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Fixing Nintendo after the fall

Critical Gamer writes: While Nintendo have had a lot of success with the 3DS, they are struggling to sell the Wii U, even with the release of a top notch Super Mario game. So where did it all go so wrong, and what can they do to help turn things around? (3DS, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Wii, Wii U)

Geekman  +   552d ago
Decent article, but this is the same thing I said about them going 3rd party: They already said no. Thee won't be any mobile games anytime soon unless it's a demo. Unless they screw up WORSE than they are now, they're not gonna tell the people who develop hardware and work on hardware that they no longer have a job and they'll be working on something that might get old soon. Remember that less than 15% of mobile gamers invest money.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   552d ago
How can Nintendo turn their fortunes around?

#1 Do far, FAR better with their advertisement efforts.

The games so far, and coming up, are GREAT GAMES. They just need VIRAL ADVERTISEMENT.
Even the best games won't sell systems if they aren't hyped up a bit so people can get excited once they've seen the ads for them.


They've got tons of indie support coming, but they don't advertise it much.
They COULD be getting sales for third party exclusives and stuff if they'd offer advertisement efforts for them too.
They're making it seem like they've got too little coming by keeping all the juicy projects close to their chests.
It's time to open the flood-gates.


Se-ri-ous-ly! Anyone who thinks ANY idea like those is a viable long-term plan for helping Nintendo survive another two or three generations, needs to get their damned heads checked.

Casuals would move on too quickly to the rest of the overwhelming amount of casual games on phones, so Nintendo would have too tough a time keeping their games relevant to these fickle and quick-moving consumers who expect short games instead of long-winded Mario games that take time to play through and complete.

Similarly, people who love the competition more than Nintendo frequently bash the company AND its games for being everything from "Stuck in the past" to "Kiddy" to "Out-of-touch" to "rehashed crap that never changes", etc etc etc.
Most of them would gladly choose something like a sequel to The Last of Us over the next Mario game, anyways. There's no way you'd see Mario 3D World outsell something like The Witcher if they came out near the same time on a system where third party sells best out of everything.
The other systems are not where Nintendo's fan base is and they are not where Nintendo would be able to get maximum profit, especially considering the fees they'd have to pay to get their games onto those consoles.

Nintendo's games would not sell to these people long enough to keep Nintendo alive. It's really just that simple.
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