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Ironically, Thief Gets Leaked and Heavily Pirated Before Release – Steam Protection too Easy

WCCF: Thief was leaked and cracked before release, resulting in heavy piracy even before it debuted. The Console version leaked 5 days before release. Though there have been instances of Thief being unlocked, the PC variant was leaked and cracked yesterday. The question arises once again about the great DRM debate. (PC, Thief, Xbox 360)

codelyoko  +   590d ago
Console version was leaked 5 days before release. Lol. GOG.com movement ftw. Witchers 3 ftw. #DRMFree
Eamon  +   590d ago
Kinda ironic, considering the title of this game
Magicite  +   590d ago
spot on!
SteamPowered  +   590d ago
You can get almost any game ever on TPB with cracks. Unless the game goes Always Online like Diablo 3, there will always be a way around it.
Personally, even though it is cheaper and easier to hit Pirate Bay, Steam has turned me from my wicked ways. Their hassle-free delivery and cheap games have pretty much got me to drop anchor on my pirating ways. Steam isnt perfect, but it turned me onto a legitimate path.
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LocutusEstBorg  +   590d ago
Diablo 3 was cracked ages ago for offline play.
codelyoko  +   590d ago
Yup, Heck sim city 2013 was always online too, a random genius tween (not reloaded or the cracking scene) cracked the game lol.
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LocutusEstBorg  +   590d ago
Steam is not DRM. Steam is not anti-crack protection. Steam is a way for you to easily switch on a PC and play your games anywhere. It's a pro-consumer feature for legitimate players.
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codelyoko  +   590d ago
Nah, Steam Protection is a form of DRM. There are two versions of retail games, one is the steam variant one is your normal retail. The steam variant has Steam Protection (TM? ) as its DRM which is infinitely easy to crack then the normal one. It involves providing a modified dll and steam api.
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MrGEE  +   590d ago
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RiPPn  +   590d ago
The real reason PC gamers love their platform so much.
SteamPowered  +   590d ago
One of many, many reasons :D
SlapHappyJesus  +   590d ago
My three-hundred game Steam library says otherwise. Honestly, I've never even as much as pirated a song in my life.
starchild  +   590d ago
Nope. I don't pirate. I bought Thief for $25.99, why in the world would I need to pirate? The game was heavily pirated on console though like 5 days before it came out.
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epoxe  +   589d ago
starchild: you arent allowed to remind the peasants that piracy has been a problem on consoles for a long time as well. PS1 with a mod chip anyone?
epoxe  +   589d ago
I love PC for the sublime graphics and great framerates, mods, and freedom to reward good developers. When console dweebs buy a used $55 copy of 2 week old game X at gamestop the developer doesnt get a dime, who's the thief?
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LAWSON72  +   590d ago
Yet the PS3 and 360 versions are ignored which have been up for quite some time.
Arturo84  +   590d ago
I imagine most of these people will be the first to shout about developers not having support and how gaming is decaying to crappy mobile and endless FPS's
LAWSON72  +   590d ago
Oh please good games sell, The Witcher 2 has no DRM on PC yet they have the money to make a 3rd that also has no DRM. Blaming piracy for these things is just BS, the only thing to blame for these moves by developers/publishers is high development costs and high expectation of sales that have a high chance of not happening especially when the game has mixed reception.
starchild  +   590d ago
Very true. Games are pirated on consoles just as much.

I agree that we need to buy our games to assure that these talented developers can continue to make games we will love, but blaming everything on piracy is idiotic.
il-JumperMT  +   590d ago
Maybe because reviews of Thief are disappointing and people wish to try it first?

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