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Stephen Elop in charge of Xbox – What does it mean?

Save/Continue writes:

"Stephen Elop, the former Nokia CEO who may have led to the acquisition by Microsoft, is replacing the freshly-minted Julie Larson-Green as the head of Microsoft’s devices and studios business. What this means is that he will be in charge of Xbox and its games, among other pieces of the company. Julie Larson-Green was appointed for this position in July 2013, so her swift reappointment might come as a surprise, but there’s more to this than just that, as Elop has quite a colorful history." (Industry, Microsoft)

Sidology  +   639d ago
Elop is certainly going to shake things up. Dude doesn't know a thing about games, which is scary for the gaming side of it, but we'll certainly see some aggressive decision-making towards the financial side.
amiga-man  +   639d ago

The xbox future lies in his hands?
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darthv72  +   639d ago
Realistically it can only go one of two ways. He can either enforce a series of changes thus removing the risk factor and ultimately devaluing the xbox brand to the point of it having to be spun off to a third party for a profit (ex: selling it to amazon)

Or he could actually listen to the ones who have more of a fully vested interest in the brand and want to take the risks that could potentially pay off. (ex: the ones who actually work in that division).

Its easy to take the quickest route to profitability (selling) but where is the fun in that? I would welcome the new head of Ms to take on the challenge of making the brand stronger than before with aggressive marketing. securing the deals that could lead to future innovations and even more profitability.
mcstorm  +   639d ago
He could be good for this side if Nokia is anything to go by as he used Nokia on there strengths. Nokia has got windows phone to take the big 10% market share in alot of European company and did this by using what Nokia are know for in quality designed phones and amazing cameras.

If he looks at what made the 360 successful and implements them on the Xbox one it cloud woke very well for him and Microsoft. I think the moves Microsoft are making at the moment with the Xbox one are pushing it in the right direction and am liking what I am seeing from them.
OrangePowerz  +   638d ago
Lol you must be kidding. While he was in charge the sales of Nokia phones went down 40% and the profit went from 2.4 billion per year to 188 million.

He went from MS to Nokia (got a bonus from Nokia for missed salary at MS due to his change to Nokia), ran the company into the ground, got the company sold to MS for cheap and got a 18 million bonus for all of that because the day everything was approved he got a change made to his contract to get the extra bonus. In a fair world he shouldn't even get a job at McDonalds.
Kivespussi  +   638d ago
Kidding me? Elop took Nokia down FOR MS. Like OrangePowerz said. He completely destroyed Nokia. It cost almost 15k jobs for finns just because MS needed another way to milk more cash from consumers.
It's stupid how fanboys keep defending a company like that.
I'm not wishing that MS goes bankrupt (because that would cost even more jobs) but I just wish that the ones who pull the strings get replaced. And I hope that xbox division does get sold so maybe that'll bring some competition to the market.
Edit: OrangePowerz have a bubble :)
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mcstorm  +   638d ago
Nokia were already on there way down before he took over and because Nokia went from there own os to windows phone there was always going to be a transition period just like the new Sony boss has seen.

Nokia re doing very well at the moment and the smart phone market is on the up. Ok this will stop when the take over happens but he did a good job with Nokia.
Anon1974  +   639d ago
Found this funny. Meanwhile, at Microsoft...

nayon7  +   638d ago
Yeah gaming will probably see some cuts if it's not meeting the profit margins.
NemesisAU  +   639d ago
It means his in charge of xbox
TheoreticalParticle  +   639d ago
It means that Xbox is now being run by a guy whose last name is "pole" spelled backwards.
Master-H  +   639d ago
Imminent Beanpole..
SilentNegotiator  +   639d ago
Don't forget that his name could be read as "elope" and he helped Nokia get sold to MS (after he "helped" Nokia get into a bit of a financial situation to make a quick and easy profit from Nokia's sale).
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TheoreticalParticle  +   639d ago
If you're a CEO in America, and you get fired, somehow, companies will still think you're qualified to be CEO.

If you're not the CEO at your company, and the CEO gets fired, you will never get to be the CEO.
Anon1974  +   639d ago
Nice article. Sums up everything we currently know about the situation while offering some well thought out commentary.

On top of Elop's history regarding the Nokia buyout, he was also the head of Macromedia during their buyout by Adobe. He's been called the "company killer". Replacing Ballmer's pick to head the Xbox division with this guy seems to send a message to the investors and board members who were calling for the Xbox division to be put to pasture.

