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inFAMOUS: Second Son $570 PS4 Bundle Instantly Tops GameStop's Best Sellers; Titanfall Bundle 23rd

Apparently the hype for inFAMOUS: Second Son combined with the chance to get a PS4 (that is still quite hard to find in stores) in time to play Sucker Punch's upcoming exclusive, are making the newly announced GameStop bundle quite popular between customers. (inFamous: Second Son, PS4)

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Stringerbell  +   637d ago
You'd be better off buying everything separately, as this isn't a deal in the slightest.
Abriael  +   637d ago
Well, not better. It's exactly the same. Wonder if GameStop still thinks the PS4 will he hard to find at infamous' release, and they're banking on that.
Why o why  +   637d ago
Sneaky if they are.....lets hope the customer wins on this
GribbleGrunger  +   637d ago
It does seem as if they're expecting this bundle to sell on availability alone.
nicksetzer1  +   637d ago
This is the most biased garbage article ever created, and the titles just worsens it further.
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Bathyj  +   637d ago
Can you tell me why?
I dont have time to check all the facts in the article right now, are they not correct?
Visiblemarc  +   637d ago
This isn't a savings oriented bundle. This is gamestop extorting people looking for any way possible to get a PS4.

With current shortages, it will probably work.
nicksetzer1  +   637d ago
not that it is even incorrect, but how about titanfall, titanfall collectors edition, titanfall controller, and titanfall bundle all selling more than infamous the GAME why is that not an article as well? the answer it doesn't meet his bias .... he is comparing one PS4 sku (only one available) to 9 sku's for xbox one and acting as if it is surprising.
Unreal01  +   637d ago
Uh oh.

This is not a good sign for MS. They're really counting on Titanfall to do wonders, considering the amount of money they have poured into that game.

Imagine if Infamous SS outsells it, that would be huge.
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morganfell  +   637d ago
In Blazing Saddles voice, "Price drop? We don't need no stinking price drop."
OrangePowerz  +   637d ago | Well said

We should also take into account Titanfall sticker, ice cream, dog leashe, carpet and mech sales and compare that to the inFamous sales. /s

The comparison is between the two bundles that contain the game. Gamestop is selling the PS4 bundle for a lot more than the X1 is going for and it is much higher in their chart. That shows rather well in what demand the console is while MS makes price cuts in an attempt to increase sales and retailers making even further cuts to reduce the amount of stock they have sitting around. On the other hand you have retailers making expensive bundles and still sell out of units.

Because you don't like the numbers you want to compare Titanfall game, bundle and controller sales with inFamous game only sales. In what world is that a fair comparison? You can compare thr individual things compared to their counterpart, but you can't take 3-4 items pull them together and compare that to the numbers of one single item just to make the numbers work in your favour.
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nicksetzer1  +   637d ago
@orange So you are really trying to say that comparing two GAMES infamous and titanfall (titanfall having both the standard game and collector edition EACH selling more than infamous standard) is unfair but comparing the ONLY PS4 sku to 9 XB1 sku's is fair? You guys on this site are seriously loony.
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morganfell  +   637d ago
"...lets hope the customer wins on this"

If the customer buys a PS4 they are winning.
OrangePowerz  +   637d ago
The comparison is for inFamous bundle and Titanfall bundle. You suggested to throw the Titanfall bundle, games and controller together and compare that to the game only sales of inFamous.

Also inFamous has a collectors edition as well and not just a standard edition. And each Titanfall game version will not sell more compared to the inFamous standard edition. The Titanfall CE is firstly very high priced and secondly relatively limited so that version won't sell much. The sales on X1 for Titanfall might be closer then what you might expect compared to inFamous. The major sales for Titanfall will be on the 360, they will get some extra X1 sales because of the very convenient delay for the 360 version.

If you wish you can add all X1 SKUs together and most likely the one PS4 SKU comes still out on top. What's so hard to admit.that the PS4 is in much higher demand or that Titanfall might not be that CoD killer some people think/hope it will be.
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Prime157  +   637d ago
I get what point you're making, however, it does not apply to the overall sales of the game.

Also, you can't compare titanfall sales specifically to infamous sales, simply because Infamous is a true console exclusive whereas titanfall is releasing on 2 consoles and PC.

