Titanfall’s Xbox One Install Size is Actually 20 GB and Not 40; No "Additional News" on Resolution

With the announcement of the Titanfall Xbox One bundle, looks like some erroneous information was spread about the space the game will take on the hard disk of Microsoft’s new console.

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GarrusVakarian1243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

20GB...that makes much more sense, i was like "WHAAAAT?!" when they said it was 40GB. X1 HDD's are rejoicing all over the world due to this news, lol.

GusBricker1243d ago

Yeah, especially when AC4 and DR3's install sizes are 20 and 24GBs respectedly.

CoD: Ghost install size is a freakin' joke. 40GBs? WTF?

creatchee1243d ago

You might still need more than 20 gigs for the install process before they remove temporary files, but it probably wouldn't be 40.

corvusmd1243d ago

Although in all fairness, when this game drops...everything else on your hard drive will take a backseat anyway :) However at least these companies were nice enough that if you have digital rights to a product you can download it as many times as you need...not at least not a COMPLETE loss if your hard drive fills up...

BlackTar1871243d ago

Well alot of times when you DL a game you have to have enough room for the game x2 for the most part. Then like stated above 1/2 is removed (Usually installers and DL'ers and such).

At least that's my experience on consoles etc.

k3rn3ll1243d ago

I heard reports on I think Saturday of 21 so when all this 40 talk started last night inwas caught off guard. Still for only being multiplayer 20 is a lot. But I'm happy with 20 if it was only 10 I'd reallystart to worry about the overall content as a whole

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TomShoe1243d ago

Thank god, my PC would be pissed at me for loading all of that onto its HDD.

Abriael1243d ago

This is for Xbox one. not for PC. The install size for PC is probably much bigger.

ninjagoat1243d ago

@Abriael what makes you think the PC install will be much bigger?.

BF4 33GB XB1

PC version

I know that's 3 gig but still....

k3rn3ll1243d ago

I don't think it will be much difference

ceooflhm1242d ago

PC Download size is 21GB Install size is 48GB. That's straight from the top dog at Respawn. Here's the Twitter link

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Bennibop1243d ago

It's not 1080p as they would have jumped on confirming that. Shame.

MorePowerOfGreen1243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

Or deny it before it got out of hand, they usually jump on confirming rumors as being false. Damn.


LOL disagree. It's obvious it's still up in the air, if not already decided and being kept a secret. Devs would have been firm on falsehoods as they always do, with direct answers.

LOL fanboys and pro Sony media digging hoping it's not true. Folks must have been digging for hours now.

k3rn3ll1243d ago

Apparently they are still optimizing for day kne patch that's why they won't confirm

Tedakin1243d ago

They didn't say anything was or wasn't true. They said they don't have anything to announce. We know the game is higher than 720. If they somehow get it up to 1080, that's going to be a big story and they know it. They'll announce, or deny, stuff when they're ready, not when a bunch of fanboys on the internets demand it.

Volkama1243d ago

The whole "I've seen something rumoured so they're totally obliged to confirm or deny it, or we know it's definitely bad news!" thing does get tiresome doesn't it?

The end result is what matters.

Sarcasm1243d ago

They are not going to get 2X the resolution from Beta to release. Maybe 900p at most.

infectedaztec1243d ago

So? Off topic too...This game has the potential to be game of the year. Whether its 720, 900 or 1080p won't stop me from buying it

Ra30301242d ago

No it don't! ......Please just stop with the hype.

TheXgamerLive1242d ago

Ra3030: The hype is all true and started by the over 2 million beta demo players.
But i will say this, i smell the stench of your sony fanboyism. Move along little man.

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Bolts-N-Rays11091243d ago

My hard drive is happy to hear this.

jay21243d ago

And yet another game that wouldn't be 1080P. I'll be playing MGS and I SS very soon after this lands, they'll do till TF comes to PS4, which it will.

AutoCad1243d ago

a 2 hr game and a single player game going to last you 2 years?

Bernlock1243d ago

Finding logic in some comments on N4G is like trying to fit your whole hand in a Tostitos Nacho Cheese dip jar to get that last sweet bit of goodness. Its not possible. Ever

SuicideKing1242d ago

Two bubbles are more then you deserve...

CrossingEden1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

FFS......GAMEPLAY>resolutio n. I prefer 60fps and a lower resolution over the opposite when the game runs poorly and can barely support 30fps when it's 1080p, especially for a fast paced shooter.

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