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Submitted by xtheownerzx 716d ago | opinion piece

Is Watch Dogs delayed too late?

GamerFitNation: The video game industry has passed a turning point. Thanks to games as recent as “Bioshock Infinite” or as far back as “Shadow of the Colossus” and even earlier, there are some games all but confirmed as an art form. The debate has now shifted from “are games art?” to “which are art and which aren’t?”

With greater and more powerful technology, games can do more creatively than they did before. (PS3, PS4, Watch Dogs, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Neonridr  +   716d ago
No. If the game lives up to its hype gamers will gladly forgive Ubisoft for the delay.
Goro  +   716d ago
We don't need to forgive Ubisoft for delaying it, we would have to try and forgive them if they released it broken but they didn't so i respect them.
BoNeSaW23  +   716d ago
Then don't announce a release date if it is not attainable! Quit leading on your customers, that's what I would respect.

Tease the game, don't dangle a carrot you know we won't be able to have for over a year! They should have focused on next-gen and released it months before last Gen. Blow the minds of the early adopters and make the ps3 and 360 clammer for it's release. Unless its not that good ubi?! ;)

Edit: I agreed with you by the way. Just because ubi DID do the right thing.
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SmokingMonkey  +   716d ago
Hoping for a june/july launch for this game. I should be done with InFamous SS by then. Hopefully platinumed it by then.
mcarsehat  +   716d ago
I'm guessing april 30th
corvusmd  +   716d ago
I'm still very interested in this game, but it does seem like the longer it's delayed..the more great games pop up and over-shadow it.
Mexxan  +   716d ago
It's a little odd for me lately. Games that have delayed that I was desperate for have lost something in the delays. I don't know if it's other assets now putting them in the shade.
SteamPowered  +   716d ago
Very true. And the more AAA games that are released before watchdogs will only bring more and more expectations and comparisons.
Bonkerz  +   716d ago
Not at all, if this game lives up to the hype it is going to be fantastic. Hoping for a aprilish-may launch. This is still one of my most anticipated titles.
foie  +   716d ago
I just hope it's out as soon as possible.
Although there is a decent PS4 library for the time period so far, my fancy hasn't been tickled enough to date
lets_go_gunners  +   716d ago
As long as it can run on my 6670 I don't mind. lol.
Flatbattery  +   716d ago
For me at least the hype is gone, they'll need to build it again if possible to regain the same interest.
air1  +   716d ago
That's how I feel.. Didn't it get pushed back to like June? That's a hella push back..
jay2  +   716d ago
Well, it shouldn't have gone on the current gen, it should have been a new gen and pc release, and they need to shut up with the 'next gen' stuff they went on about, it can't be next gen. I think it'll do very well, and got the Dead_set edition pre-ordered.
bienio  +   716d ago
ShiftShock  +   716d ago
The hype definitely died for this game. Although it still remains one of my most anticipated games of 2014 alongside with destiny and the division.
mcarsehat  +   716d ago
no there are no third person shooters out yet
BoNeSaW23  +   716d ago

Ohhh! That game! Looked cool. Moved on.
DC777  +   716d ago
Too late? Lol. It's the only freaking game coming out after Titanfall and Infamous until fall.
Meltic  +   715d ago
i respect them but its too late. Im gona buy this but i dont have big hope for this game anymore. Im sorry there is better games like the order and the witcher 3. Which i god hope isnt delayed
Audiggity  +   708d ago
Too late for what? The game mechanics are still unique. If it is a great game, that's all that matters.

No. It's not too late. They had good reasons for the delay.

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