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Submitted by DarkLordMalik 719d ago | news

PlayStation 4 sold 322,083 units in two days released

According to Famitsu examined, that the domestic sales of PlayStation 4 was released on February 22, 2014 has become the 322,083 units in two days sale is (Period clearly: 22 - February 2014 the 23rd). (PS4)

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riceking  +   719d ago
not bad, not bad at all.
BigFnHooters  +   719d ago | Intelligent
I would say it is a bit better than not bad. 3rd biggest opening for a console in Japan.

The PS4 was over 5.3 million back on Feb. 8th. The worldwide totals now stand at:

5.3+ million worldwide
322k first two days in Japan
Before Japan the PS4 was selling about 200k a week worldwide. It's been two weeks since the official 5.3+ number from Sony.

That should put the PS4 at 5.3+ million + 322k + 400k to bring it to just over 6 million worldwide. And the PS4 should be just in the 6.3-6.5 million range the first week of March.
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LuaMaster  +   719d ago
Over six million and still in February. Amazing.

I saw someone posting that the PS4 is predicted to hit ten million by May. Thought that sounded a little high. But it looks like with Japan now adding to the worldwide sales for the PS4 that it should be selling about one million a month.

Ten million by May seems reasonable. And twenty million by the end of 2014 for the PS4 might be reached.
IVanSpinal  +   719d ago
And how many millions of dollars are for you?
gaffyh  +   719d ago
I think it could have been a lot more if deep down came out at launch.
abzdine  +   719d ago
inFamous is coming out in a few weeks.
FamilyGuy  +   719d ago
I was thinking they'd have launched with 500k but seeing as they sold out I guess it was around 350k. Demand will only increase in March with Infamous SS.
allformats  +   719d ago
Intelligent bubble for you, BiggnHooters. Nice little math there.
vigilante_man  +   719d ago
Amazing amount for Japan. Great numbers so early in its lifetime.

In Japan a system seems to sell like crazy each time a good game comes out for that platform. They have some amazing sales spikes.

Interesting to see what happens over the next 3-4 weeks in Japan. Now the PS4 can distribute more units across the other countries again for more sales spikes.

Still one thing that bothers me: If the XB1 is being produced at the same rate as the PS4 (as claimed by MS just before release) where are all the unshipped XB1s?
MehmetAlperTR  +   719d ago
Conguratulations to Sony. Keep going. We want more games from Sony Studios and from others. Especially The Evil Within and Uncharted.
Saigon  +   718d ago
So in other words, there will be a sale spike in Japan when Metal Gear Releases in a few weeks.
mcarsehat  +   718d ago
The fact that someone had to try and argue with "not bad" is hilarious.
NewMonday  +   718d ago
Namco was estimating the PS4 would sell 300k in Japan after a month, but Sony managed to do it in 2 days

at this pace the PS4 will hit 10m in July
Patrick_pk44  +   718d ago
Don't forget that Sony is sending their second shipment and have stated it is running dry already. I can see around 600-1m sold within the week.
scott182  +   718d ago
Nice, the consumers are speaking with their wallets around the world. It is obvious the PS4 is a great product with great hardware and games, the gamers want it.
miyamoto  +   718d ago
Told you guys.
Even Sony doesn't know the full potential of the PS4.
Its not even March yet and the PS4 cruised like a missile past over 5 million just like that!

we are so stoked for second son
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TheStruggleIsReal  +   718d ago
Suddenly everybody knows how to do math LOL

But good calculations tho.
starchild  +   718d ago
Congratulations to Sony. The PS4 is a great system.
mewhy32  +   718d ago
Wow the PS4 is kicking the xbone's rear!!! BANG!!!
darthv72  +   718d ago
Congrats to Sony. The PS4 launch is the 6th best launch weekend in JP gaming history.
Modi1984  +   719d ago
no games just ports and not in the holydays .. thats good
i bet it come with NA release its going to be over 500k
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Kingthrash360  +   719d ago
wha? O.o
wsoutlaw87  +   719d ago
Ya what about the NA release
jjonez18  +   719d ago
Oh I see what you're saying and agree. It did sell well considering it had no must have games, especially in Japan's weakening market. I don't know if Sony would have had enough stock to launch in Japan on the 15th. They barely managed to scrap together 350k ish units for its feb 22 launch.(guessing that's how many they shipped since they sold out recently.)
hkgamer  +   719d ago
@Jjonez18Japan probably got 350-400k in stock for launch.

