GameStop Cuts Xbox One Price Even Further, Should Sony React?

PlayStationing writes: "GameStop has cut the price of the Xbox One TitanFall bundle even further in the UK today, giving a significant discount over the already cut-price offers. They have got the Xbox One TitanFall bundle on offer for just £369.97, which is just £30 more than a solus PlayStation 4, meaning Sony may have a major issue on their hands."

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GarrusVakarian1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Sony should react by doing absolutely nothing.....X1 is receiving price drops as a direct response to disappointing sales numbers (when compared directly with PS4). Why on earth would Sony give a price drop the PS4 when it sells out the moment it's in stock? That makes no sense and is completely unnecessary.

Sony -

Kingthrash3601550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

lol even if they matched sonys price sony wouldnt need to react...people act like its only the price making the x1 less appealing or something.
this got me thinking though...why are they calling tf a system seller? i mean the price drop shouldn't be needed if tf is a system
just my opinion at least.

LuaMaster1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

"lol even if they matched sonys price sony wouldnt need to react"


The PS4 is outselling the Xbox One 2-1 in the US.
The PS4 is outselling the Xbox One 5-1 in Europe.
Microsoft has given up even trying to compete with Sony in Japan.

Sony is now selling around 1 million consoles a month.

The Xbox One is more powerful than the Xbox 360 and about as powerful as the PS3. It is overpriced even at 300 dollars with or without the Kinect garbage.

This is Sony's reaction to Microsoft's desperation price cut:

GarrusVakarian1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Some people like to act like MS aren't in panic mode right now, they say things like "X1 is selling fine"...."MS is more than happy with the X1's sales"..."they have nothing to worry about"....but riddle me this...if MS WERE happy with X1 sales, would they drop the price of the X1 3 months after launch...AND give a way a free copy of Titanfall (a game has been called a system seller)?

Just think about don't drop your consoles price and give away it's biggest exclusive of the year for free in a bundle if everything is hunky just don't. You don't have to have a degree in Business studies to figure that one out.

Hocking1550d ago

> Some people like to act like MS aren't in panic mode right now, they say "X1 is selling fine"

The same people who said "My 360 has never gotten a RRoD"

The Xbox One just bombed in its one viable market, the US, with only 140k sales. No sales coming from Japan. And Microsoft looks like they are already dead in Europe. Even in the UK Microsoft is bombing in sales.

At the current rate of sales for the Xbox One it is going to have a hard to even reaching 5 million sold by the end of 2014.

Panic mode is the perfect description for what Microsoft is in right now.

amiga-man1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Sony can't keep up with demand as it is, What is there to react to?

Irishguy951550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

"About as powerful as the Ps3"

Wow, the stupidity of fanboys grows each day. That's right folks, the Ps4 is only 50% more powerful than Ps3.

Edit - Thats right Hocking, Ryse doesn't exist at all, arguably the best looking game out at the moment...but yeah it doesn't exist.... The X1 version of multiplatformers DON'T actually look MILES better than the last gen counterparts either. Oh and **** no, BF4 Xbox One is identical to the Ps3 version. It has the same player count, the same graphics and effects etc. In fact, ****.

I'm not surprised. I was shocked at Titanfall's specs myself. 'Minimum' truly is 'minimum'. As in it looks liek total **** on minimum.

Your argument is the worst i've seen on this site in a long time.

USA0071550d ago

@LuaMaster XB1 is way more powerful than PS3. You clearly know nothing about computers...

Hocking1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

The Xbox One is running an outdated Source engine at only 792p and a very shaky 30fps.

The PS3 is easily able to run GT5/GT6 at 1080p 60fps. While the Xbox One had to have massive downgrades just to get Forza to run at 1080p 60fps.

It's about as powerful as the PS3.

darthv721550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

All this really shows is that Gamestop in the UK is trying to corner the market on TF bundle sales. MS already officially dropped the price to all UK retailers and what GS is doing is creating even more incentive for consumers to bring their money to them instead of other retailers.

Smart move on GS part as while the consumer is there to get a TF bundle, they are hoping they will take the savings and throw it towards either another game or controller...its retail marketing 101. come in to get one thing and leave with something in addition to.

@lua..."Microsoft has given up even trying to compete with Sony in Japan." The XB1 hasnt even launched in JP yet. Not that it could make a difference but to say they gave up when they havent even launched is a tad premature.

If sony had to react then the only reaction they need to do is increase output capacity of units manufactured. Flooding the retailers with units will appease those who are complaining about the lack of availability and/or having to pay the overpriced markup on the 2nd hand market.

