GTA 5 DLC New Info Surfaces From 1.1 Update Files

"Looks like heists and tournaments are on the way, but the data we have now implies a lot of weird things about them."

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sander97021547d ago

Would be fun to finally have something to do other then just kill pedestrians

detroitmademe1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

would b cool if rockstar had built n tournaments for all the different races and teamdeathmatch tournaments or built in crew/clan battles.also maybe tennis or golf tournaments .

Deividas1547d ago

Neat. After finishing the campaign, this game has not been in my xbox really isnt that much fun personally. Im waiting to buy it for the PC and enjoy the mods, that kept me entertained for SO long with GTA IV

MajorGecko1547d ago

i play this game everyday and after everyone got unlimited money removed so it actually feels rewarding leveling up and killing someone with skill instead of a tank. I cant wait for this DLC this is one of the best games out atm.

Audiggity1546d ago

Yeah, not a lot of people stuck with it after R* patched it up. Everytime I hop on it's a ton of fun... people are cool, no more glitches.

It also seems like they may have upped the payouts/RP... but, maybe not. Don't care, having fun.

CJDUNCAN1547d ago

They messed up by having jobs unlock by your rank. Just my opinion.

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