Rumor: Red Dead Redemption 2 – Coming to Next-Gen

Red Dead Redemption, it was and still is the western of the last Gen consoles. An open world game which was a twist of GTA, released by none other Rockstar. With the game being a big success, there is rumor in the mill which suggests Read Dead Redemption will be making an reappearance soon.

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MrSwankSinatra1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

how is this a rumor, i'm pretty sure anyone with common sense could tell you this. here look im going to start my own rumor

Rumor: Red Dead Redemption 2 will not feature john marston....

Neonridr1391d ago

Lies! What if Red Dead Redemption 2 is a prequel? :P

-Foxtrot1391d ago

Would you really want that though

Don't get me wrong I bloody love John Marston but to play a guy I know.......<SPOILERS>... .....dies it's a tad off putting.

To be honest they should of made a Read Dead Redemption DLC set in an alternative universe like the undead nightmare one which shows John alive. Kind of like the Outlaw Jousey Whales where Abbi and Jack get killed because of the Government coming for John early and him then taking the rest of the DLC to round people up he's met to set up a plan to kill the two corrupt Government agents.

Neonridr1391d ago

@-Foxtrot - lol, no, not really. I was merely joking with him.

ChronoJoe1391d ago

@Foxtrot Whilst generally I agree with you, you should be aware that everyone you play as in a video game, you can presume dies sometime.

The only difference with John's case is you know when it happens.

Orionsangel1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

I'd be surprised if it's not a prequel. Given the late time period that RDR takes place in. It's at the very end of the old west era. How can you go forward from that? 1920's 30, 40's gangsters? LA Noire lol.

Going back to the height of the old west makes sense. You can do American Indians. Have bow and arrow weapons. Classic characters from the old west.

ikkokucrisis1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Good news,

Here's my list of goals to improve on for the multilayer mode:
-take out auto aim (for both multiplayer & single player modes)!
-allow at least 100 players on a server
-make all game modes like raid (seamless and viewable/joinable to all players on the server)
-have some type of shootout mode in and around the saloons!
-play poker with other players to gain/lose in game currency
-add in the quickdraw mini game
-have at least 75% of your online modes and content that you're advertising ready to play out of the box on launch day

K thanks!

Heisenburger1391d ago


Everyone dies. -_-

Grap1391d ago

"take out auto aim" what a stupid idea if you play with a controller

mewhy321391d ago

I can see the articles now....Red Dead Redemption 2 1080p (PS4), 720p (xbone).



Back when playing RDR I would probably agree with you in everything, but after GTA V, I rather they have no in game currency AT ALL. It was not worth the trouble for players and I doubt R* made any worthwhile money with that tactic either.

kingfetish171390d ago

I'd like to see a prequel based on a younger Landon Ricketts.

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pumal1391d ago

Oh how I wish people actually *read* the article.

Magicite1391d ago

red dead something, but I doubt it will be redemption (or revolver)

PixelNinja1391d ago

Dude, that's cold.
RIP John Marston.

seanpitt231391d ago

This will be out next year (April to June) 2015 probably on all consoles.

boldscot1391d ago

Rumor: Red Dead Redemption 2 will not feature john marston....

What if Red Dead Redemption 2 takes place before the events of Red Dead?
You know back when John ran with the gang and the west was wilder.

mcarsehat1391d ago

there ahs been a rockstar game every years for the past 11 years so they are definitely making a game, may be red dead, may be a new ip, maybe even agent. hmmmmmm

assdan1390d ago

The funny this is, is it could totally feature John Marston lol. If it were a prequel though, I don't think repemption would be a very good title for it...
But yeah, anyone with a brain would know a game that sold over 11 million is getting a sequel.

assdan1390d ago

This could turn into another anthology series, like gta though.

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GarrusVakarian1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Oh man....this game hasn't even been hinted at yet, yet it is one of my most anticipated games. RDR is one of my favourite games of all time.

MightyNoX1391d ago

But do we really need a sequel? I feel the game said all that needed to be said about the subject matter.

I'd much rather they give us Agent or all new open world game.

GarrusVakarian1391d ago

I'm extremely biased in this matter so of course im going to say yes.

Dem next gen horses!

Mikelarry1391d ago

when my girl first told me to get this game "i was like please you that swears by harry potter games" there is no way i am getting this.... that was until i actually played 10mins i immediately bought the game that day plus all the dlc.

mochachino1391d ago

RDR was one of the best games last generation.

Outside_ofthe_Box1391d ago

Red Dead was the best open world game last gen. RDR2 is a day one purchase for me.

ginsunuva1391d ago

What if it's being made by Activision and it sucks?

Outside_ofthe_Box1391d ago

lol... Day one purchase assuming Rockstar is making it.

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