IVanSpinal1550d ago Show
Bernlock1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

@LuaMaster and @Hocking

"The PS4 is outselling the Xbox One 2-1 in the US.
The PS4 is outselling the Xbox One 5-1 in Europe."

"The Xbox One just bombed in its one viable market, the US, with only 140k sales. No sales coming from Japan. And Microsoft looks like they are already dead in Europe. Even in the UK Microsoft is bombing in sales."

You are referring to the month of January and not total sales. Ps4 is not outseeling the xbox one 2-1 in the US. That statement is completely false. Last month it outsold it 2-1. Please if you are going to use numbers to prove points make sure they are accurate.

To say they bombed in their sales is a bit much. Its 4 months in and your talking like the company should quit now. What you seem to be forgetting that it is their fastest selling console to date. Stop twisting numbers

fonger081550d ago

@hocking are serious right now? Simple mathematics show the Xbox1 is stronger than the PS3... And using GTA5/6, games that were specially built for the PS3, to say because they run better on system they originally built for vs entirely different machine is just ridiculous. That's like saying Ryse would look fantastic and run 1080p/60fps on the PS3. Logic man, logic.

tuglu_pati1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )


"The Xbox One is more powerful than the Xbox 360 and about as powerful as the PS3."

huh? How the heck you are getting agrees on that statement. oh boy!!

There is no doubt the PS4 is more powerful than the XBO, but saying the XBO is as powerful as the PS3... man stop smoking what you are smoking.

we should have be an option for delusional in the down bubble button.

MysticStrummer1550d ago

"if MS WERE happy with X1 sales, would they drop the price of the X1 3 months after launch...AND give a way a free copy of Titanfall (a game has been called a system seller)?"

Not likely, but the fact is PS4 hit 3 million and passed 4 million sales during the month of December, and is now around 6 million sold, while XB1 hit 3 million around the 1st of January and on it's current pace still won't break 4 million by the end of March. The price cut and free "system seller" is clear desperation.


@LuaMaster: "The Xbox One is more powerful than the Xbox 360 and about as powerful as the PS3."

The Fuq are you smoking? O_o

kopicha1550d ago


best looking game is completely subjective. from MS standpoint of course they will say their game looks the best. you may think Ryse is the best looking game, however imo i feel that KZSF looks almost as good if not slightly better than Ryse.

kopicha1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

even if MS try so hard to match the price, they cant make up/match the hardware. End of the day it only show sign of desperation and nothing more

DC7771550d ago

Being almost down to Wii U weekly sales figures barely 3 months in is definitely time to start getting creative.

morganfell1550d ago

"even if MS try so hard to match the price, they cant make up/match the hardware."

Exactly. It isn't price alone that is driving PS4 sales.

Dee_911550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

I don't even understand why MSFT is dropping the price so soon.I could see if it wasn't selling.Just because its not selling as much as PS4 shouldn't be enough of a reason to drop the price.Because the PS4 is selling at record breaking speeds.Just be happy you are still moving relatively large amount of units...But I can't argue a price drop, its better for the consumers... But I cant help but feel it comes with a price down the line.

loulou1550d ago

lol i have a bone, but i dont yet have a ps4.

microsoft only have themselves to blame. they let mattrick loose, and the bone is most definately the result of his vision.

now they have left themselves in a sticky situation. with an overpriced (in comparison to the ps4) console because of the kinect pack-in, which is also getting dry humped by the ps4 in specs department because of said pack-in!

now they either have to drop kinect and the price or eat the cost of kinect and drop the price anyway. they should have known that they could not go toe-to-toe with sony 100 sheets dearer!!!!!

they now need to stop talking specs, concentrate on the games, ride this gen until 2017 at the latest and most importantly... bring back J Allard lol

ABizzel11550d ago

Journalist: Sony you do realize Microsoft has cut the price of the XBO in EU, and now GameStop have cut the price of the TitanFall bundle even lower putting it within reach of the PlayStation 4, what do you have to say and are you afraid?


Evilsnuggle1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

So much that Titanfall is a system seller . Microsoft is giving it away to get games to buy a x1. Microsoft payed EA to keep Titanfall of PS4 now they are giving away a they are paying for the game twice . Once to keep it off PS4 secondly they are paying EA to give it away so much for a system seller. Microsoft is in panic panic mode.

abzdine1550d ago

Sony should react? to what?
imagine the price cut doesn't sell more consoles, which i still think that's what will happen cause it's still more expensive.

mewhy321550d ago

Wow, the reality is starting to sit in. The xbone is sinking fast LOL. Sinking in a 720p ocean. LOL

Gamingcapacity1550d ago

Just a wild theory.