Is he the Xbox division's savior or is he there to facilitate a buyout like he did with Nokia and Macromedia? Only time will tell.
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BlackWolf  +   639d ago
Clearly, it can be assumed that the same could happen to Xbox, if we take in consideration the "coincidential" cases of Macromedia and Nokia. Only time will tell, tough.
CharlesSwann  +   639d ago
Kill the xbox Elop. You know you want to. Gamers are a finicky bunch. Chop chop.
cruzngta  +   639d ago
Hate to say it but I don't like this move at all. Why on Earth would you put someone who was all for getting rid of the Xbox division in charge of it??? This smells like bullshit. I think this may be the beginning of the end for the XBox as we know it. Not good at all. What is he suddenly going to love the XBox and make sure it suceeds? He knows nothing about gaming and should NEVER have been put in this position - that is why this can only lead to bad results. Time will tell. As an XB1 owner I do not have a good feeling about any of this.
Dlacy13g  +   639d ago
Please keep in mind he wasn't "all for getting rid of Xbox" he was willing to look at carving out some of the devices brands including Xbox should that be deemed the right move. And that was the right thing to say for someone trying to get the CEO job at an MS that currently is going through some internal changes.

He comes from Nokia, whom MS just bought the phone division from. So I think more should be made of that connection rather than he is there to kill off Xbox.
Godmars290  +   639d ago
How long was the woman he replaced at the job?
kingdip90  +   639d ago
It feels like less than 6 months but I could be wrong and I'm to lazy to really look into it.

not long enough to have a real impact anyway which is a shame as I wanted to see her test her metal in the industry.
amiga-man  +   639d ago
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jgrigs09  +   638d ago
I think she was just a interim, until they could find somebody to be there . I don't think it was a permanent job.
Dlacy13g  +   639d ago
Well its going to be interesting to watch what Elop does at MS. Many are claiming he is there to kill off Xbox but I think more likely he is there to shore up the devices business overall.

I know he was quoted saying he would be willing to cut out Xbox or other devices if needed, but that was said in the heat of him trying to get the CEO job. Since he wasn't chosen to lead MS I think this seems more like a move to bring in someone familiar with some of the hardware side already (Nokia) to lead the devices group moving forward. He makes a lot more sense for Devices than Julie Larson Green did.
aerisbueller  +   639d ago
Yeah, the guy who has so little interest in games, he wanted to cut out XBox division is a perfect fit to run XBox division. Fits right in with all the other XBox execs who hate games and gamers.
Dlacy13g  +   639d ago
He is running DEVICES...not just Xbox.
aerisbueller  +   639d ago
even better. that means he doesn't have to take his job security into account if he wants to shut down XBox division.
OrangePowerz  +   639d ago
He doesn't even make sense for devices.

"During Elop's tenure, Nokia annual revenues fell 40% from 41.7 Billion Euros per year to 25.3 Billion Euros per year. Nokia profits fell 92% from 2.4 Billion Euros per year to 188 Million Euros per year. Nokia handset sales fell 40% from 456 million units per year to 274 million units per year. Nokia share price which was at 7.12 Euros on the day Elop was hired, had fallen to 81% to a bottom level of 1.44 Euros two years later."

He also got his contract changed the day MS took over and he stepped down to receive a 18.8 million bonus.

I wouldn't even put that guy in charge of my change jar.

They should just have the Xbox division separate from the devices division and put someone in charge who has an idea about gaming and consoles.
aerisbueller  +   639d ago
They love putting people who know/care nothing about games in charge of XBox division. I know all the XBots are shareholders, and so any potential success he might have financially trumps his indifference to gamers.

I'm actually nervously excited about the news myself. http://www.geek.com/games/s...

Hopefully he'll go through with it, and shut it down, or ruin it financially like he has other things he's been in charge of in the past. This is fantastic news for gamers everywhere who recognize the cancer XBox division is on the games industry.
Dlacy13g  +   639d ago
the only cancer in this industry is attitudes like yours and others who take some crazy fanatical stance.
aerisbueller  +   639d ago
There's nothing crazy or fanatical about my stance. I'm in the industry by trade, and I've loved games from my earliest memories. I know alot of people think this is a ps4 fanboy thing, but I don't own either next gen console yet.