I understand why you're saying what you're saying, because this is not a true bundle, it is a retailer specific bundle (Aka, a core unit + a game + a controller) all in separate boxes. Yes, this is gamestop taking advantage of the demand for PS4.

However, you can't compare all the X1 SKUs to the preorder Infamous SKU. It has to be preorder SKU vs preorder SKU.

Yes, I highly doubt that MS has really put that many X1 bundles out there, and,in that respect, I agree with you. But you talked yourself into a hole with the rest.
AceBlazer13  +   637d ago
If this isn't proof that price is only a part of ps4's success, small part, idk what is.
Eonjay  +   637d ago
Gamer1982  +   637d ago
You know soon as sales start to drop in the slightest Cony will through in a free game to keep them going..
thekhurg  +   637d ago
Well Sony did say they would continue to have availability issues into April, so Gamestop is most definitely banking on that being accurate for this bundle's success.
tommygunzII  +   636d ago
It comes with an additional controller and a year of Plus. It's not that bad of a deal, especially if you're interested in Infamous.
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PONTIAC08G8GT  +   636d ago
I always hate when retailers do this.

"Buy the blah blah bundle! Contains 1 extra controller and 1 game. Price is $520"

Gee, thanks for giving me $0.00 in savings lol.
VENOMACR1227  +   636d ago


Usually I associate the word "bundle" with some type of special deal or offering. Like buy all this and save $X.XX. But these bundles that are the same price as buying everything individually makes no sense to me. Maybe people get tricked by this and buy it thinking they are saving money.
STGuy1040  +   636d ago
People have bought bundles based on availability. My local Gamestop didn't have any standalone PS4 systems for sale last month, but they did have a handful of bundles in stock. The employees there were telling me that people were buying the bundles because they couldn't wait any longer for a restock.

Best Buy was the only store in my area that was selling standalone PS4 systems during the month of January. For whatever reason, they don't offer bundles at the store I visit. I'm not sure if this is a local or company-wide decision.
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Abash  +   637d ago
This might be the only way for some people to get their hands on a PS4. And if you were waiting for inFamous: Second Son to buy a PS4, why not just get it?
dboyc310  +   637d ago
No ps4's to buy separately. This just goes to show that even though the bundle is priced higher than the xbox one and still manages to reach the peak of the list shows what consumers want.
cervantes99  +   637d ago
Exactly. It goes to show that the disparity in sales between the two consoles is not because of price alone. Sony's track record for providing games throughout the entire life cycle of their product (AAA to boot) from PS1 through PS3 has established a confidence in a PS4 purchase.

M$ arrogance with the X1 is what is hurting them. They should have learned from Sony's mistakes early last gen.
ThePope  +   636d ago
It goes to show that gamestop wants you to buy it so they push it to the top. It also shows that the Titanfall bundle is available at other retailers.
moparful99  +   637d ago
How would you be better?
Console: 399.99
Game: 59.99
controller: 59.99
PSPlus: 49.99
These are the individual prices and all equate to $570, its the exact same...
princejb134  +   637d ago
Lol this is just a way for GameStop to get more money
Instead of buying the ps4 at GameStop than buying everything else at other retailers. They can take advantage at the demand and just sell everything together
Stringerbell  +   637d ago
Shop for deals! This past week a PS4 controller was 41 shipped posted on slick deals. 12 months of PS PLus for $39- Right there you've saved 30 bucks.
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moparful99  +   637d ago
@phoceenatic yrs its feasible to find deals but involves piecemeal buying from this site and that site.. This is an opportunity for people to one stop shop and not deal with shipping and waiting. You all act like someon3 would be silly to buy this bundle but its a great bundle..
ColeMacGrath  +   636d ago
2 controllers actually.
that's another $59.99
So you'll only save $59.99 :)
jonboi24  +   637d ago
Damn people are willing to be ripped off just for a guaranteed PS4. No wonder the you can't find PS4's in stores, retailers are hording them so they can ripoff consumers and they're falling for it.
S2Killinit  +   637d ago
Yeah PS4 are still hard to come by with the huge demand but the deal isnt so bad if you actually want to spend money on all those items anyway.
Hicken  +   637d ago
There's no ripoff. It's exactly the same price. Look at the moparful's comment above yours.
KwietStorm  +   637d ago
Nobody is getting ripped off. If it's available for the same price, and you want it, then why not? Nobody is entitled to a discount. I don't buy at gamestop, but this is not a rip off.
SilentNegotiator  +   637d ago
Ripoff? It's the same cost of those things individually.

