Titanfall Has Gone Gold, Final Resolution Most Definitely Above 720p – Epic Games Dev

Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall has apparently gone gold, according to an Epic Games employee on Reddit. Considering how good the beta was, with many believing the game was already close to completion at that point, this make sense.

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Hellsvacancy1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

So why not just say "hay............what' s wrong with youuuuu" sorry, silly oldskool song from the UK when I was a kid

I'll try again, "hay.... it's gone gold and the final resolution isssssssssssss ......."

It's not like it's a spoiler or anything, it's not like it's going to hurt sales in anyway

Edit: Heres that song OLDskool

Godmars2901390d ago

At this point its not 900p, what was originally promised, its going to bring the usual critics and defenders.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31390d ago

Where and when was anything "originally promised"?

Naga1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Seriously, when was that promised? I'm searching, and the closest thing to that I can find is, "hopes for". I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt here by presuming you actually have something you're basing that claim off of.

That said, you should probably come up with a source or stop calling them liars.

Eonjay1390d ago


its 792... at least according to the Titanfall Dev yesterday on Gaf. I got downvoted when I explained that to some folks yesterday who said that 900P was promised (which it wasn't)and I was trolling. So, the issue is people for some reason are under the impression that Respawn said 900p definitely. Thats fans and detractors alike. Too much confusion going around.

u got owned1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

there was a tweet floating around saying the game beta was running at 792p and that the final version could run at a higher resolution, but 900p was never promised.

SonyROXitoohya1390d ago

It will bring jealous and insecure fanboys as always is the case when they don't get a game they want that a rival console gets, especially the most hyped, wanted, and written about next gen game.

1390d ago
SilentNegotiator1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

"the final resolution is most def above 720p. That’s all I can say"

792p pretty much confirmed. If the game were 900p by Gold, MS/Respawn/etc would have already paraded on about it. They wouldn't need their media buddies to use vagaries like "def above 720p"

headblackman1390d ago

the critics yes! the defenders are just telling the critics that they just don't care. im and x1 owner and i really don't care about resolution at all. i care more about gameplay. gamers care about gameplay and gameplay only! only fanboys care about resolution. and please don't take this as me calling you a fanboy, because im not.

Godmars2901390d ago

Get where you're coming from, but the truth of the matter is that when the version of a PS4 multi comes in lower than XB1 the internet will just go off. The fans of today who are saying Titanfall's gameplay is all that matters especially will be gloating over graphics.

Just like what's going on with Thief and frame rate issues on the PS4. Don't know, don't care what's going on with the XB1 version, just that the game itself is reviewing at 6/10, yet frame rate issue for a particular version should be what everyone should talk about.

Ra30301390d ago

Link from yesterday's misinformation....tomorrow may bring more.

headblackman1390d ago

yeah, but as real gamers (not resolution or frame rate whores) we should know better. and when you know better you're supposed to do better. im a real gamer and i play games (i own all consoles execpet the ps4 and that's only because i can't find one, but when i do i will buy it). not frame rates or resolutions. these are just extra perks. if it was all about resolution and frame rates, we'd all be gaming on high end pc's and consoles wouldn't have a place in the market.

darthv721390d ago

Resolution doesnt bother me. I was planning on getting it for 360 (as i do not have XB1) and the game looks like fun.

Gamer19821390d ago

I think its pathetic though making up resolutions like 792p (which its rumoured to be) Just so they can claim its not 720p. There will be NO difference between 792p and 720p. Not one bit.. It just shows the Xbone cannot handle a game like titanfall at anything above 720p in reality.. They squeezed in as many pixels as they could to the last pixel until it popped.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1389d ago

@eonjay.. that's what happens when Sony fanboys run the site. They throw out rumors right or wrong as if they're all 100% right.

Sony fanboys run the show on all these days. IF they say it's promised 900p, then it is no matter what a Dev really says or anyone else that really works on the game.

pupa1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

["As for the resolution of the final build that will ship to gamers, Respawn is targeting 900p native, which will then be upscaled to 1080p by Microsoft’s console. It’s not true 1080p, but it’s close, and as the gameplay videos have shown already, the game does look really good even at 720p."]

