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Thief 2014 PC Crashes, Low FPS, Black Screen, Mouse Lag and other Fixes

Guide4GameS: Fixing all Thief 2014 PC Crashes, Low FPS, Black Screen, Mouse Lag, launch Issues and other Fixes (PC, Thief)

DonDon  +   52d ago
See? Even on pc the frame rate is low. Goes to show how poorly coded it was. The low frame rate on ps4 had nothing to do with the ps4's hardware. The game's graphics are underwhelming, so it being in 1080p would still have been an easy thing for ps4 to handle while keeping a steady frame rate. It was just plain coded poorly.
xPhearR3dx  +   52d ago
You realize nearly every time a game releases this website post this a near identical title just replacing the game name right?

Here's an example:


I never had any of those issues with that game, nor with Thief. There's a reason this website is rated 1 star on N4G. They post nothing but junk.
KING85  +   51d ago
I just fired up my preload from steam and I gotta agree with DonDon and say that there appears to be a problem with low framerate. Running GTX 680 SLI at 1440p and it's very laggy. As soon as you get to the title screen you have lag so it's obvious the game needs a patch or two.

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