Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII DLC Announced

Square Enix the publisher of Square Enix interactive entertainment products in the Americas, announced that new downloadable content (DLC) will be available today for its recently released action role-playing game (RPG) Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1391d ago

Unless they make a Squall costume I dont care.

TheLyonKing1391d ago

This game is a joke: it has nothing to do with the last two games really and is just an excuse to dress up lightening in different things so its basically a Barbie Dress up game they called Final Fantasy

TheParanoidx1391d ago

Making assumptions or just plain retarded?

hay1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Stagger based battles, paradigm shift cross-dressing, one controllable character, boring story, lacklustre characters, over-dramatized events, forced to save the world once again.

It's precisely the same sh*t, but with double cheese, you just press different buttons this time. Similar thing with GT5 to GT6 "most noticeable improvement". Switched positions of "Yes" and "No".

GenericNameHere1391d ago

The Japanese versions of FFX/X-2 HD had download codes for Yuna's costume to be used in LR. Will the US versions also get it? If so, will both PS3 and Vita versions have it, or will it be printed on the receipt?

TheUberAsian1391d ago

I swear Lightning can fit into anything! Lol

pompombrum1391d ago

I hope you're right, hopefully she can fit in a nice size grave and stay buried for at least five years.

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