It's pretty amazing how Sony have made so many PS4's for launch. Seems like they are maxing out the amount they can make and still selling out. Glad they didn't try to limit stock to create buzz by selling out.
RexLex  +   719d ago
Do tell us more,....
AngelicIceDiamond  +   719d ago
Very great early numbers.

Congrats to Sony all the way.
Pogmathoin  +   718d ago
Nice to see straight forward congrats to Sony, only a few bringing up the other guy, but no bite. Well done Sony.
showtimefolks  +   719d ago
keep on keeping on

now please announce some more games at GDC, could we also get some news on

yakuza 5
yakuza HD collection
Yakuza Ishin
hkgamer  +   719d ago
Don't think shenmue will ever be made.
tiffac008  +   719d ago

I love your optimism brother, I wish for the same thing but then realize it's Sega we are talking about here. lol!
Bob Dole  +   718d ago
Shenmeu 3 will be released the same time as HL3.
Kribwalker  +   719d ago
How many people in previous post predicted a million sold in opening weekend...countless PSN4g posters, heck I even overshot it at 500k in opening weekend. And stock was still on shelfs. I'd say most pony boys are secretly disapointed at weaker sales then they thought. Beat the Wii U launch by 15k.....
sparta76  +   719d ago
@krib, they sold out of stock. How do you except them to sell more?
AsimLeonheart  +   719d ago
Yeah, some excited fans predicted a million more in Japan but that was a little too enthusiastic. Japan is the smallest market these days so a more realistic figure was always going to be in that range. Besides it sold more than what the PS3 did and sold out outside of a holiday season so it was definitely a big success. In the end it all comes down to games; there werent any must-have Japanese games. Once Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and Tales of games start appearing, Japanese gamers will become much more interested.
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FamilyGuy  +   719d ago
500k seemed reasonable but they're currently sold out so everything they had sold regardless of the amount. The number will continue to grow as stock becomes available, no need to raise you troll victory flag just yet. 322k sold in 2 days in Japan while the X1 scraped up a measly 48k for the week in the last *global* hardware sales round up. UK just got an official price cut because MS is so worried.

You should be worried too.
hkgamer  +   719d ago
They sold out In 3 days. Though I guess they just didn't get enough orders. Retailers must have underestimated the market. If I'm not mistaken, stores have been able to restock in ps4's right?

I'm just wondering how long it will be til ps4s would be seen in retail stores shelves without selling out straight away.
FlunkinMonkey  +   719d ago
I think you are (not so) secretly disappointed, because the XBone is getting completely demolished worldwide..

Let's not even start on how the XBone, or MS for that matter has done in Japan, right?

Cry More, Sweet Child.
S2Killinit  +   718d ago
Well you sound like a fanboy yourself, but just to inform you, the sales numbers areactually quite good considering the population of japan. People who predicted higher sales were probably not informed about the size of the market and the general trend of japanese gamers to play more handheld
redknight80  +   718d ago
wow, you seem like you would be a huge douche in real life. Guys, GUYS! Remember that one time you said that one thing...well you were off by a lot! wooohooo you must be disappointed, I am sssooo smart.
BX81  +   718d ago
Yeah wtf? I'm not huge on following console numbers but I swear I saw a mass amount of posts saying 1mil easy for ps4's sold. What a huge let down for them. That's what happens when you get wrapped up in a stupid console battle. Any way I pre ordered the kz bundle and can't wait for it to ship on Friday.
kenshiro100  +   718d ago
You sound bitter.
MysticStrummer  +   718d ago
"Beat the Wii U launch by 15k…"

