto-corrected from "snippet" to "sniper".
domford1981  +   637d ago
Think he meant to say snippet bro? Unless you're being sarcastic? Can't tell with all the smartasses on this site
Meltic  +   637d ago
Add and remove news about this all the time wtf ubisoft just announce it. Dont be afraid
InTheLab  +   637d ago
So I really want this game to be good but a 6 month delay is scary to me. No game should need 6 months of polish after being worked on for years. Not only that, there is still no solid release date. Think about it....we've had like 3 Assassin's creeds since this game was revealed...

6 months sounds like sloppy development to me. Either that or there was really nothing to the game and they decided it needed beefier gameplay.
mcarsehat  +   636d ago
polish can only be a good thing
elninels  +   636d ago
Or Ubisoft told them to polish the game while they figured out a release date that they believe would maximize profits?

The game was probably fine to be released in November, but ubisoft wouldn't want their new IP(watch_dogs) to compete with or overshadow their bread and butter IP(assassin's creed).

When it comes down to it publishers decide when a game ships and developers just use the time allotted to the best of their abilities. Many a buggy game has been released, and I dont like to believe that developers enjoy releasing these kinds of messes.
InTheLab  +   636d ago
You say that as if they didn't know a new AC would be launching.

Assuming it launches in April, you might be right about profits but you can't just ignore the fact that a game set for launch is delayed for half a year...
elninels  +   636d ago

How big is the current gen install base compared to launch day?

How big will it be after both titanfall and infamous release?

Bigger than day one with few titles to compete with?
S2Killinit  +   637d ago
OOh yeah
bqnnt  +   637d ago
About time hope its not another next gen fail!! Ff14 beta the only thing thats made me stand up and go Ooo check that out Oo
bqnnt  +   637d ago
And yeh inthelab always thought ubisoft they were flexing there muscles this is the nwxt gen sandbox game this is how its done then gta5 came out on 'last gen' consoles and they went oh poo erm think we better have a rethink!
Plagasx  +   636d ago
Ahhh.. Watch Dogs.. The original next gen game..
TuCk3rO  +   636d ago
That twitter user who found it must be super awesome ... lol
UnrealThreats  +   635d ago
Yeah, he also must be like part of one the best forums on the internet as well...
Toadsanime  +   636d ago
Oh, the woes of working in a game store and knowing these things yet being a video game journalist and not being allowed to speak about it yet. :(
Toadsanime  +   635d ago
Not allowed to say unfortunately, but you'll know on Tuesday.

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