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Thief & Dishonored - Why The Student Is Now The Master

NowGamer: "It's no secret that Dishonored is a game heavily influenced by Thief and the two certainly invite comparisons. We explain how, in learning from the Thief series, Dishonored graduates from student to master." (Dishonored, PC, PS3, PS4, Thief, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Ashunderfire86  +   394d ago
Great title!

To answer the question: Thief is not the Thief fans remember from the last 3 games, so this one that used the title is just a poor man's version of Dishonored. Dishonored was inspired by the old Thief games, that fans hope the new Thief was inspired by. Maybe the Developers who made Dishonored should have develop the new Thief instead.
starchild  +   394d ago
Nah there are similarities, but they are actually quite different from each other. Dishonored is more of an action game than Thief is. Corvo Attano uses lots of supernatural powers whereas Garrett does not.

Personally I love both games, but I think Dishonored was slightly overrated and Thief is a bit underrated.

Thief is about as pure of a Stealth game as we have seen in many years. Especially if you go hardcore and turn off a lot of the hints and hud elements. Its stealth mechanics work exceptionally well and I'm really enjoying the game so far.
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dcj0524  +   394d ago
Same here. Problem is people play on normal and that's so absurdpy easy. Hardcore should be the only option on this one.
dreamoner  +   394d ago
Dishonored influenced by many other games, it's simply a compilation of other games and people treat it like it is mostly an original game which thief devs copied from. Tho I really can't see any similarity other that art direction. If anyone thinks it's much more than that, then I dont believe they played earlier thief games.

Stupid eidos montreal guys should just have removed the blue layer from the game(shoulda made it green like it was in thief3 or whatever else) cos people started talking about how it looks like dishonored right from first trailer, before even seeing any gameplay.
oIITSBIIo  +   394d ago
Dishonored is a bit fantasy in the other hand thief is more realistic so it is hard to compare between them in terms of gameplay .

thief Story is better and more interesting than dishonored story .
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JsonHenry  +   394d ago
Agreed. So far for me the Thief story is much more interesting than that of Dishonored.
starchild  +   394d ago
I agree with both of you. I am about 7 hours into the game and I don't know what some reviewers were talking about, the story is keeping me interested very well.

Dishonored was like this critical darling and while I liked the game I feel that it got a free pass in a lot of areas. Thief gets bashed but it easily has the better narrative.
sdozzo  +   394d ago
Same game different skin or no?
x_RadicalAura_x  +   394d ago
Tired of hearing all the comparisons between Thief and Dishonored. Once Dishonored released, it seemed like no one would shut up about how similar to BioShock it was. Just shut up and enjoy both!
diehardmetallicafan  +   394d ago
Damn straight!
KillrateOmega  +   394d ago
These comparisons are very justified. Even more so once you consider the fact that, around the time that Dishonored was new and making news, the Dishonored developers themselves came out and said they were heavily inspired by the Thief series.

It is neither a difficult nor unfair comparison.
x_RadicalAura_x  +   394d ago
It's an unnecessary comparison. Get over it. If you're not gonna pick up the game, move on. Not all of us feel that way.
KillrateOmega  +   393d ago
I'm not going to "get over it". My argument is founded in reason. An argument backed by developer comments and similarities in visuals, controls, mechanics, mystical elements, etc. Only an idiot would deny that there exist enough similarities to draw a comparison between the two games/franchises.

Your argument is not founded in reason. Your argument comes off as nothing more than the words of insolent jackass.

I never said that I would not be getting the game. Do not try to put words in my mouth.
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x_RadicalAura_x  +   393d ago
Stop crying.
KillrateOmega  +   393d ago
No counterpargument? Just an aloof dismissal?

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Roccetarius  +   394d ago
I completely agree with the Author, and it's what made me love Dishonored even more. It's also why i anticipate another Dishonored even more, so i can see if they themselves learned something from their game.
deadfrag  +   394d ago
Thief is broken!Technical is full of horrible bugs and on all consoles the framerate is just horrible in lots of places,JESUS a stealth game using an old engine and cant stand a lock 30fps,unacceptable!The story is average at best.It deserves all the negative reviews!I hope it bombs at sales,maybe Square and the developers learn that releasing a game in this kind of state is unacceptable.
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