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PS4: Info on Future Reveals and First Party Studios Working on the Console Given by Sony Employee

Sony Computer Entertainment has been keeping the lid on its work-in-progress projects and upcoming announcements, and we still don’t know what many of the teams working for the house of PlayStation are currently working on. NeoGAF user DemonNite, who is known to work for Sony even if his identity is a well-kept secret, provided more information and teasing about what’s happening behind closed doors on the PS4 side. (PS4)

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Mikelarry  +   395d ago
if that list is to be believed ooo weeee its gonna be a great e3
Abriael  +   395d ago
Well, if there's ONE insider that's trustworthy, that's DemonNite, as he works at Sony, and apparently not in a low position (I have my ideas on who he might be, but I won't tell, and I may be wrong anyway).
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SWayne  +   395d ago
Spit it out please! :)
The sources do look legit as I for one am very excited for Sony in 2014.
2013 people were saying that was the E3 to wow people. I disagree, I think its 2014 that will WOW people. :)
Abriael  +   395d ago
SWayne: nah. One, I may be wrong. I just have anecdotal evidence. Two. I respect DemonNyte a lot, because despite his position he risks to give us info, even if he can't go too deep in detail for obvious reasons. I'd never oust him even if I was 100% sure and under torture :D
SWayne  +   395d ago
No problemo Abriael! Appreciate you giving us the info and understand you have to protect your sources. ;)
abzdine  +   395d ago
he actually didnt say much more than what we already know, other that "One studio for example has 5+ teams on PS4", which in the case of ND could mean that they have a small new team working on the new Crash Bandicoot?
Abriael  +   395d ago
@abzdine: I think that studio is Sony Santa Monica. It fits their size, and I think he's also counting the team helping RAD with The Order within the 5.

Just my speculation though.
Mikelarry  +   395d ago
@ abriel

so basically you are saying its Shu Hei... yup i knew it, its always the silent charming ones :)
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pyramidshead  +   395d ago
Lol when browsing GAF I'm always excited to see him post for some reason. Knowing what he knows is always awesome. Even if it's these small teases.
thejigisup  +   395d ago
DemonNite is in fact....Shuhei Yoshida!

wait, it may be Kevin Butler, didnt he travel into the future?
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The_Infected  +   395d ago
I'm sorry but I'd like to see a Driveclub reintroduction way before E3.
KwietStorm  +   395d ago
Me too. Was really looking forward to that game, but now it's just in limbo.
madduey  +   395d ago
I'm hoping it will be at GDC alongside the new VR headset

need to dust off my wheel for this!!
showtimefolks  +   395d ago
one studio has 5 teams working on PS4, that's just awesome. Even thought sony owns like 12-13 1st party studios, each studio has multiple internal teams

sony santa monica for example has 3 teams that we know plus they are helping ready at dawn

GG have 2 teams, one doing KZ other been working on a new IP for over 2.5 years

ND have 2

sucker punch could become much bigger after infamous 2nd son

so even thought its 12-13 studios that sony owns, since so many have multiple teams, its more like sony owns 25-30. After the success of ps3/s exclusives i believe sony now more than ever before understands that 1st prty exclusive matter more than ever before

i believe david jaffe is also working on something, he is been way too quite

E3 is gonna be Huge but i believe we will see sony reveal few things before E3 too on GTTV E3 preview
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SWayne  +   395d ago
Its not even funny how Sony can potentially dominate E3 this year as more of these secrets are starting to come to fruit it seems. Not to say that Microsoft can surprise us or Nintendo may have something big planned for the gamers, but 2014 seems to belong to Sony.
showtimefolks  +   395d ago
I believe we will be saying that every year going forward about sony/ps4. Sony has so many development teams doing exclusive work on ps4 that its gonna start to show every year
sprinterboy  +   395d ago
You don't need to be a insider to come up with that list lol
DarkLord1003  +   395d ago
I say it again - I want to play the Last Guardian with VR. Imagine the possibilities...
mhunterjr  +   395d ago
I don't feel like that list was very revealing. It's pretty much the titles we have already been anxiously waiting for more info on...
BigErn  +   395d ago
I'm really starting to dig Sony's restored swagger. They seem VERY confident as we get closer to E3.
G20WLY  +   395d ago
Very true. It does seem that going from last gen to this one...MS have been munsoned. ;P
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madduey  +   395d ago
+Bubs for the King pin reference!!
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   395d ago
Again one of these so called insiders are stating the obvious. We knew about this for a while.
WeAreLegion  +   395d ago
I'm betting Santa Monica is the studio with 5+ teams working on PS4 games. They have three main teams, that we know of.