It's not a deal but it isn't a "ripoff" either.
jonboi24  +   637d ago
@everyone above

While the price isn't a ripoff, you are being FORCED to buy everything else for a GUARANTEED system. For a game that does not need online or does not have local multiplayer that we know of, it's kinda outrageous that Gamestop is forcing you to buy a second controller and PS Plus. At this moment the only way you can get a PS4 GUARANTEED from Gamestop online is this bundle no other way, thus your being ripped off.

I say just wait for the official Sony inFamous bundle you probably save a couple bucks. Though chances of actually getting one is slim as they will probably disappear as soon as they are announced.
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Subaruwrx  +   637d ago
This bundle is not a rip off. It's just you would pay if bought everything separately at retail price. Most people buy a couple of games, an extra controller and the Ps+ membership anyway. Hell, I bought an extra controller, the camera(I could sell that camera for at least twice what it cost me btw) and two games at launch. The extra controller is a good idea because you will always have one charged and ready to go even if you're just a single player. Actually, as far as bundles go, this is one of Gamestop's better deals. They haven't been selling the PS4 alone online since launch. Most of their bundles have included two games, an extra controller and PS+ and cost over $600. At least this bundle includes a game that a lot of people actually want. You can find PS4 retail units at most Gamestops right now - they may sell out quickly but if your local store is out of stock, chances are you will find a store that has them within 50 miles of where you live.

Edit: @joinboi24 - you are not being forced to buy anything. Gamestop doesn't have a monopoly on PS4s. If you don't like the bundle, don't buy it.
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SilentNegotiator  +   637d ago
"While the price isn't a ripoff, you are being FORCED to buy everything"

No you aren't. Just buy the system alone. If you have to wait, too bad so sad.
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moparful99  +   637d ago
@jonboi you arent being forced to buy anything.. If you didnt preorder a system you have literally no room to complain about this bundle.. This is exactly why I preordered, I have one just waiting on Infamous..
Kryptix  +   637d ago

You can just buy the system alone for $399 if you're willing to wait. An example of "forced" is when Microsoft bundles the Kinect with the Xbox One and there is no other way around it if you want to buy the console. Now...that's "forced" if you mean it that way.
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FamilyGuy  +   637d ago
Lol and moments like this are why it isn't entirely bad to be an early adopter. Not having to deal with forced bundles just to get a console in time for the launch of a game you want.


People buying this bundle probably just figured that they'd be buying all this stuff eventually anyway. PS+ so the can play other games online, extra controller for co-op on games they might pick up or download too.

A camera option would've been nice but it's hard to find too so early adopters lucked out on getting that as well.
deafdani  +   636d ago
This bundle is throwing you an extra PS4 controller FOR FREE. If you were to buy everything separately, you would have to spend $60 more.

This is quite the opposite of a rip-off.
solar  +   637d ago
a shame. Sony and MS love you. they give you bundles that arent worth the money.
badz149  +   637d ago
from my understanding, this bundle is entirely Gamestop, nothing to do with Sony.

the earlier Knack bundle or KZSF bundle with special cover box were Sony's. I don't know about other places, but in where I live, buying the KZSF bundle is cheaper than getting them separately so I went with the bundle.
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trenso1  +   637d ago
the bundle just saves the time and effort of everything. Even though you aren't saving money.
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deafdani  +   636d ago
You save money, because it throws in an extra controller. That's $60 less right there.
CrowbaitBob  +   636d ago

Bundled Items
•PlayStation 4 Console - $399.99
•inFAMOUS Second Son Regular Edition - $59.99
•1 Year PlayStation Plus Subscription - $49.99
•A 2nd DualShock 4 Controller - $59.99

Total: $569.96 if purchased individually

Where do you get this mysterious extra free controller from?
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GraveLord  +   637d ago
It's pretty much a guaranteed PS4 console in time for inFamous. They are pretty hard to find right now.(at least in online retailers)
3-4-5  +   637d ago
I was just going to say that.

