Stunning Looking Killzone Shadow Fall Direct-Feed Panoramic Shots Show Truly Next Gen Visuals

GearNuke: "Killzone Shadow Fall is always touted as being the front runner in graphics for both next generation consoles. Thanks to one particular user on NeoGAF, we have got our hands on some truly stunning looks screenshots of the game, which are composed of multiple shots, stitched in one full panorama."

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Neonridr1363d ago

awesome looking photos.

Gozer1362d ago

Too bad the game is mediocre at best.

GarrusVakarian1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

The story is pretty bad, but i actually quite enjoyed my playthrough of the campaign and i maintain what ive said before that Killzone SF is the best looking game we have so far on next gen, hands down.The panoramas in the article more than prove that.

And before anyone says they aren't real or they are bullshots, the way those panoramas are taken is by turning the HUD off in the main menu and then just as you take the picture you switch weapons so nothing is on the screen....then you rinse repeat over and over, moving the camera a little each time until you end up with a panorama.

The story may be bland, uninspired and poorly written....but damn it's good looking-

Xsilver1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

your not even a real gamer be quiet Mr i would stop playing games if MS stop making them yup i remember that comment you made and i'm pretty sure you haven't Played KZSF.

ramiuk11362d ago

i enjoyed it,enjoyed all Killzone games.
shadow fall looks amazing and is so smooth

Neonridr1362d ago

well it was my first Killzone game, so I didn't mind the campaign. I didn't have better games in the series to compare it against.

Sevir1362d ago

It's hardly mediocre! It's actually quite enjoyable, the campaign over stayed it's welcome... Simply just too long! The story, even with its WTF ending could have wrapped up 3 hours earlier.

The new innovation for the franchise made the gameplay fun. What I didn't like was the pacing, KZ2 had the perfect Pace for the series, and the maps while being huge and open was a welcome, it was just needlessly large, even with the wayfinder it was tedious to traverse and the respawning enemies made it that much more a chore.

If it had a mix of linear corridor type levels aswell as open sandbox type levels and better pacing it would have shined!

Fun game, great scale but over used, too long a story, and great gameplay!

SmielmaN1362d ago

Gozer-troll elsewhere xboner

Game was really good looking and smooth. I enjoyed it. The owl addition was great. I really liked looking for collectibles.

Rowco1471362d ago

Too bad you probably haven't played it lol

geddesmond1362d ago

Says the man who most likely hasn't played it. Oh look two bubbles. Ah right I get ya. Just another hateful troll. Either that or your a butt hurt Xbox fan that won't get to play the game but the sensitive buds in his head started tingling and made him click on the link of a game he thinks is mediocre. Enough said.

Lol new generation yet all the downplay stays the same. FYI I'm getting a PS4 specifically for this title and Infamous. One mans trash is another mans treasure they say except you didn't own the so called trash in the first place.

DoctorJones1362d ago

I've played every KZ game there is and Shadow Fall is just in front of the first Killzone. It has very little going for it when compared to KZ2.

Shiny graphics! Wow! Crysis gets ridiculed over having style over substance but we should give Shadow Fall a pass?

Uh uh, it's not a great game by any stretch of the imagination. It's actually very average.

Outside_ofthe_Box1362d ago

They need to go back to KZ2's art direction. They need to go back to KZ2 for everything overall.

_FantasmA_1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

If you bought this game for the single player, then you must be that kind of guy who would pay a hooker to help you do your laundry. Killzone is all about its multiplayer. The campaign had some good chapter, and some bad ones. It tried something different because if it had been more of the same, people would have complained that its a generic shooter. Instead they tried to make it something else, with shooter segments every now and then, but it didn't. There just wasn't enough shooting for me.

The game works though. Excellently addicting multiplayer, 1080p graphics with 60 frames in the campaign, next gen visuals. What more could you want? How about some free versus multiplayer maps? Oh yeah your gonna get them all free.

You can't tell me that the campaigns in any of these new school shooters are good. COD, Battlefield, and Killzone have throw away campaigns that take up disc space that would have been better occupied by more maps or other online game modes.

I thought Killzone 2 was terrible. I think most people like that one because it was their first Killzone, and most people like the first version of anything that they experience. For example in music, people tend to like the version of a song that they hear first, whether it be the remix or the original version, the first one they hear is the one they get used to. The controls for Killzone 2 were abysmal. I think Mercenary actually had the best controls and wish they would use those for the next Killzone game on the PS4.

Oh_Yeah1362d ago

It's missing jet packs and mechs...other than that it's pretty solid. Idk why they didn't include them in this one.

hkgamer1362d ago

im guessing different people have differnt views on the game.

the disagrees are crazy though, I think fanboys on this site is crazy with bubble and agree/disagree system.

I find the game very average. but I'm not a FPS fan, multiplayer was alright and the colour blind thing helps me alot.

NewAgeisHere1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Even as a hardcore Playstation and Killzone fan, I have to agree with you.The game is mediocre ,although it has some fun moments.

killzone6191362d ago


116 dislikes? that damage control XD

killzone SF singleplayer wasnt as good as killzone 2 or killzone 3 singleplayer. The multiplayer is pretty meh also.

why did they get rid of assassination and jetpacks?! stupid decision.

