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Ubisoft censors South Park: The Stick of Truth in Europe

Seven sensitive scenes cut from The Stick of Truth and replaced by on-screen text descriptions, says Ubisoft. (PC, PS3, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Xbox 360)

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360ICE  +   638d ago | Funny
Well, that's just [censored]
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Yi-Long  +   638d ago
Ridiculous indeed. Absolutely ridiculous.

Gawd I'm 37 and some idiots decide that they need to censor my entertainment? It's aimed at ADULTS! The show airs uncensored here in Holland.

Planned on buying this for PS3 or 360, but I absolutely won't buy a censored game. Will probably download the uncut PC version instead.
Septic  +   638d ago
I burst out laughing at what was censored:

A mini-game where a doctor is performing an abortion on the player.

A mini-game where the player is performing an abortion on the character Randy.

Five ‘anal probing’ scenes in which characters are ‘actively’ being probed.

LMAO! Ah South Park....at least we know the game lives true to the tv series.
hkgamer  +   638d ago

I thought it would have been something to do with Jews. Then I read article, kinda stupid censorship tbh.

Maybe a board member was anal probed and had an abortion.

I hate censorship so I might just import this game. Cheaper that way aswell.
aiBreeze  +   638d ago
Exactly, they've just lost my money. They can keep their censored version, I'll download the uncut one.
TFJWM  +   638d ago
So because the review board forced them to censor some of content your answer is to steal the game?
Elimin8  +   638d ago
@ Yi-Long ..
Don't you mean- [censored] indeed. Absolutely [censored]?
FriedGoat  +   637d ago
I complained about the Last of Us being censored and nobody gave a shit. Now they are actually censoring gameplay out of our games? Do you care now?

Too late.
theDivision  +   638d ago
It isn't censored in the US so it doesn't affect me. I agreed though it's retarded to censor a game when you can just give it an adult rating.
Monolith  +   638d ago
How about we tell these so called representatives that they have no right to censor our entertainment. It's thought control. European union needs to disban and actually let the people run there own country. Socialists I tell you!
-Foxtrot  +   638d ago
I bet this is Germany...it usually is

WTF....I don't really think I want it anymore to be honest.

It's bad enough here in the UK the show "bleeps" out swear words they use on the show....yeah it bleeps out bad language. I've seen American episodes before and they are uncensored.

The Last of Us online was censored aswell, it's ridiculous this

People keep saying it's not the developers/publishers fault but it is, if one or two counties censor it then it's your JOB to uncensor it for everyone else.

It's being lazy to be honest.
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aliengmr  +   638d ago
They bleep the words on the dvd's or on the network? They bleep everything in the states on comedy central, unless its late at night.
FriedGoat  +   637d ago
You are wrong. They never censor language after the watershed in the UK. They are less strict on bad language than in the US. Only HBO in the us is allowed to say the C word, can be said on UK telly no problem.
dumahim  +   638d ago
A couple months ago it was announced a similar cut was being made for Australia and along with the text description, it'll show a crying Koala.

Elimin8  +   638d ago
Your comment.. Funny [censored]... lol
Dark_Overlord  +   638d ago
I'm getting sick to death of all this unnecessary censorship >:( the game is 18 rated, I'm an adult I'll choose what I view.

You know what Ubi screw you, pre order cancelled on principle.
stavrami  +   638d ago
It's not ubi's fault?!?
Yi-Long  +   638d ago
Yes it IS....
From the article:

"The decision to cut this content from the game was made by Ubisoft EMEA."

So yeah, it IS Ubisoft's (stupid) decision. It's THEIR fault.