Buying it separate is cheaper.
badz149  +   637d ago
but NOT at Gamestop. you'll need to scavenge really hard to find a better deal on the PS4 and including all those in the bundle right now because the console itself is still pretty hard to find.
Elimin8  +   636d ago
IKR... $570. vs $520.. You get a sec game or at least control if you buy separately....
zippycup  +   636d ago
actualy if you reed you will notice him saying

On the other hand, looking at the games by themselves, Titanfall is quite far ahead of the competition, ranking 8th against 33rd.

and he even calls the ps4 bundle a rip off
Totoro17  +   636d ago
It's the fact that you'd actually be getting your hands on a PS4 is why they're selling out; not necessarily any sort of deal involved.
otherZinc  +   636d ago
Lol at this.
Infamous Second Son is going to get killed by TitanFall!
Muffins1223  +   636d ago
Like you can find one?Its not like stores are over flowing with ps4s right now....
Muffins1223  +   636d ago
You get 1 year of ps plus($50)
A additional ps4 controller,you have 2 now($60)
The console ($399)
The game ($60)

Its exactly 570 dollars so your not exactly getting a deal but its not a rip off like some of you are acting.This is what happens when you guys just look at the headline
zyphee  +   637d ago
That bundle is crap
AKissFromDaddy  +   637d ago | Well said
Lmao, very true but the demand is being met, bundle or not. People want it, so GameStop will bunduru it. GameStop is making bank.

Update: When you compare it to the Titan Fall bundle, you get more from the "inFAMOUS Second Son Bunduru"(South Park word).

Titan Fall Bundle is Xbox One + 1 month XBL + Titan Fall for $500 w/ tax. Add 1 year of Xbox Live Gold and it's $560 w/ tax.

inFAMOUS Second Son Bunduru(that word kills me) is Playstation 4 + extra Dualshock 4 + inFAMOUS SS + 1 year PS for $570.

Now it looks AWESOME, in comparison, right?
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GamingNerd013  +   637d ago
Bubble up 4 u sir, ur completely right people just want it and it's not a rip off as it has the game controller and ps plus wich is what u would end up spending anyway if u want all those extras on the bundle. And yes I also agree it's a much better deal then titinfall bundle as u will only be getting the game and a 1 month gold kinda lame y not 1 year gold a extra controller and the game.
zyphee  +   637d ago
Ahh someone has been watching south park
isa_scout  +   637d ago
Everytime I see that word I pretend I'm Yoshida about to face off Gates...lol Classic South Park episode right there :)
GW212  +   636d ago
Bunduru... I now cannot stand that word. Ha.
Abriael  +   637d ago
I wouldn't call it "crap." I'd call it taking advantage of customer needs in a rather unethical way....
Panthers  +   637d ago
Not really sure how this bundle is a deal at all. Buying seperate makes more sense. Still, it shows the power of the Playstation right now. I think they know the shortages will force people to buy this for the same price as if it were all separate.
KwietStorm  +   637d ago
Why does it make more sense?
Kane22  +   637d ago
you do know that buying these separate is the same price as buying the bundle right?
Evilsnuggle  +   637d ago | Well said
I like your moxie Microsoft but too little too late. The problem with the x1 is not just the price. The biggest problem is that it's reputation has been damaged now . Every one wants the best console graphics to be on the winning team. resolutiongate has damaged The xbox brand. All of Microsoft P.R and lies has come home to Rost. From the power of "THE CLOUD" To we don't know what the resolution of 3d party games lies after lies. Microsoft focus on the casual gamers ,Kinect and the all in one system. Now you are stuck with a underpowered over priced media hub. PS4 will still out sell x1 even with launch of Titanfall the month of March .Microsoft is in deep panic mode
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cyclindk  +   637d ago
It's why they are giving away games with price cuts to move units. The PS4 bundles include the price of the game in the total, nobody needs to slash anything to move the product.
Letthewookiewin  +   637d ago
People will do this because it guarantees them a PS4 not because it saves them money. I still don't see them anywhere not being a douche I really don't. Once and a while I'll see them at target but most of the time the cases are empty.
AKissFromDaddy  +   637d ago
Awesome but too pricey. However, people are trying to purchase any available Playstation 4, bundle or not. From South Park, "PS4 Bunduru"....LOL...I'm done.
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its_JEFF  +   637d ago
They should have created a custom Infamous SS HDD cover!
#7 (Edited 637d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
KwietStorm  +   637d ago
Never understood why they didn't get into that.
RPG_Lover  +   637d ago
Gamestop rankings I am pretty sure are determined by site hits. I do not think they rank based on purchases. But I guess after the news Sony layed off many people in Santa Monica and cancelled a game, any news is good news. So I approve :)
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scott182  +   637d ago
Sony Santa Monica just moved into a much larger building, they are restructuring like many large game companies do. Their games are always the best and I can't wait to see their new game(s).