Does Sony Santa Monica own Plastic or do they just help them? I'd love to see another game from them.
lsujester  +   395d ago
I'd definitely say Santa Monica, also. They have a couple teams working on their own games, along with teams that support other developers and collaborate on some titles with indies.

As for Plastic, I don't believe Sony owns them at all. Don't know much about them at all other than it's a small Polish team.
WeAreLegion  +   395d ago
I have to ask all of you a question:

What game(s) would "win" E3 for Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft?

I just want honest opinions and it would be nice if everyone could state his or her opinion without getting mercilessly trolled.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   395d ago
I think we all know here, based on what usually happens these games get revealed/shown, that Uncharted 4 will absolutely steal the show if they show it fully at E3.

So yeah, while i think there are going to be great games announced from all platforms, if Uncharted 4 gets shown, then it's game over.
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TH3BR3W  +   395d ago
Agreed. Imagine though Lukas if they announced a game like legend of Dragon 2 or one of the many others that have been deemed , under the rug'. That would certainly just be a killer reveal in the line up. I KNOW I KNOW! I'm reaching a little with lod2 but the days of old call to the youngster in me who played that Lod 5 times through.

I would accept a new ip that's refreshing in the same light though. Hopefully it's not just sequels that steal the show though although I believe the order will get it's due attention for sure I just hope for a good sized list of new ip's of more than just two genres.

Just my opinion.
Tontus  +   395d ago
I don't think Uncharted 4 is going to steal the show. Probably something completely new, like SSM's new IP or something.
Joe913  +   395d ago
Sony: VR games for the VR headset they will announce at GDC.
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SmokingMonkey  +   395d ago
For me

The Last Guardian (updated and FINISHED) PS E3 "winner"

Metroid.........WiiU "winner"

and from MS.......I never cared for Halo/Gears so......

Conker's Bad Fur day 2
madduey  +   395d ago
Show me a next gen Final Fantasy VII and that my friend would be one E3 that would become Legen.....wait for it....dary!!

No in all serious a proper FFVII Remake would steel any other games thunder
Atomicjuicer  +   394d ago
Metroid for Wii u. FFVII for PS4. Half life 3 for xbone
BigErn  +   395d ago
A completely finished, PS4 optimized Last Guardian
sprinterboy  +   395d ago
I wonder if we will see a Gt7 trailer this yr
Eonjay  +   395d ago
"One studio for example has 5+ teams on PS4 : )"
sAVAge_bEaST  +   395d ago
'I think the future looks great. Everyone is happy and all have high hopes about the new generation : D' :D :D :D
Grave  +   395d ago
I hope and pray for a new Resistance title.
WeAreLegion  +   395d ago
We won't see one for awhile, but we WILL see one. I don't have insider information on anything but the Resistance series, so I'm utilizing that information right now. Lol. It's going to happen.
T2  +   395d ago
Hope so I always liked it more than killzone. Man being a soldier with shield and gatling gun was epic. Hey I just realized the last fps sp I finished was R2
jay2  +   395d ago
Hope we get Getaway and 8Days, London's project jobs point to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dddooozzz9  +   395d ago
Always support Sony Computer Entertainment. They really did a good job in Asia.
RPG_Lover  +   395d ago
I will believe it when I see it.
oODEADPOOLOo  +   395d ago
More excited for uncharted and third party games news.
razrye  +   394d ago
Sony is the world leader in games.

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