USA Pre-Order Chart 02/22/2014

Latest Pre-Order Chart for the week ending February 22, 2014 in the USA.

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KingDadXVI1390d ago

TitanFall is looking good. Does anyone know if MS is offering a bundle with the physical disk? Just curious. If they aren't they should be just to give people the option.

GraveLord1390d ago

Only 1 bundle and it includes a digital download.

KingDadXVI1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Well I am glad for those that are getting the console and a free copy of TitanFall but it would have been nice to have had the choice. Makes no real difference to me as I have the console.

I like the idea of digital downloads and have lots of them but I still prefer to have a physical copy of my AAA games. I would feel better about it if I could make a back up of the digital downloads or something. I know that once you have purchased it you can always download it again but it just doesn't feel right somehow. I guess it is just something that I will have to get used to.

@doolin_dalton Yep, they are certainly doing well. We have to remember though that the 360 version does come out 2 weeks later though so that would affect 360 pre-orders.

NewMonday1390d ago

The game is online only, so no point for a physical disk

abzdine1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Destiniy PS4 is holding up well when no release date has been fixed yet. Rearding infamous the pre-orders will boom in the next 3 weeks.

strange they haven't shown the 360 version of the mecha game just yet, i can sense the scam since the 2 games are exactly similar.
it's gonna be fun when the truth will be revealed.. and those who disagree remember this post well!

Obscure_Observer1390d ago


Marked. And i hope you to just don't desapear, if the reality turns out to be the opposite

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Bigpappy1390d ago

Looks like it could sell close to a mil at launch on X1 alone in the US. as it gets closer more people will dive in. Digital copies with be a huge part of that total.

Rimeskeem1390d ago

I thought with the huge amount of hype it has gotten it would be well over 500,000 pre orders by now

cluckey071390d ago

Wow. It's still not even close to Destiny as far as pre-orders go. And Destiny does not even have a release date yet.

JeffGUNZ1390d ago

@ sckipt

Don't forget Digital Downloading. I am a day one but I am DD the game. Almost all the people I know personally with an X1 are all DD unless their wives or spouses give them a disc as a gift. Luckily, my lady knows me well and gets me $60 in MS cash as a gift rather then the disc so I can just add it my account and buy games DD.

It's going to be interesting to see how blockbuster games sell from disc based to DD based.

Ninver1390d ago

Only place TF will sell better is America cause we all know how much they love their guns. I predict infamous will outsell it everywhere else.

Jeedai Infidel1390d ago

"Only place TF will sell better is America cause we all know how much they love their guns."

And now we all know how much of a bigot you are.

hulk_bash19871390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Titanfall was well received in just about every territory it was demoed. It was even well received at TGS last year.

SpinalRemains1381390d ago

Right, because the USA is the only nation in history riddled with war and violence.

Do you even hear yourself when you speak, or were you in such a rush to type a 'good one', that you completely missed the part where you sounded like a jagoff?

imt5581390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

How preorders for Titanfall ( Xbone ) can be good? There is over 2 mil. Xbone's in the US and only 300k+ preorders for Titanfall after beta??? Besides that, when beta was active, there was only 250k preorders for TF. Not so good. Only 2 weeks remainig.

nicksetzer11390d ago

That is more preorders than almost all launch games for both consoles ... and almost everyone bought at least one launch game .... so?

S2Killinit1390d ago

Its still more than any other preorder, but it should also be noted that there are more PS4 "must haves" which means people might decide to preorder one game over another. I was really interested to know exactly how TF might effect sales of xbone, and the numbers while healthy, dont seem to indicate that too many consoles will be moved by just this one game.

No_Limit1390d ago

Don't forget that the pre-orders is only pertaining to physical copies in-store only. The XB1 bundle that was shot up the charts at Amazon and other retails is not included in the pre-orders and don't forget that since all games all available on digital format on launch day as well, a lot of people will get that instead instead of pre-ordering it. I know I am getting the digital copy myself. This game will be massive!!

IRNMUNKEY1390d ago

There only 200k preorders for Infamous which is ps4s big game so I'd say its pretty good fit the machine that sold less.

imt5581390d ago


How much less? 300k less ( for now ). Besides that, preorders for InFamous a pretty solid because Sony don't push marketing like MS for Titanfall.

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doolin_dalton1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

This should put to rest the notion that Titanfall won't be a system seller because it's also available on 360 and PC.

The Xbox One version is #1, with nearly 5X as many pre-orders as either the 360 or PC versions.

Eonjay1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Its being packed in for free so I'm sure it will ship some. Its weird to because this is the week after the beta. So if some of these are for people who haven't bought the system... they should cancel and get the bundle ASAP. If you are getting it at launch and don't have a Xbox, there is no point in preordering the game when you can preorder the console and get both (and the game for free and Live for a month). Also don't forget there are 2 million people in the US that already own an Xbox One and I'm sure sure the majority of those preorders are from people who already own the system.

DJustinUNCHAIND1390d ago

These numbers were taken before the announced bundle.

Eonjay1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

@nicksetzer1 @DJustinCHAIND

Thats correct.

(I was considering doolin_dalton's assertion that it will sell systems.)
That the weird part I was referring to. Lets say you wanted to buy an Xbox One when this game releases so you preordered the game. Wouldn't you cancel that preorder and preorder the bundle instead? I would; it makes sense.

But, these numbers were taken before the bundle announcement, which means that more than likely, it was boosted by people playing the beta on Xbox One. People who already have the system but loved the beta.