Congrats to Sony on doing so well this gen and having an insanely popular product. :)
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corvusmd  +   637d ago
Interesting. Second Son bundle was announced for pre-order in November, Titanfall yesterday...also yesterday while at Gamestop picking up my copy of Thief at midnight, the employee there said that they heard about the bundle but wasn't able to pre-order them yet...not sure if this was a local issue or a gamestop wide thing...on Amazon they are killing.

FYI, anyone concerned that they can't find a PS4 for purchase should check their local Costco. My local Gamestop only ran out of PS4s yesterday saying it was due to the allocation of PS4s to Japan for launch (take that as a Gamestop store manager's impression of the situation...nothing more or less).
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XabiDaChosenOne  +   637d ago
That doesn't really matter honestly, if consumers see value in a bundle, console, game etc. The interest usual shows in pre orders or online retail rankings as soon as the announcement is made. This is the age of the internet my friend, everyone who is interested in Titanfall or the XB1 have heard of the bundle already.
Abriael  +   637d ago
The bundle was announced for preorder only in Europe in November, this one from GameStop US was announced today.
saint_seya  +   637d ago
Dont say that to him, you will hurt his fanboy heart.
Either way we need to see the real data after the games are out. Besides if we dont get an official bundle, there is no point in comparing bundles, since this one is made by one retailer.
Abriael  +   637d ago
Eh, never been too afraid to hurt fanboy hearts :D
sAVAge_bEaST  +   637d ago
Where did you see them at Costco? I saw a pallet of Xbones last week ($479), as soon as I walked in, no ps4's (although I didn;t search around, bones were on Blast though.)

also, "Thief at midnight"?!?!? really? -to each their own, I guess.
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Letthewookiewin  +   637d ago
And still this bundle with a year of PS+ which gets you free games on every Sony system, another controller and Second Son equals an X1 and a year of live. No wonder MS is scrambling right now.
AKissFromDaddy  +   637d ago
Oh shoot, when you compare it like, it's an awesome deal. Disregard my previous comments on this page. "PS4 Bunduru"
#10.1 (Edited 637d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
JustPlay4  +   637d ago
Well its has the system, I:ss, 2 Dual Shock 4 Controller and 1 Year of PlayStation Plus. So it kinda of a good deal if you want that is
XabiDaChosenOne  +   637d ago
Lol why is the Titanfall bundle 23rd?
NintendoYouth  +   637d ago
as a work of Gamestop...

Many dummies spend $600 + for those PS4 bundles.
I tell them they are actually spending alittle more, but they just dont care.
sold this guy a KZ/ps4 bundle w/o an extra controller for $745. pretty stupid (from a PS4 owner)
SilentNegotiator  +   637d ago
Well what was in the bundle, work of Gamestop?
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   637d ago
I think it's obvious why he works at Gamestop.
TomahawkX  +   637d ago
Nice attitude for sales person to have.
NintendoYouth  +   636d ago
LoL my job is to sell products.
oh and I guess I am the first human to type wrong
as well haha. "work" should have been "worker"
was it that hard too tell?

Team_Litt  +   637d ago
Let the flaimbaiting begin!
#14 (Edited 637d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
TheTwelve  +   637d ago
Ruh-roh. Looks like Titanfall won't help to close the console sales gap after all.
ThatOneGuyThere  +   637d ago
most people getting titanfall will be getting it for 360 and buying ps4s when more games they like come out.
jay2  +   637d ago
Says it all really.
ltachiUchiha  +   637d ago
This is a horrible deal but at the same time, those who are still looking for a ps4 will prolly buy it, plus Infamous SS looks to be the 1st open world Real Next Gen game. The game lookz amazing & tons of fun & I cant believe this bundle still put that titanfall bundle to shame. Just proves that the "DEMAND" for the ps4 is for real.
AutoCad  +   637d ago
good way to move copies of the game for people without the system.
Thegamer41  +   637d ago
That could be said for every bundled game though so I don't really see your point, unless I'm missing something?
Master-H  +   637d ago
Stealth troll is not on point, son.
AutoCad  +   637d ago
stealth troll? common sense the game will do good considering how fast ps4 are selling.how exactly is that a bad thing
josephayal  +   637d ago
nice price
Nero1314  +   637d ago
This is a new ip vs a successful sequel with a big fanbase . Plus titanfall is on 3 platforms
#20 (Edited 637d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Ninver  +   637d ago
great bundle form sony but things are not looking too good for MS with TF bundle. And to think people expect it to magically save the X1. I can't wait to see how well both games sell and how much hardware they both move.
Batnut00  +   637d ago
I wouldn't mind getting my hands on that Titanfall Bundle. *Already has a PS4 and Infamous SS preordered mind you.*
JaredH  +   637d ago
The Infamous bundle is only online so of course it'd be popular on the only website it's offered on. Unless Gamestop includes in-store preorders/purchases on their site in this calculation it's impossible to compare the two bundles.

