PS4: Info on Future Reveals and First Party Studios Working on the Console Given by Sony Employee

Sony Computer Entertainment has been keeping the lid on its work-in-progress projects and upcoming announcements, and we still don’t know what many of the teams working for the house of PlayStation are currently working on. NeoGAF user DemonNite, who is known to work for Sony even if his identity is a well-kept secret, provided more information and teasing about what’s happening behind closed doors on the PS4 side.

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Mikelarry1521d ago

if that list is to be believed ooo weeee its gonna be a great e3

Abriael1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Well, if there's ONE insider that's trustworthy, that's DemonNite, as he works at Sony, and apparently not in a low position (I have my ideas on who he might be, but I won't tell, and I may be wrong anyway).

SWayne1521d ago

Spit it out please! :)
The sources do look legit as I for one am very excited for Sony in 2014.
2013 people were saying that was the E3 to wow people. I disagree, I think its 2014 that will WOW people. :)

Abriael1521d ago

SWayne: nah. One, I may be wrong. I just have anecdotal evidence. Two. I respect DemonNyte a lot, because despite his position he risks to give us info, even if he can't go too deep in detail for obvious reasons. I'd never oust him even if I was 100% sure and under torture :D

SWayne1521d ago

No problemo Abriael! Appreciate you giving us the info and understand you have to protect your sources. ;)

abzdine1521d ago

he actually didnt say much more than what we already know, other that "One studio for example has 5+ teams on PS4", which in the case of ND could mean that they have a small new team working on the new Crash Bandicoot?

Abriael1521d ago

@abzdine: I think that studio is Sony Santa Monica. It fits their size, and I think he's also counting the team helping RAD with The Order within the 5.

Just my speculation though.

Mikelarry1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

@ abriel

so basically you are saying its Shu Hei... yup i knew it, its always the silent charming ones :)

pyramidshead1521d ago

Lol when browsing GAF I'm always excited to see him post for some reason. Knowing what he knows is always awesome. Even if it's these small teases.

thejigisup1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

DemonNite is in fact....Shuhei Yoshida!

wait, it may be Kevin Butler, didnt he travel into the future?

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showtimefolks1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

one studio has 5 teams working on PS4, that's just awesome. Even thought sony owns like 12-13 1st party studios, each studio has multiple internal teams

sony santa monica for example has 3 teams that we know plus they are helping ready at dawn

GG have 2 teams, one doing KZ other been working on a new IP for over 2.5 years

ND have 2

sucker punch could become much bigger after infamous 2nd son

so even thought its 12-13 studios that sony owns, since so many have multiple teams, its more like sony owns 25-30. After the success of ps3/s exclusives i believe sony now more than ever before understands that 1st prty exclusive matter more than ever before

i believe david jaffe is also working on something, he is been way too quite

E3 is gonna be Huge but i believe we will see sony reveal few things before E3 too on GTTV E3 preview

SWayne1521d ago

Its not even funny how Sony can potentially dominate E3 this year as more of these secrets are starting to come to fruit it seems. Not to say that Microsoft can surprise us or Nintendo may have something big planned for the gamers, but 2014 seems to belong to Sony.

showtimefolks1521d ago

I believe we will be saying that every year going forward about sony/ps4. Sony has so many development teams doing exclusive work on ps4 that its gonna start to show every year

sprinterboy1521d ago

You don't need to be a insider to come up with that list lol

DarkLord10031521d ago

I say it again - I want to play the Last Guardian with VR. Imagine the possibilities...

mhunterjr1521d ago

I don't feel like that list was very revealing. It's pretty much the titles we have already been anxiously waiting for more info on...

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