["Heppe did also stress that while 792 is not considered a standard resolution, most other games run natively at different resolutions and are then upscaled to 1080p.

She also states that Respawn was working towards increasing the native resolution by the time the final game was released, with the target being 900p native and 60 frames per second."]


Read again "Heppe said".."She also states..."

Blame the media?

minimur121389d ago

Why don't they make it perfect for us Laptop players and make it 768p, well perfect for me anyway, lmao :)

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n4rc1390d ago

I'm wondering why an epic games employee is commenting on a 3rd parties game.

Either way its not surprising.. Game comes out in 2 weeks and the rez issue was all bs from cboat denied multiple times by respawn

Volkama1390d ago

It doesn't really make much difference that it's "gone gold". In this case "gold" doesn't have to mean the game is finished at all.

It's only playable online. They can work on it until the minute it releases, because any changes they make can effectively apply to 100% of the copies they sell.

VENOMACR12271390d ago

I played the BETA a ton, and not once did I go "wow, these graphics aren't that good." I tried playing BF the other day, played one game and turned it off. I'm having TitanFall withdrawal. The gameplay is so much fun and it just feels different than any other FPS available. I know it's not 1080p/60fps and sure, graphics could be slightly better, but the gameplay is what makes the game fun. 15 maps from the get go is awesome. The two maps in the BETA played extremely differently so I'm pumped to see how the other layouts will work. Some maps favor pilots, some favor Titans.

ma1asiah1390d ago


I'm with you on that one, I have tried playing everything from COD, Halo, BF etc and nothing comes close to how you feel when you play TF.

Withdrawals is a little bit of an understatment lol, I'm pratically on the verge of going insane waiting for TF to launch.

This is my most anticpated title so far this year

DeadGotenks1389d ago

What if MS and Respawn all ready knew they could easily put Titanfall at 1080p on the x1.. and this whole res situation is just amazing free advertising? Imagine if.. IF it comes out of the gate with 1080p and a smooth 60fps... how much BETTER that would make the system look? Enough to sale a couple hundred-thousands more. I own ps4 and xbox one.. I want them both to succeed for their amazing exclusives at the best possible quality they can offer.

mcarsehat1390d ago

Wait until people find out that these are an epic games dev's words, should take a while :P

BallsEye1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Higher res is welcome but I've played the beta and it did look way better than on the screens. Don't know why, but there was no jaggies (yep, my tv is calibrated well). Game looked great and most importantly played amazing. I was a die hard BF fan, now I'm loving titanfall much more.


as silly it may sound 792p is quite a bit higher res than 720p


dansdooz1390d ago

I played titanfall on my 92" projector screen sat at 8-9ft, the game looked awesome to me.

dale_denton1390d ago

wish it came out on ps4 so the their resolution can crap all over xbone like each multiplat has

DoctorJones1390d ago

You call Phats and Small 'OLDskool'?

You haven't got a clue what old school is.

Hellsvacancy1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Its old buddy, I was 14 when that record came out, and i was at school

You haven't gotta tell me what oldskool is buddy, I wasn't talking about oldskool drum/bass

Anything past 15 years is oldskool

abstractel1390d ago

It should be over 720p, it's not even that great looking of a game. The beta was fun, but I am not buying this game for its looks. Thankfully my PC can handle it at higher resolutions. Still waiting for a killer reason to get an XboxOne. Might be Quantum Break, unless they announce something at E3 that will come out before that.

Not complaining though, my PS4 and PC is getting enough games for quite some time. I just always want more :-).

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Godmars2901390d ago

That's what someone's been throwing around in lue of 1080p, so if its not 900p, if it not higher than whatever the beta's resolution since "they" said it would be, then that's what people are going to complain about. Say doesn't matter.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1390d ago

"Final Resolution Most Definitely Above 720p"

721p confirmed.

Joking aside hopefully it will be 900p but I doubt it.

Neonridr1390d ago

lol, I was going to post that when I started reading the comments. Like-minded souls.

Walker1390d ago Show
ethomaz1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

The same guy said in November that played Titanfall on Xbox One in 1080p... so I will wait the game release.

Charybdis1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

edit:Waiting till game releases is probably best thing eitherway, too much speculation going on.