If I can't anal-probe Randy, then what's the use!? WHAT'S THE USE!?!? *&%$$$^&

I mean, come on...(!)
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stavrami-mk2  +   638d ago
Really? Seems odd to censor Europe and not all copies. Unless they have but I can't read article because I'm on my phone and it's a pain in the arse
spartanlemur  +   638d ago
It's a Europe AND Middle East release. Only Germany in Western Europe has draconian censorship along with the Middle East. It is entirely their fault for not caring enough to try and get the uncensored game to all whose countries would certainly allow it (UK for example).
Ubisoft are the blame, and it is them we need to punish with our wallets for this.
OmegaShen  +   638d ago
True, but I think I'm happy this was remove: http://youtu.be/MQll4jXGEGg
stavrami  +   638d ago
The Meerkat  +   638d ago

Will American versions work on a UK 360?

If not, it just went from a must buy to a must pirate for me.
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JackVagina  +   638d ago
No, 360 is region locked
The Meerkat  +   638d ago
If sign in with my American relatives Xbox account then download it to my UK 360 which version will I get?

I feel like I want to dress as a giant penis and start a protest outside Ubisoft HQ!
Aloren  +   638d ago
Games on 360 are region locked. That's different. Some are region free and work on all 360s.
TheSaint  +   637d ago
Of course it is, good old MS.
hkgamer  +   638d ago
Why not buy eu version and then download the pirated us version?

For those that agreed, shame on you. That game has gone through hell and Ubisoft picked them up after thq.

For ps3 gamers. You can probably import from play-asia and then pay extra £1-2 so that they wrap it as a gift to avoid import taxes.
LoaMcLoa  +   638d ago
If you're buying the EU version you still support the censorship
Yi-Long  +   638d ago
Because I don't want to go through all the extra trouble, just because Ubisoft makes a ridiculous decision like this...

... and I certainly won't reward them with any of my money for it.

They can try again when they release next-gen versions of this game. And perhaps, IF they release it uncut and uncensured, I'll buy it then.

Clearly, by releasing an incomplete product, it means they don't want my money.
hkgamer  +   638d ago
So either import us version or for 360 gamers. Wait for Asian version and hope it's multiregion.Pirating us just wrong
Sketchy_Galore  +   638d ago
I usually think pirating a game is a very shameful thing but I'm sorry, in this case I absolutely cannot bring myself to give them my money. I wanted to pay for South Park: The Stick of truth. There was nothing I wanted to do more next month. Since it has been decided that I'm not allowed to do that I'm going to try and make sure they lose sales for this. Saving a game from development hell is only a great and noble thing if you actually save the game and not your own butchered version.
Donnywho  +   638d ago
I'm signing off and turning off the computer to this. I don't even live in Europe but this is the dumbest thing I've heard since I last opened my mouth.
OrangePowerz  +   638d ago
You would think they would cut the abortion part from the US version given how many haedcore religious people they have over there.
The Meerkat  +   638d ago
As crazy as America is portrayed on TV here in the UK at least they have freedom of speech written into their constitution.

While here in UK (EU), we can't say anything about Nazis, Jews, Muslims or Gays without running the risk of ending up in jail. Its beautiful to watch American shows (via the internet)like The Colbert Report, Daily Show etc and see jokes that wouldn't be allowed on UK television.
hkgamer  +   638d ago
No one in UK is stupid to joke about Muslims. Stand up comedians always joke about avoiding Muslim jokes.

Everything else is pretty much acceptable. Not sure about tv though. Don't really watch tv at all.

I thought UK tv was ok after watershed though.
The Meerkat  +   638d ago
You realise that when people make you self censor, it is the worst censorship of all.

Mohammed the Teddy bear told me that.
grassyknoll  +   638d ago
Who's been put into prison? What you've said is absolute rubbish.
The Meerkat  +   638d ago

Use google and you'll find them.
Many people threatened with jail and taken to court.
Many fines.
Many people banned from entering the UK.
(One recently for upsetting Jews)
An elected politician from another EU country.
Even more now because of Twitter use.

Same thing happening in Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia.