WiiU did very well at launch and then sales fell off a cliff, like what's happening to another console right now.
DonDon  +   719d ago
Definately not bad. It sold FOUR times what PS3 sold in the same timeframe. Looks like we'll be seeing strong japanese support. Whivh means more jrpg's!
ITPython  +   719d ago
Goodness, and with Infamous coming out in just a few weeks, the PS4 might reach close to 7 million by the end of March. Although supply constraints are pretty much the limiting factor in PS4 sales, so here's hoping Sony manages to bump up production considerably for March when PS4 heavy hitters start to arrive.
Aceman18  +   719d ago
To all the haters who will probably try to spin this into a negative the system is selling in all 3 regions just like PS1, PS2, and PS3 which is important to healthy system growth.

When was the last time Microsoft can say they sell in all 3 regions, and by that I mean US, Europe (not just UK), and Asia?

This was an successful launch in Japan even with the country mostly into moblie gaming.
Magicite  +   718d ago
Worse result than Nintendo Wii and PS2, but better than anything else.
Evilsnuggle  +   718d ago
This is great news for Sony fans and RPGS fans . The more PS4 sold in Japan the more japan developers will make new RPGS. Keep up those sales of PS4. 6 millions PS4 sold before the end of February.
gedden7  +   718d ago
Wii U sold 308k....
danny818  +   718d ago
No bad considering there was 2 or so games tailored to the japanese market. They really dont buy consoles when it lacks games for them. These numbers are healthy
Sammy777  +   719d ago
so Xbox is done after this. I just hope SONY doesn't become complacent . SONY really needed this boost . This is ps2 era all over . However, no competition is actually bad for industry
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BigFnHooters  +   719d ago
Why did Sony need any boost?

The PS3 has been the top selling console in the world for the past three years or so. And the PS4 before the Japan launch was already the fastest selling console in history.

Once Microsoft dumps the Xbox division Sony will have Nintendo to compete with. That seems like a perfect world for the console market.
Sammy777  +   719d ago
SONY needed this since this will cause their share prices to skyrocket. Video Gaming is bigger than other forms of entertainment and just like Apple with iphone/ipad , i expect the ps4 to do the same for Sony.ps3 has been top selling i agree but ps3 caused Sony billions in losses and xbox 360 also sold almost as good as ps3. However, i see this as a runaway hit for ps4.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   719d ago
@hooters "The PS3 has been the top selling console in the world for the past thre.. wha? They both sold the same.

Once Microsoft dumps the Xbox division Sony will have Nintendo to compete with. That seems like a perfect world for the console market.


That's not at all a perfect world if one out of the three are gone? Whatever the internet is the last place for rational and realistic thinkers.

EDIT: I'll save Hooters post for the future because he just exposed N4G true nature and feelings of this site. Since hes gonna get a million agrees.

So everyone agrees if MS ever goes under taking everything with them then the industry would be a paradise a perfect place with Sony and Nintendo got it.
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Vegamyster  +   719d ago
"Why did Sony need any boost?"

Well to be frank Sony is more then a gaming division, they have other divisions that are bleeding $.
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ivan510  +   719d ago
I doubt microsoft will dump xbox division. And you cant be serious about nintendo competing with sony with the situation there in. Dk:tf only sold 34k copies in japan. Seem pretty good but the last dk game sold 140k copies in japan. Nintendo currently isnt in the competition. which saddens me.
alexkoepp  +   719d ago
More likely Microsoft buys nintendo than dropping the xbox division
hkgamer  +   719d ago
Money wise I think MS made more money from 360 then the ps3 did.
360 had Xbox live giving themployees a constant stream of money, 360 was cheapwe to make, Kinect was a success and pretty sure they sold alor more games.

