Meet the Studio Creating the Next Gears of War Game

From the feature article:

"Back in January, Microsoft announced the company had purchased the rights to the Gears of War franchise, insuring the series remained exclusive to the Xbox brand. The Big M also announced Rod Fergusson would be spearheading the production of the next Gears title and lending his talents to Black Tusk Studios. If Cliff Bleszinski was the father of Gears of War for Epic Games, Rod Fergusson was the uncle, so the world let out a collective sigh knowing he will lead the franchise forward. Mid-sigh, the world interrupted itself, and gamers all over asked, “So wait… Who are Black Tusk Studios?”

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UltimaEnder1459d ago

What a history, looking forward to what Black Tusk and Mr. Fergusson can bring to the new franchise!

GameNameFame1459d ago

unproven dev with multiple cancled games under their belt and no success.


jgrigs091459d ago

Oh really? What are these "canceled" games?

headblackman1459d ago

stop troll and go play your ps4! im sure you've got like 30+ AAA titles that you can play on you ps4 instead of trolling on x1 matters (that's sarcasm by the way).

redwin1459d ago

I would like to see MS let Black Tusk and Rare work on games they feel passionate about first and then impose on them different endeavors after.

Sabrewolf821459d ago

Yeah all you need a developer whose 2 games were Canned hasn't released a game to work a solid franchise great work ms.

Angainor71459d ago

Why don't you just go and bury yourself somewhere, pstroll..

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Gamer19821458d ago

So they got the staff no other studios wanted and who made games like TRON: Evolution, and need for speed the run? Not exactly AAA game making staff however every studio has to start somewhere and like with anything else you get enough backing and you click with your fellow team you can make AAA games. I mean you think Media Molecule and Turn 10 all started off with AAA game devs?

LaurenKB1231459d ago

I had no idea the history of Black Tusk Studios, great article...

curtis921459d ago

2018 will be a big year for them!

LaurenKB1231459d ago

Seriously? I'm guessing 2015...

GarrusVakarian1459d ago

Late 2015 is my guess. This game needs time, the quality for the MP has to be of a high standard, like the past games.

And they better not mess up horde mode!

redwin1459d ago

Wouldn't it normally take about 3 years for a title to be developed ? Unless they are just gonna come out with another online multyplayer only title. Then I think it'll be about 2 years

DigitalRaptor1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )


They only recently acquired the license, and cancelled the promising, original IP. GeoW 4 can only still be in planning phase.

I wish Black Tusk all the best though. Looking forward to seeing what they are capable of on their own terms, when MS lets them make what they want to.

medman1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

You better hope Gears doesn't release in 2015 as they just got the assignment. They have to still be in storyboard mode, if they've even got that far, with no actual engine work or development being done as yet. Late 2016 is a little more realistic, with 2017 even more realistic. 2015 is fantasy.

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curtis921459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

You guys... they are in the 'planning' phase of Gears of War. Do not expect it in under 3 years. Also, MS themselves said no rush on it.

CrowbaitBob1458d ago

I'm thinking Halo 5 late 2015, Gears 4 late 2016. At the earliest.

Bonkerz1459d ago

I really think these guys are going to be huge. They have ALOT of talent on the team, and MS is definitely not being shy with funding them with alot of cash. These guys will probably be the ND of X1.

WeedyOne1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

They cannot be the ND of next gen because they are being told what to do, make a gears of war game.

If they were like ND they would say screw that old IP! I'll make whatever game I damn well please!

Dont get me wrong I think Blacktusk has a lot of talent. I was just hoping they would make a new IP to establish themselves, something more original than a Gears 4.

SlapHappyJesus1459d ago

Good read.
Seems Microsoft has a solid team on their hands. Let's hope they bring new life to a series that was getting a bit stale.
All the best to them.

LaurenKB1231459d ago

Exactly, I think the franchise could be in much worse hands these days, but not in better hands (for an in house dev team, lead by GearsViking)!

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