EA have probably a clause with MS that Titanfall will have to sell a certain amount to stay exclusive (to protect EAs investment incase it bombs on the X1). MS might have projected that Titanfall might not meet its target to stay exclusive so they found a way to boost sales of Titanfall by giving it away with a pricecut X1.

jebabcock1550d ago

I would guess the drop and bundle is occurring because the X1 is currently following a similar sales trajectory as the wii u. Strong initial launch and then taking significantly in January. They are proactively ensuring that course does not continue to happen. Additionally by bundling titanfall at no extra cost or at lower than launch cost they are ensuring that regardless of how well the game is desired they will maximize the number of copies distributed. It maximizes adoption of both the console and the game.

koolaid2511550d ago

Xbox 1 has sold 3.5 million consoles.

scott1821550d ago

Well, Sony is selling so well and they have such great studios and games, I don't see them needing to do anything. The PS4 is a great gaming machine for the price and a great entertainment center as well. I think they should just keep on trying to get more stock to large markets so they can sell even more.

Rowco1471550d ago

Tf.wont make me buy an xbox one. Ill just save 450$ and get it on 360 some day if its decent

CryofSilence1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Hocking and Lua,

The Xbox One is significantly more powerful than the PS3 strictly on a hardware basis. However, I do understand the confusion as the Xbox One regularly misses "next gen" benchmark standards that the PS4 hits with few exceptions. Give it time and we will see where the two next gen consoles stand, though it is nearly impossible that the gap between X1 and PS4 will be bridged.

DoubleM701549d ago

It is the price include all the bells and Whistle of the PS4 and it will be at same price point. Your talking from fanboy eyes. I hope you got a chance to play Titanfall. The game is freaking Awesome and I don't care what you played it on. PC XB1 the game is worth playing.

1549d ago
ZombieKiller1549d ago

King that was VERY well said. I agree. They claim that TitanFall will sell systems, then you would think a price cut would be considered AFTER the release date for TF.

Then again MicroSoft says alot. I stopped believing them when they were grimy enough to hide my auto renew on me after having LIVE for almost 6 years. Way to treat a longtime friend....

@Lukas_Japonicus: "Just think about don't drop your consoles price and give away it's biggest exclusive of the year for free in a bundle if everything is hunky just don't."

Dude well said. I agree with you... ESPECIALLY talking about Microsoft. They wouldn't give up a dollar unless absolutely necessary.

PudgeySan1549d ago

This whole price drop thing just isn't panning out for Microsoft on any forums at all period. Everyone has learned the Microsoft way and it kinda feels like they have lost trust in most consumers period... period..

P.S: My girlfriends on her period. Izzsn't that weEEIiiird.. Na I don't have a girlfriend. I can't back that up.

deafdani1549d ago


"The Xbox One is more powerful than the Xbox 360 and about as powerful as the PS3. It is overpriced even at 300 dollars with or without the Kinect garbage."

Now THAT is a completely ignorant and fanboyish statement. Come on, dude, even the Wii U is more powerful than the X360 and PS3, and Xbox One is more powerful than the Wii U.

In terms of raw power, basically it's:

PC > PS4 > Xbox One > Wii U > X360 / PS3 (which of these consoles is the most powerful is still debated to this day).

Giul_Xainx1543d ago

6 million units..... if they truly are making just about 40 dollars per unit sold..... that is a lot of profit. If they do drop their price..... hmmm.... drop it by just 50 bux. But do it in about 2 more months when demand begins to drop.

Xbox needs to gain some ground in order for Sony to drop the price of the ps4. Depending on game sales they might be able to drop it down to 300.

But again this is only if demand falls off a cliff.

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ArchangelMike1550d ago

Exactly. Sony don't have to do anything. They still have the better consoles and consumers know it. They've just released in Japan, and by anecdotal estimates they should have sold another 1 million consoles at the end of the Japanese launch week.

Yes, Titanfall and the price drop will see a spike in XbOne sales, but once Sony's games line-up start rolling in, any advantage Titanfall will give M$ will quickly fade. Especially since the gaming press will continue the 'resolution-gate' articles, which will only further inform consumers that the XbOne is in fact the inferior 'next-gen' console.

Price for price, the informed consumer would logically be more inclined towards the most powerful console.

tuglu_pati1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

agree. Although i think a $350 / $400 would put the XBO in a better position it terms of what you get for the money.

Still the PS4 will sell more because is the better machine, but a price drop will help MS move more consoles and stay in the race which is what at least me having both consoles want.