Both games look great though and the only problem I'm having is finding a place to get Infamous Second Son for $60 since it's $70 everywhere in Canada, even Canadian amazon.
#23 (Edited 637d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
mkis007  +   637d ago
And Titanfall comes out first...not looking good.
AC2020x  +   637d ago
Well I'm yet to see a ps4 on shelves anywhere since I got mine off launch. So I would certainly be preordering this if I didn't already have mine!

Can't wait for Infamous SS!!!! And also Ground Zeros! March will be sooo good!
GW212  +   636d ago
Same... I tried to get a couple as gifts for Christmas and there was nothing. Still trying but still no luck.

I won't even tell you how much I had to pay to get a launch day PS4. Stupid eBay. Yes, I know I should have preordered. I don't want to talk about it.

And yes, between Infamous and GZ, March is going to be a lot of fun.
DC777  +   637d ago
Well that just embarrasses what MS did with the Titanfall bundle and price drop.
Dlacy13g  +   637d ago
Not at all. Titanfall bundle is now sold out on Gamespot UK site. It did exactly what the price drop was supposed to do. Currently on Amazon the Titanfall bundle in the US is ranked 8 on best sellers, PS4 ranks 14 on Amazon but my guess on the PS4 ranking is due to it being sold by 3rd party not Amazon.

Either way... the bundles just like this one are generating console sales.

Zack_attack  +   637d ago
Well I didn't want an extra controller.. Poop deal for me.
ABizzel1  +   637d ago
Y U no play with others?
Abriael  +   637d ago
Most probably not Infamous SS, considering that it's a 100% SP game.
Zack_attack  +   637d ago
This new thing they came out with recently. I believe they call it "internet" or something. You know, playing online with people. The only time I would need a 2nd controller, is if I had a decent fighting game.
Master-H  +   637d ago
Buy what you want separately then, since it costs the same when you add everything up, if you can get a hold of a ps4 that is.
NewAgeisHere  +   637d ago
Titanfall bundle 23rd.............ouch.Sorry I just couldn't resist:)
Geekman  +   637d ago
Whoa, whoa, whoa. I'm as excited for inFamous as anyone else, but seriously? A 570 dollar bundle? How did it get so high, it's a 60 dollar game! The Windwaker HD bundle for the Wii U was the same price! I didn't ask for an extra controller and a PS Plus subscription. I hate online multiplayer, and can decide to do local with an extra controller with a quick trip to Wal Mart. I'm so-so on the Xbox One, but heck, I'll take my 50 disagrees and say that the Titanfall bundle is a better deal.
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Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   637d ago
This isn't a Sony bundle, it's a Gamestop cash grab.
KevinCubes  +   637d ago
Wii U will crush ps4 and Xbone when Mario kart is released mark my words
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   637d ago
lmao no it will not.
Qrphe  +   637d ago
Mario Kart releases on N64 nor GC helped the hardware very much. It's clear a constant stream of game releases (provided mostly by 3rd parties) is the answer since that helped the Wii, SNES and NES quite a bit.
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saint_seya  +   637d ago
Where is the hidden camera?
I want to say hi to my mother, friends, and ..
Sry this is a prank right?
Be glad if it does sell enough to be able to keep the sales that Wii U now has when the game release.
S2Killinit  +   636d ago
I hope Nintendo do well, they might even sell as many as xbone for a month or two but to think that they will "crush" even the xbone with a single game is farfetched
marloc_x  +   636d ago
Bubble up for you Kev.
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