Most mmultiply sold more on 360 and their exclusives sell like mad.

This generation PS4 should be the one in the lead with sales and games sales.
mcstorm  +   719d ago
@BigFnHooters I have to disagree. If it was not for Microsoft and the 360 sony would not of come into this gen they way they have this time. Sony used the PS3 as there way to win the battle with HD DVD and made a very expansive console and even lied about what there games would look like (Motor Storm).

I am glad Sony are out on top at the moment as it will make Microsoft and Nintendo up there game but I would like to see Microsoft go on top and also Nintendo throughout the gen rather than have one company on top all the way as this will keep all 3 innervating throughout the gen.

For me All 3 consoles are a must own at the moment because of the games that are out now in terms of Mario 3D World. DK, Forza 5, Ryse, KZ and soon to have Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Driverclub and Titanfall.
OCEANGROWNKUSH  +   718d ago
@hkgamer money wise i think MS blew any profit margin it saw paying out fortunes to Activision, EA and Rockstar for timed exclusives and DLC... got them REAL far didnt it?
KwietStorm  +   719d ago
I think PS3 covered their complacency stage. PS4 is a direct result of that.
iceman06  +   719d ago
I don't think that Sony was complacent with the PS3. I think that they knew full well that $600 was a hard sell to the mass market and it would take time for penetration. (the sprint vs. marathon mentality) They also underestimated the penetration potential of the Xbox and probably weren't too concerned about it's early launch. So, they entered the unfortunate catch 22. Not enough consoles sold to entice the developers and not enough games to entice the mass market...with the high price. Once the price dropped, the PS3 started to sell like they expected. It was a lesson in adapting to a changing market and they applied that to the PS4. They launched first. They kept the power advantage without having some crazy, exotic chip, and most of all they kept it affordable. So, yes, lesson learned.
_FantasmA_  +   719d ago
Sony wasn't complacent with the PS2, and it had no competition. There were more than 2000 games across 12+ years. Competition is good in other businesses, but not for gaming. Look at the rabid fanboys that M$ created. Fanboys existed with Sega and Nintendo, but it became a disease with Halo and M$. I think Sony would take even more chances with the PS4 if there was no competition. Think about it. They wouldn't need to worry about making any casual or perk-based shooters or anything to counter M$ brobox games. They would be able to just focus on the games, and not about sales or comparisions. Nintendo would do better also because people would buy it as their second console.
SmielmaN  +   718d ago
I agree with virtually all of this ^^^^^
Aceman18  +   719d ago

Microsoft sells well in only 2 regions US and UK do you think that's enough to lead in a generation?
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kayoss  +   718d ago
Seems to be a trend here:
Super Nintendo was king back then. They then became arrogant. Sony came in with the Playstation and took over some of Nintendo Market. PS2 was released and became a success. Sony became arrogant. This was the same time the Xbox came out too. Xbox 360 became a big hit and Microsoft became arrogant. Now PS4 Is a big hit... I wonder what will happen?

I hope this trend is broken.
SmielmaN  +   718d ago
Sony was supposed to make components for Nintendo (disc drives for cd games). Then Nintendo pulled out on it in the last minute to stick with cartridges. Then sony made the Playstation. So really Nintendos backtracking caused Sony to release a console.

Years later MS wanted to kill Sony and put them out of gaming so they could own it all. I'm hoping this is the gen we lose MS from gaming. That would be a better gaming future for all judging by how the unveiled the xbone and told everyone to deal with it.
OCEANGROWNKUSH  +   718d ago

Actually theres a bit more to the story...

Sony was developing the CD attachment for the Super Nintendo, and without warning at E3 i believe, Nintendo announced it would be partnering with Philips to make an attachment for the SNES. This angered the people working on the project, and Kaz Hirai pushed for Sony to release their own gaming console, Sony didnt want to get involved in the console business at all at the time, but they eventually released the Playstation and we all know how that went...