It's purely my observance of the way gaming has shifted for the worse due to policies from companies like MS and EA. It's a constant attack on our hobby. MS and EA fans love to defend them, "but they're a business, of course they need to screw customers to make money", but aside from missteps and occasional failures, companies like Nintendo, Sony, and Valve prove that making a crapload of a money doesn't require you to screw up the entire medium in the process.
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chrisarsenalsavart  +   639d ago
I'm a PlayStation gamer and even I feel that calling xbox a cancer is just plain wrong.
They brought online gaming to the masses.
They forced Sony to stop being arrogant and get their act together at the beginning of last gen.PSN is what it is today because of XBOXLIVE. Yes Microsoft made some huge mistakes so far this gen but just like Sony last gen, they can rectify it and improve upon.
Besides, Xbox is an important brand for Microsoft all in one entertainment future.
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OrangePowerz  +   639d ago
He is right in some areas. The way MS competes with others is bad for the industry. There is no doubt that they did something good in some areas for gaming, but their policies are atrocious.

Just look at their indie policies where they did not permit them to release the game on another platform first or that they enforce that they are not allowed to release on another platform within a certain time. Why do you think many indies turned their back on them? Because they treat their "partners" like crap especially if they are small because for them in their mind they don't need them and they think that those indie devs rely on them and that they can do whatever they want with them.

For Burnout Paradise, Red Dead Redemption, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, The Witcher 2 and others. They don't allow studios to give their oen content away for free. For some games the studios managed to give their content to people for free for others they didn't. Obviously from the outside it looks all nice if you don't follow news and know what goes on with their policies. Enough indie developers openly criticised the policies so it's not hard to find news about it.
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Hicken  +   638d ago
If there is "cancer" in the industry, the most devastating form is that of the "gamer" who continues to defend and/or rationalize actions that are not good for gaming.

I won't say XBOX is bad for the industry, but Microsoft has certainly been more bad than good. And if they're not going to change their ways- who honestly believes they will?- then we are better off without them. Elop, given his recent history, is now poised to facilitate that by helping Xbox split away from Microsoft.

Are you REALLY unable to see how Xbox being bought be someone else(better than Microsoft) could be a good thing?
gedden7  +   639d ago
Scary indeed... You wont see anything right away but 4-5 years down the line big changes will be upon us...
tigertron  +   639d ago
I believe this is the beginning of a significant change for the Xbox brand that could see it being sold off to another company, but who would buy it?
gedden7  +   639d ago
SteamPowered  +   639d ago
What are you saying? N4G is clutching at nothing or this is still under wraps?
Anon1974  +   639d ago
Gamespot just ran a similar article a few hours ago. IGN also mentioned in their article yesterday about Elop's appointment that Elop had rumored to be in favor of spinning off the Xbox brand.

There's certainly coverage out there, but not a lot of commentary at this point. Mind you, it was just officially revealed yesterday. Give them a bit of time to mull this over and I'm sure we'll see a bit more buzz about what this could potentially mean for the Xbox brand.
gedden7  +   638d ago
Yes it prob is but its not every in your face like when something bad happens to nintendo..
urwifeminder  +   639d ago
Who was the last guy staff wars are just wasted on me.
amiga-man  +   639d ago

He replaces this woman, who was only 7 months into that role.
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MysticStrummer  +   638d ago
Yeah and when she took over that role we also had "what does it mean?" articles.
carreirabr  +   639d ago
As long as MS keep all those US$ billions coming from Android phone/tablet makers using their extorsion patent trolling skills, everything will be just fine.
Tales RPG addict  +   639d ago
Microsoft just do everyone a favor and sell of Rare to Nintendo since your company hasnt made much good use out of it. At least Ninty could do a better job and NO im not counting the new Killer Instinct.
TheForwardUnto  +   638d ago
From Microsoft;

Thank you minion. We understand your concern and we honesty don't give a shit what you think. You don't tell us what to buy or sell.

Thank You.
Microsoft Studios at some place nobody Heard off.
JoseV76  +   639d ago
Xbox is doomed!
jgrigs09  +   638d ago
I don't think anything will happen. There is no putting him in that spot to bring down Xbox. If they didn't want the Xbox division they would just sell it. We don't know his true ability. He could have purposely brought down Nokia and many people believe that. Remember he was given 25 million for Nokia. He received 6 million from Nokia to run it. That's 31 million in 3 years. Business men are greedy. He also saved thousands of jobs. I don't think he will kill Xbox. That's just my opinion though, I can be wrong.
deadfrag  +   638d ago
Why not put Phil Spencer in charge of Xbox division,young blood and mind just like when the Xbox was released they had Ed Fries!?If Microsoft really wanted to keep the Xbox brand they would give the job to someone that knowns gaming and management not to this CEO that the only thing he does is ruin companys and ready them for sale.
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DC777  +   638d ago
Well who would want to buy into it now anyway? It's too much cost and not looking very profitable at the moment. If he runs it into the ground we will certainly all know why he was appointed.

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