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In this video, Zach Sharpes dives into this years most anticipated MMORPG the Elder Scrolls Online by Zenimax Online Studios. This MMORPG, set in the Elder Scrolls universe features action combat in the open world, but does it deliver the Elder Scrolls charm we all expect? Find out!

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Panthers1580d ago

I havent participated myself, but my god, all I hear about this is how bad it is. They might have to pull a FF14 and redo it when it releases. At least if it is like I have been hearing.

This guy seems to like it though. If they offer some kind of free trial, I will probably give it a shot.

sagesource1575d ago

If the last beta is anything to go by, this is going to turn into a tragedy. The world is beautiful, the story is engaging enough, and with the exception of the atrocious lock-picking minigame, the mechanics are OK. People who say "it isn't like an Elder Scrolls game" are probably not trying to play it like they would play Skyrim or Oblivion -- that is, put the main quest on a back burner and just wander around. It's Elder Scrollzy enough if you do that.

But....the Feb 28 to Mar 2 beta has been a monumental disaster. It looks as if almost literally everything in the game is broken. Repeated server crashes, lagging in-game, broken systems (I and my partner never did get the ingame whisper chat to work, for instance) and such banalities as disappearing walls and broken quests are CONSTANT. What is most depressing is that some of the stuff that was busted in the last beta is WORSE busted now. For instance, the quest in the Breton graveyard on the Orc island (Bentnick?). You are supposed to evoke and then destroy three evil spirits. Well, last time, one of them turned shy and wouldn't come out when you performed the requisite ritual. Oh, it did eventually, but it took ages. But now? In my last playthrough NONE of the spirits would appear. If they don't appear, they can't be killed, and you can't go on with that part of the quest line. Pffft! Another example: When I was fighting a Seadrake pirate in the mission to rescue Crafty Lerisa's crew, the SOB hit me so hard that he knocked me entirely THROUGH the stairs and left me stranded under them, with no way to get out. Eventually I figured that I would have to fast-travel to a wayshrine, but that cost money (out of luck if you don't have it) and when I got killed again soon after, the game stuffed me under the stairs again! Just now, I was fighting another Seadrake and the game was lagging so badly that he was cutting me up with a sword from what seemed like sixty feet away (I'll try to include the screen shot below.) Me? All of my weapons, magical and physical, were frozen solid. Fortunately, just before I died, the game unfroze for a moment and he was taken out by a half dozen fireballs that I'd thrown ten minutes earlier. Sheesh.....

I should emphasize that this glitching, crashing, and weird behavior happens just as badly at 3 am PST, when you would assume the servers would be at their quietest point.

There's always been this thing about Bethseda -- their imagination is excellent, their world is fascinating, but their computer programming and quality assurance is in the toilet. All those lauds for ESO that you read are true, but ONLY for the "ideal" version, the ESO of your mind. In the real world, it's an unmitigated disaster. And half the time I feel like crying, half the time I feel like finding someone to throttle. Was it really necessary to spoil everything so badly?


(Can't paste the image of that lag/jam because it's on my own hard disk. If anyone at your mag wants it, I'll forward it pronto.)