Battlefield 4 PC Sound Loop Crash Fix - Xbox One Update And Platoons Incoming

Dice is rolling out a new update for the pc which fixes the sound loop crash that caused the game to freeze and a new xbox one update with many fixes. Look forward for more details on Platoons coming today!

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TheEnigma3131576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

How many patches has this game had so far? I'm glad I didn't buy it yet. I will wait for the premium edition when it's all patched up.

GreenGamers1576d ago

Alot of patches. It is going in the right direction right now. At least they fixed the sound loop crash which made some maps crash in 10 seconds.

IVanSpinal1576d ago

In consoles there are not many troubles, at least in my X1

ovnipc1576d ago

Fix the issue that when an enemy kills you he has 0% life left!!!!! Still there saw it 2 days ago! Cod has its problems but BF4 wayyy more problems.

GreenGamers1576d ago

we all have this problem. they only decreased the times this is happening.

Volkama1576d ago

Holding the PC versions of those games side by side, I find BF4 superior in just about every way.

BF4 has some bugs that they are working through to fix. COD is just a barely playable mess that will never be fixed.

I don't like BF4's games being launched from a browser, so I guess COD can claim superiority on the menu screen...

IVanSpinal1576d ago

Finally my Veteran Pack

Sam Fisher1576d ago

I know it took them long enough

1576d ago
urwifeminder1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

Moved on dice got to rank 37 higher than bf3 36 got both at midnight launch back to 2142 for me.

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