Plagasx1362d ago

Holy shit at Lukas O_O

Those can't be in game.. that looks better than most PC games on max settings...


I saw them a long time ago and I was very impressed.

Look at those stones, never seen such quality on any other title or any other platform:

There are so many great pics for KZ:SF and especially from the same user in this thread:

Rageanitus1362d ago

IMO I thought the game was mediocre also
KZ2 and 3 were WAY better. It does showcase he potential of the system but that about it.

I don't remember sitting through the game at long periods at a time vs other games

webeblazing1362d ago

beside the 1st pic nothing you posted is impressive. im not seeing whats the big deal about the gfx in this game.

UltraNova1362d ago

WOW chill guys the game was a launch title intended to show off the new system!

Why are you so desperate about having e mediocre story and great game play?

Shit it just occurred to me that Titanfall (pre ordered on PC)has NO story whatsoever the graphics might as well from 2012 (at least on PC that I know of)but it has great gameplay!

From what you guys are saying it kinda makes KZ-SF a better game than Titanfall huh? (BTW from what I realized playing the beta it really is COD with vertical movement and Mecs no doubt about it! But if you are into this sort of a game then you'll have a lot of fun!)

Well I m still waiting for my PS4 so when I have played both I'll tell ya..

mmcglasson1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

I am pretty sure this is the best looking next generation game available today (Ryse looks great too but it can't maintain the FPS, Killzone easily does as it is locked at 30FPS). The gameplay is amazing, the graphics are outstanding, and the online play is beyond great.

I will say I miss some of the online options from Killzone 3. The story is pretty much the only downside to this game. Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 had pretty good stories. (I never finished KZ1). Killzone SF story just didn't work for me.

However, as far as an online shooter goes... I'd rather play this anyday over Call of Duty. BF4 was a disaster to play online (although it's probably good now due to about 10 patches they were force to bring out).

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Blaze9291362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Shadow Fall is the worst Killzone of them all in my opinion. LOVED Killzone 2, Killzone 3 even kept me entertained. But Shadow Fall was just terrible - that story was just terrible. That ending was even worse.

Fluke_Skywalker1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

It is hard to disagree with you but not because I think it's a bad game, just that it most definitely is the worst of the series from a story perspective. The characters are boring and uninteresting, everything about it screams writers block.
But on the other hand the gameplay is as good if not better than ever, and the graphics are just stunning!

So whilst I really like the game, I have to agree that it is the worst of the series, but that's mostly just cause the others are so good.

geddesmond1362d ago

I'm not liking how people in the comments are saying that the story is bad. I'm looking forward to playing this when my PS4 finally arrives. Just as well I never played KZ for the story. It's mainly for eye candy and multiplayer.

Please don't say the multiplayer has changed and now sucks :(

ABizzel11362d ago


Exactly, Gameplay wise is the best in the series IMO, story wise it was the worse.

It was a fun game to play, but had a boring and unimaginative story.

Fluke_Skywalker1362d ago

@geddesmond The multiplayer has indeed changed massively, it's brilliant though. It does take some getting used to at first as like I say it is very different to the multiplayer of old.

NarooN1362d ago

Killzone 1 by far had the best story in the series. Templar's personal relationships with Luger, General Vaughton, and the evolving relationships between the four squad-mates (Templar, Rico, Hakha, Luger) made for very interesting conversations mid-level and via cutscenes. Even the villains were well-written, with believable agendas and modus operandi, especially with both sides having their various defectors.

Liberation had a nice story too. Then KZ2 came along and it was honestly inferior to KZ1 in the story regard, but still good! KZ3's plot was pretty stupid, especially the ending, but damn, I dunno what the hell happened with Shadow Fall. None of the characters were interesting at all. Only character that was awesome to me in KZ3 was old Helghast guy with the white hair, forgot his name, but he was a badass troll, lol.

killzone6191362d ago

i agree

GG rushed the game

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Mr Pumblechook1362d ago

Beautiful. I can't wait to see Guerilla Game's PS4 RPG that uses this game engine.

Ace Killa 081362d ago

The game looks amazing and is!! But the dam story and game play was a step backward. I liked the game, but it wasn't the best of Killzone. Mind you I'm just talking about the SP, MP was above average.

Volkama1362d ago ShowReplies(3)
GiantFriendlyCrab1362d ago

nothing special about killzone,

GiantFriendlyCrab1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

why the disagrees lol, yeah i agree the game is beautiful, and the multiplayer was quite fun, but everything else was just meh, just like every other modern shooters.

Polock1362d ago

Why the disagrees? Hmm, that is a puzzle. I'd assume its because they disagreed, mystery solved.

bjmartynhak1362d ago

Because there is absolutely no reason for this type opinion months after release. Get over it. You don't like, fine. Now go away. Or at least discuss about the article.

scott1821362d ago

For me no Killzone has been as fun as Killzone 2, I am interested to see their new ip.

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