DC7771550d ago

Not only the better machine at a lower price but simple as well. With casual buyers the simplest thing always wins. Mostly because a majority of people aren't that tech savy. It plays games, that's it. Costs less, heard it's the best one...sold.

Xbox and Wii U are innovative and that's great but sometimes it can backfire with the general public.

Anon19741550d ago

They can't keep the damned things on the shelf as is and Microsoft's price cut and Titanfall bundle is limited by time and region. I don't see how cutting the price of the PS4 is going to move more units when it's already selling as fast as they can make em. It seems Gamestop is simply trying to get some unsold units out the door.

darthv721550d ago

Selling unsold units IS the idea. you can't fault them for that.

Plus they are really expecting people to buy more than just the bundle. Having other games and accessories available to sell along with the system is what GS does best.

that and ripping you off when you do trade ins but that is a discussion for another day.

Omegasyde1550d ago

Selling consoles is great.

Selling software is even better.

Selling Digital software is even Uber for Sony/Microsoft.

Selling PS+/XBL subscriptions is even Katy Perry-ier.

Mr Pumblechook1550d ago

At the moment Sony is selling every unit they can make. Demand is outstripping supply so for the moment it would be silly for Sony to reduce the price.

classic191550d ago

they will be fine after all it is the uk, sony won't kut there price no time soon, 2 years from now ppl can expect a 350 buck ps4 on the market, but by then it will be like 20 to 30 million ps4 in the wilderness lol.. ms has to do this i dnt see a price kut for the usa until late this year the price on the dollar is way different from uk to us..

Hocking1550d ago

"2 years from now ppl can expect a 350 buck ps4 on the market, but by then it will be like 20 to 30 million ps4 in the wilderness"

Agree with everything you said except the 20 to 30 million in 2 years.

The PS4 is on track to hit 10 million in May. With the Japan launch the PS4 should be just over 6 million worldwide and is selling at about 1 million a month.

Sony could be closing in on 20 million by the end of 2014 to early 2015.

Bernlock1550d ago

you are both insane if you think its going to keep up that 1 million a month pace

brave27heart1550d ago

Two years from now Im expecting a £299 PS4. The market is incredibly aggressive now, I doubt they can hold that value for two years. Once supply isnt an issue we'll start to see £349 with a game bundles, then by next year it'll be £299 solus kits. Heck you can get £329 solus kits now.

Sony dont need to react right now, there will be a surge of Xbox One sales then they'll go back to normal levels as they are now. We'll see this with every exclusive released on both sides.

GribbleGrunger1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

MS are cutting the price before they've been able to reduce the price of manufacturing, which is very telling. Sony will only cut the price of the PS4 when they have also cut the price of manufacturing.

JP13691550d ago

Yep, a $350 PS4 next year would make sense, with the inevitable Slim model bringing with it the first truly significant price drop. It'll be interesting to see how quickly these two companies can reduce cost of goods manufactured relative one another, considering the similarity in SoCs.

darthv721550d ago

"Sony will only cut the price of the PS4 when they have also cut the price of manufacturing." While i would agree, this isnt an automatic thing we should assume.

sony will drop the price when they feel the demand is slowing. Yes generally reductions in production cost is a first sign but it isnt one that is guaranteed to happen. What that simply means is the production cost goes down and the profit margin goes up if they continued to sell the unit at the initial price.

Sony would basically make more $$ off each unit sold. Ms did that for years even with mfg cost being reduced as we have seen in the number of times where the 360 retail price was officially reduced.

you dont simply cut your price to consumer because its now cheaper to mfg. you generally cut your price to consumers to try and increase sales because the demand has slowed. Remember, the bulk of profits are derived from the sale of software not so much the hardware.

But i do also agree that MS being able to cut the cost at retail is interesting. that implies the unit was starting off selling for a profit where as in most cases the hardware sells for a loss. just how much profit/loss is anyones guess.

GribbleGrunger1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

It's not as simple as that, darthv72. They won't just drop the price simply because the sales are slowing down because that isn't taking into consideration other opportunities to spur sales. PS+, advertising, announcements, well timed exclusives, bundles and promotions of franchises more associated with the PS brand than the Xbox brand, are their first port of call before they even THINK of cutting price because of slowing sales.

One thing I will say though is Sony have missed their window of opportunity to bundle the Vita in the the PS4. If the price of the two together was only £50 people would have seen that as a bargain but it's not going to look like a bargain now.

come_bom1550d ago

Sony doesn't have to react, the PS4 is selling like crazy.