Ubisoft should hang their head in shame.
FriedGoat  +   637d ago
grassy knoll, people get arrested for saying the stupidest stuff on twitter in the UK. Google is your friend.
Iltapalanyymi   638d ago | Trolling | show
Kennytaur  +   638d ago
Will this affect the steam version as well?
Kennytaur  +   638d ago
Actually, I'll probably just import the Us version. Good thing the PS3 isn't region locked.
kwyjibo  +   638d ago
According to Eurogamer, the PC version is unaffected.

tigertron  +   638d ago
Screw you, Ubisoft.
BattleReach  +   638d ago
Thats stupid. Watching South Park now on television. Nothing censored here. So why parts of the game are? ManBearPig is a threat to our society. Excelsior!

Greetings from The Netherlands
The Meerkat  +   638d ago
Episode 201 is well known to have been censored.

And the Super Best Friends episode is no longer shown.
Fishy Fingers  +   638d ago
Tempts me to pirate the US version if the UK Steam version is censored.
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LoaMcLoa  +   638d ago
Same here. I was just about to pre-order until I saw this. If there is no work-around to get the US version on Steam then Ubisoft just lost a sale.
hkgamer  +   638d ago
Mods or patches will probably solve the problem. Or it might just be something like a line you change from eu to us.

The Quantic dream game before heavy rain was like that.

I think you should still buy the game and then pirate the US version.
spartanlemur  +   638d ago
"Europe" is not a country, and i wish publishers would start taking this into account. And why is Europe, the most liberal region in the world in the same group as the Middle East, which is the least?
I will now be boycotting this game as I hope Ubisoft suffer for their lack of a shred of moral conviction about freedom from censorship.
ShaunCameron  +   638d ago
Liberal? LOL. You must mean communist-lite.
Mr-Dude  +   638d ago
Complete and udder (bleep)(bleeeeeeep) (bleep)

So... that's that!

(Bleep) them
Flatbattery  +   638d ago
Well done Ubisoft, you've lost a day one sale from me, I'll now wait till it's cheap on sale or pre-owned.
Polock  +   638d ago
I was really looking forward to this game, but I refuse to support pointless censorship like this.
WeAreLegion  +   638d ago
"Either everything's ok or nothing's ok."
Bathyj  +   638d ago
See, this guy gets it.
feraldrgn  +   638d ago
An 18 age rated game getting censored? What's the point?
matt139  +   638d ago
Oh for fuck sake. If it has a 18 on the box, then there is no need for any kind of censoring!!
Crazay  +   638d ago
That's extremely unfortunate for you guys. They should have just added the option to turn it on or off with parental controls.
Sketchy_Galore  +   638d ago
So...........so angry..............man, this was easily my most anticipated game but I don't know if I could pay for a butchered copy. I want the experience to be exactly how it was supposed to be. I have to find a real uncut version. Preferably in a way that will not give Ubisoft any of my money. I never pirate but I will actually try to do so this time if only to send a message.
blackstrr411  +   638d ago
I just want the beep sounds cos its funny. Hahah
ElementX  +   638d ago
Proud to be an American gamer!
LKHGFDSA  +   638d ago
I'll just import it, glad the PS3 & PS4 are region free.
GentlemenRUs  +   638d ago
Time to Boycott UBISOFT then...
Endo-Endo  +   638d ago
"Oh I'm sorry i thought this was america"

Related video
Harmy666  +   638d ago
Ubi can STICK this game…

Dont like South Park anyway, but censoring entertainment is the worst. Aus have had it really bad with the likes of Saints Row.
aLiEnViSiToR  +   638d ago

Hi there south park fans we have a surprise for all of you...[censored][censored]is[c ensored][censored][censored][ce nsored]...and after that there is[censored][censored][censore d][censored][censored] so with that said enjoy your game :]


BladerunnerZX  +   638d ago
I thought all this censoring games nonsense ended back in the late 90's.

Some things never change and censorship is WRONG period.
ShaunCameron  +   634d ago
It never ended. Just like people being treated like children by both Liberal and Conservative elitist control freaks never ended.
DarkSymbiote  +   638d ago
Thank a lot, Ubisoft! >:(
HaHa_Ostrich  +   637d ago
If its really that good, Ill import it.
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