Heavily Discounted Titanfall Xbox One Bundle Sells Out in Less than a Day at GameStop UK

Stock of the heavily discounted Titanfall Xbox One bundle did not last very long at Gamestop UK, that was selling it 30 pounds less than other local retailers, and in less than 24 hours (much less, actually) the whole allocation of the bundle at the retailer had evaporated.

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4Sh0w1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Good for them, my local Gamestop sucks with worthless sales and promotions. Oh well its always nice to see fellow gamers snatch up a good deal.

badz1491487d ago

it was 30 pounds more expensive just last week for the console only, of course this will be sold out fast.

those who pre-ordered the XbOne pre-launch got FIFA14 at the original price and now at 30 pounds less, they will get the it with XbOne's biggest exclusive of the year. the price might still be more expansive than the PS4 but it's a damn good deal for those who was holding up for price cuts. but it's kinda like a slap in the face to those who didn't get FIFA and bought the console in the 1st 3 months too!

MethCupcakes1487d ago

Wrong, it's about a £110 cheaper. Microsoft took off £70-80 and gamestop took £30 more off.

TomShoe1486d ago

Not surprising, it's a ridiculously good deal for those who were on the fence switching from 360.

As for people feeling that this is a slap in the face, that's the opportunity cost of being an early adopter. In exchange for getting the right to play the games before anyone else, you give up the right to any future discounts and sales. I hate to be a downer, but that's something you should have thought about when buying day 1.

JohnnyBadfinger1486d ago

What Tom said.

Just because you bought the console at launch doesn't mean your untitled to any money back. You knew it would get cheaper as everything does. You have no whinging rights as a early adopter to complain about a price drop.

So nobody has been slapped in the face. That's just an idiotic thing to say

badz1491486d ago

not a slap in the face? price cut + biggest exclusive of the year just 3 month after release is not a slap in the face to you? ok.

I don't know if you guys like to just bend over to something this ridiculous but this price cut happened way earlier than Nintendo did with the 3DS and we know what Nintendo did back then to 'reward' its loyal early supporters they got free games because the cut was deemed premature and this thing with the XbOne now is exactly THAT! - PREMATURE PRICE CUT.

it might not apply to other regions but UK but I think those early supporters in the UK should get something to compensate this dick move. if not a game, why not a FREE XBL Gold for 6-months, for example?

If MS is in any way grateful for the fans and those early supporters are not simply dumb by any mean, they should demand for something. sure electronics get cheaper the longer it's on the market. but this is a console and just in 3 months? you gotta to be really dense to think that this is normal!

VENOMACR12271486d ago

I got my X1 day one and in no way am I upset/angry about a price cut. The system isn't selling as well as the PS4. Cut the price, increase sales, give a major title game for free, and you'll increase sales. Sales were a joke in January and I doubt February was any better. Price cuts happen. So why does it matter if it's 1 week or 1 year after the system is out? It's still the same system, same specs, same kinect, just cheaper. I got to enjoy my X1 on day one and that's awesome. Sure I'd like to get it for cheaper, but price cuts happen, it's no big deal. More X1 owners is good news.

badz1491486d ago

there is definitely a HUGE problem in the mind of gamers today when the idea of "looking for the interest of gamers" like demanding something in return for loyalty is getting disagrees while the notion of " happens" got all the agrees! yeah just keep rocking those corporate dicks! they sure love blind loyalist like these!

PONTIAC08G8GT1486d ago


Why should a company provide you with compensation for a purchase you willingly made months ago? Do you think MS planned a price cut 3 months after launch? Did they expect PS4 to dominate like they have? No. Every single person that buys a video game or system knows the the price will eventually come down. Heck, I bought the brand new Tiger Woods game for $45 on amazon 2 days after it released for $60. Just trying to increase sales. They didn't stick it to me or price gouge me. I knew the cost, I knew price would go down.

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Magicite1486d ago

so they have heavily discounted major system seller (considering halo5 wont come out this year) of the year long before its launch?
I think it looks like MS is feeling quite insecure about X1 right now.

MorePowerOfGreen1487d ago

"Heavily Discounted"

Comforting words, this should help folks sleep a *bit* better.

Eonjay1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

What are you saying? They charge 409 GBP for a regular XBox and 44.99 GBP for the game. You are saving 83 British Pounds Sterling or $138 USD. That is a very good discount. Considering the fact that last week it would have cost more for the Xbox by itself in the UK, the discount is downright massive (nearly $200 USD cheaper than what it would have cost 2 days ago for the same package)

B-radical1487d ago

Should move a few console's. This game is gonna be huge.

Anyone think microsoft is gonna buy rights to the sequel? With that big wallet

hulk_bash19871487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

I highly doubt that EA is gonna easily dismiss that potential 5+ million PS4 sales demographic. But then again you'll never know, if Titanfall pushes out enough Xbox Ones Microsoft may just open that big fat checkbook.

@below, I was under the assumption that EA had exclusive publishing rights to all Respawn's games.


Lawboy21487d ago

Respawn owns the rights to the ip...not ea

TheOmniGamer1487d ago

Could of said the same thing about Gears of Wars when Microsoft paid EPIC for the rights throughout the 360 generation.

Tedakin1487d ago

By the time Titanfall 2 comes out there'll be a lot more than 5.2 million playstations out there.

thrust1487d ago

Am so happy I got a xbox one so I can play this, roll on March

mkis0071487d ago

I would expect that MS would have to pay out to EA as if 70% (or whatever was just above reasonable) of ps4 owners had bought the game in order to lock down full exclusivity.

Not beyond them, to be honest. But I wonder if Respawn would want to cut off the player base. I mean Vince seems like the kind of guy that makes games for enjoyment first money second.

hulk_bash19871487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )


Good on you man, I would have loved to get it along with Titanfall but I don't have the funds right now. But, the Beta footage looked like too much fun to pass up. So I decided to get the PC version instead of waiting till I get an Xbox One.

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razrye1487d ago

@tedakin I don't know why your getting disagrees since there is already more than 5.3million ps4's out there.

s1xt6en1486d ago

I think it just depends on what numbers are looking like. My question is was this deal only in the UK and not in the US?

DJustinUNCHAIND1487d ago

It's a good deal and a solid bundle.

DarkLord10031487d ago

I think that's the proof that the main Problem of the xbox one is the price

Team_Litt1486d ago

Weaker *hardware*
Software is tops. More AAA games released and announced.

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