Amazon : Next Generation Deals

Amazon has a few specials going on. Killzone Shadow Fall is even further discounted to its lowest ever on Amazon. In case you missed it, Xbox Live Gold is now $20 off priced at $39.99. Still Dollar Vita Packs going on.

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Edvin19841330d ago

I love the description in the link to Titanfall lol... can't wait Beta was a hoot.

Crazyglues1330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

TitanFall for PC? You lost me where does he mention Titanfall...?

Edvin19841330d ago

Under the xbox one games its the last game on the list.

Crazyglues1330d ago

@ Edvin1984

-oh ok I see...

Bubble for you my friend..

WeAreLegion1330d ago

So, I'm not the only one who calls him Sonc?

combatcash1330d ago

Killzone keeps getting closer to $20.00 I think I'll wait a few more months. It shouldn't be much longer.