Therefore while I'm sure the game will boost the Xbox One, its impossible to tell at this point by how much. If the bundles sell out everywhere, I predict a 150k boost. (I used the Fifa UK bundle as a barometer. The US would see a 75k boost alone at minimun up to 110k)

Bigpappy1390d ago

@Eonjay: All of what you said is true, but does not change a single point he made:

"This should put to rest the notion that Titanfall won't be a system seller." Point made. Point undisputed.

"The Xbox One version is #1, with nearly 5X as many pre-orders as either the 360 or PC versions." point made. point undisputed.

You are just pointing out that the effect might not be as big as pre-orders suggest. That point is well made an also undisputable.

Eonjay1390d ago


I wasn't disputing anything, I was just thinking out loud lol. But yeah, I wanted to point out that its super hard to guess how much the boost will be. And next weeks preorders will give us a better indication (because those preorders will include the bundles).

Check back to see how accurate my prediction is :). I estimated Japan correctly so I want to see if I can go two for two lol. Oh yeah I also predict Titanfall to sell about 650k. I may be over but I think this is possible.

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AceBlazer131390d ago

True but should EA be worried by the abysmal 360 numbers? PC is understandable since i don't think PC guys bother with pre ordering.

Bigpappy1390d ago

Nope. It does matter to EA if it sells more on X1 or 360. The low 360 numbers might be good news for M$ as that would mean some X1 sales

showtimefolks1390d ago


can't say it won't sell systems but its available on pc and xbox360, meaning not everyone has to pre order to get one. Most of us actually don't pre order a lot of stuff

also i have to believe on pc it will be pirated a lot that's why low numbers maybe

DoctorJones1390d ago

It's an online game, piracy won't be much of an issue.

ger23961390d ago

Those numbers are for the game only, not the bundle.

DanielGearSolid1390d ago

This doesn't guarantee system seller, could be alot of ppl that already own x1s

Not to say the game won't sell well

MysticStrummer1390d ago

I've seen a couple of people say this about the preorders proving it's a system seller. That seems like odd logic to me, but we'll see.

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TheOmniGamer1390d ago

Wow that weekly change for Titanfall is HUGE! Almost 50k preorders in a week.

Naga1390d ago

Amazing what a successful outing of an open beta can do.

cluckey071390d ago

Open Beta plus it comes out this week. Super big shock.

YodaCracker1390d ago

Huh? It comes out in two weeks and these numbers are for last week.

corvusmd1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

What is surprising is despite how many more PS4s have been close the preorders are...and in the case of Thief (and possibly more further down the list...there are actually more for XB1 despite the lower resolution.

Eonjay...true it's being packed for free with the new bundle that was announced yesterday...however this list is as of 22nd.

DanielGearSolid1390d ago

Not surprising at all...

Look at the 360 vs ps3 preorder numbers for multiplats, despite x360 selling waaayyyy more consoles in the US the pre orders are pretty close

Riderz13371390d ago

What about Destiny? Watch Dogs? Dying Light? Forgot to mention those games?

Let's not forget Thief is well known for being on Xbox platforms...Where as the games I just listed are all new IP and ALL have more pre orders on PS4.

SonofGod1390d ago

Holy s*** Titanfall is dominating that list.

raWfodog1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Not as much as Watch Dogs though. That game and Destiny are going to be the ones to beat.

Edit (for whoever disagrees):

Watch Dog is over 609,000 preorders.
Destiny is about 530,000 preorders.
Titanfall is about 349,000 preorders.

How can you disagree with that?

Tedakin1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Did you just compare the Xbox One numbers (not counting PC and 360) to the accumulated numbers of Watch Dogs and Destiny across all platforms? Because if so....

The Xbox One version of Titanfall is beating the PS4 version of Destiny, The Xbone version of Destiny and all the single versions of Watch Dogs. How can you disagree with that? It's fact.

VforVideogames1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

@rawfodog yes but you are combining preorders from all consoles and titanfall its on XB1 only.

cluckey071390d ago

Actually Watchdoggs and Destiny have a lot more pre-orders than that. It's only showing what's on this list.

raWfodog1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

@ Tedakin, VforVideogames

Come on guys. I'm not making this up. Yes, I'm comparing all the platforms for each of the titles discussed. No matter how you cut it, its going to be better saleswise when a AAA title is offered over more platforms. Since it needs to be spelled out, here are the numbers. Obviously the numbers have changed since I first posted but here are the stats as of February 26 11AM EST:

X1 - 319,555
360 - 72,167
PC - 71,662
Total: 463,384

PS4 - 236,810
X1 - 206,410
360 - 97,684
Total: 540,904

Watch Dogs:
PS4 - 204,551
X1 - 159,318
360 - 102,117
PS3 - 95,926
PC - 47,311
Total: 1,072,607

As you can clearly see, Watch Dogs is killing it followed by Destiny which was the original point of my post in response to the original poster. I am not attacking your favorite game or wishing ill upon it. I am not a fanboy even though I prefer Sony's offering over MS's. I am just pointing out the facts according to vgchartz (for what's that worth). I have no doubt that TF will do well when it launches. Enjoy the game.

JeffGUNZ1390d ago

Did you really count the PC as an equivalent in your model as the PS4? I don't know ANY PC owner who preorders games. Come on man.

raWfodog1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

@ JeffGUNZ

You must not know the ones who preordered these games then. It's understandable :)

Did you read the article and look at the list yourself? I didn't just pull these numbers out of the air.

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