SilentNegotiator1550d ago

The article writer should check out a little new economic theory that just came's called "Supply and Demand" lol

GarrusVakarian1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Lol, exactly. This part especially made me chuckle-

" meaning Sony may have a major issue on their hands"

The only major issue Sony have on their hands is trying to keep up with the gargantuan demand. They won't be losing any sleep over this.

Silly article is silly.

BX811550d ago

Sony could have a major issue on their hands if it works in favor of MS. It's not going to magically catch up to the ps4 but it could have an effect on future sales. Now if Sony lowered the ps4 and it kept the rate of flow it's currently on ms would be in deep trouble. I don't see a need for panic just yet. It's gonna be a long console cycle and Sony is off to a hot start thanks to its core beliefs and ms screwing the pooch. If the Xbox one declines drastically and starts to not hit bench marks set by the 360 as far as sales then well see studios avoiding them like the wii u. Still MS has some pretty good games coming up to keep the current owners happy and entice possible buyers. Just my opinion though.

irepbtown1549d ago

BX81, if the demand is there why cut the price?
If Sony are struggling to even keep PS4's on the shelf, why cut the price? Sony is a business, a corporation, a PLC, do you think the shareholders will be pleased?

Let's say it works in MS' favour, sales begin to pick up, how long will that last? When Sony can restock more effectively, what will happen to X1 sales? I think it's MS that needs to look at the long term... a price cut is not enough.

JP13691550d ago

Yeah, no business would feel the need to counter an obvious desperation move. I can see Sony bringing out some bundles for the 2014 holiday season, but a price drop won't come anytime soon as long as sales are enough to keep up with (and surpass) supply. A slight second year price drop is both feasible and expected, with a revised unit in the third or fourth year bringing significant cost savings.

its_JEFF1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Sony should absolutely react! A cornered animal is a very dangerous animal.

The worst thing for Sony, for any company, is to get cocky! That's the exact reason why we got "$599", "People will get a 2nd job", "We have a console for that, it's the 360", "TV, TV, TV, Sports, Sports, TV."

Have we already forgotten? These companies should be fighting everyday to keep our attention on their brand/console. That will benefit us as gamers. This generation just started, we're already on board, but what about 200 million still in the previous generation?

JP13691550d ago

Good thing you're not running a company. Reducing price before manufacturing costs have seen the appropriate reduction results in further loss on goods sold. They will reduce price when doing so won't lose them an extra "X" number of dollars per unit.

its_JEFF1550d ago


I don't know if you just stopped reading after "Sony should absolutely react!" But I never made a mention of what they should do. I just said they should do something. You're "assuming" that I meant a price drop, but you're assumption is wrong. My point is that Sony cannot sit on the fact that their #1 right now.

This isn't directed at you, but damn it's hard to reason with people on this site. I'm PRO Sony all they way, day 1 on PS1/PS2/PS3, so take it easy. No one wants to see the Sony that was going into PS2/PS3 era comeback.

JP13691550d ago

How else are they meant to react? More games are on the way, those can't just be made to appear out of thin air. The marketing strategy will see constant adjustment, as is normal.
This is a desperation move on the part of everyone involved in the selling of X1's, there's no need to react to it, especially when you can't keep stock on the shelves.
This has nothing to do with being pro Sony or anti MS, it's simple business strategy. You can argue about reason when your assertions utilize any of it.

its_JEFF1550d ago


I don't know. Like you said "it's a good thing you're not running a Company" You're right, I wouldn't know how to run Sony. TBH I don't think anybody here would know how to either. The only thing I'm saying is they should be cautious, they're dealing with Microsoft.

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Hatsune-Miku1550d ago

Sonys only reaction should be laughter

Ps4 is the future and the future is ps4

Bernlock1550d ago

Theres his famous tag line!!! Thank god you are back

KwietStorm1550d ago

Makes sense for a headline. So there's that.

Frodosmugins1550d ago

No! Why!?

cos I have already committed myself to buying a Ps4 when a game I like comes out!

Ps4 will sell more when gamers like me are ready to buy!

vivid831550d ago

im in the same boat as you im just waiting on more of the type of game I like come along

mhunterjr1550d ago

Yeah, from a business perspective, cutting price when your production can't meet demand is suicide.

You'd gain absolutely nothing. Sony's unit sales = shipment sizes. Cutting the price wouldn't net Sony any sales. They'd just be losing money...

VENOMACR12271550d ago


Why would you cut the price of something that is selling like hot cakes? Even if the X1 was at $400, the PS4 is going to out sell it. Sony doesn't have to do a thing. MS has shot themselves in the foot countless times. I have an X1, no problems with it, but even a blind person can see MS's mistakes.