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Eonjay1632d ago

Pretty awesome and its supposed to be free with PS+

admiralvic1632d ago

"Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition"

I hope it's something of a GOTY edition with the DLC and or an enhanced version with something extra.

SmokingMonkey1632d ago

I hope Dead Nation 2 is four players.

madara0sama1632d ago

Yes. 4 players would be really good. I really miss couch co-op top down shooter games like this.

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BitbyDeath1632d ago

Graphics were already pretty clean on the PS3 version so will be interesting to see how this differs.

Fluke_Skywalker1632d ago

Even better lighting, maybe 4 player co-op? Game was awesome already so even if they've just hit it with a 1080p brush I'd be happy enough.

Hellsvacancy1632d ago

The frame rate wasn't though, especially in coop, when me (UK) and my buddy in Australia played online sometimes it would slow down that much it was like playing in bullet-time

We assumed it was lag, maybe it was, I still LOVED it, had buckets of fun getting the platinum

joel_c171632d ago

Eh - if its the only free ps4 games for march i will yawwn

Kivespussi1632d ago

So you haven't played this with friends

ZodTheRipper1632d ago

Or with headphones on hard ... ;D
The game was really fun.

KwietStorm1632d ago

I have played it with friends. Got the platinum trophy. And that's the point. We want something new. I know it's early on, but the ports are old already.

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The story is too old to be commented.