So Nintendo eventually realized the Sega CD was tanking and decided to skip the CD attachment all together, this product eventually was released to the market as the Phillips CD-I. To sort of "make it up" to Phillips they allowed them to use Nintendo Ip's which resulted in the horrible horrible games "Hotel Mario" "Zelda: Faces of Evil" "Zelda: Wand of Gamelon" and "Zelda's Adventure" where you actually play as the princess. The whole ordeal ended up costing Philips about a billion dollars when it was all said and done.
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cee773  +   718d ago

*Ken kutaragi
Not Kaz Hirai
majiebeast  +   719d ago
The only 2 consoles that beat it, were PS2 with 600K around the holidays, and the Wii with 370K also around the holidays.

So i think it did pretty amazing for a non holiday console launch, it beat the wiiU.
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ethomaz  +   719d ago
PS2 was launched in March... first week of March but it is a legend :)

PS4 did amazing considering it is a non-holiday launch (only PS2 did better in perspective)... I guess it could be close to 500k if launched in December like Wii and Wii U.
majiebeast  +   719d ago
Wow PS2 was just an insane Juggernaut.
hkgamer  +   719d ago
I think Wii was limited by stock. Could have sold alto more.

Ps2 was only released in Japan so stock wasn't a problem and if I remember right had more Japanese games.
chrisarsenalsavart  +   719d ago
Ps2 did not launch in March in Japan
ethomaz  +   718d ago

Check your facts: March 4, 2000.

It was launched close to eight months before US/EU.
Jay70sgamer  +   718d ago
I disagree with if it released in holiday season it would have sold more ...just as you are saying it would have sold during holiday would have had to compete with wii u ,3ds,xbox,playstation 3 ,ps vita,wii during holiday season ... so you can easily say some of them sales it received now could have gone to one of the other systems/ it's a two sided argument ...just saying
zerog  +   719d ago
Pretty sure most Japanese aren't Christian. Just don't see how the holiday season would matter much.
GribbleGrunger  +   719d ago
The holiday season in Japan is when they all get bonuses in their pay.
Death  +   718d ago
Japan still celebrates the holiday season, just not for the same reasons. The best way to picture Japan in December would be if you think about how badly commercialism has taken over Christmas, multiply it by ten and then subtract Christ.
ethomaz  +   718d ago
Holidays in Japan show more boost than other countries... it when people go to shops because the end of year bonuses... and the New Year holiday is one of the biggest in Japan for shopping.
ethomaz  +   718d ago

Holidays (December) increase the sales of all consoles in Japan... it will be better than now because people there have more money to spend in this period.

Holidays launches are bigger than Feb/Mar... even PS2 could do better if launched in Holiday with more supply (yeap... PS2 sold ~600k in 2 days with supply issues).
Jay70sgamer  +   718d ago
@ethomaz are not getting the point it is more competition to sell consoles during the Christmas holidays sells could have been less....if you notice all the biggest sales of new consoles was not the holidays .....ps2 I believe was released in japan in march and 3ds was launched in February ...non holiday months and they had the biggest releases to this date so your therory is not accurate.....and people have more money to spend in the off months after January when they catch up on bills .....the second and third console year is usually when they make the most money and sales at Holiday time look it up and see that this assessment is accurate ..just saying @this time of the year ps4 came out when their is no new consoles being released so people can solely focus on one console where as Christmas time people have more deals and sales ...bundles etc from each company .....yes company make their most profit during Christmas time not just because of consoles ...its software .accessories etc ...
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FlameHawk  +   719d ago
I knew it wasn't going to sell like 500k, lol I can't believe people actually thought that. Japanese people aren't a bunch of idiots, they just won't buy a product just because, the PS4 doesn't have any killer RPG games that any Japanese want, games like Yakuza and Dynasty Warriors are on PS3. I know I'm going to get tons of disagrees but whatever.
press-start  +   719d ago
it sold 322k in two days wait till the week is over they should push 500k by then and 6 million total sales
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FlameHawk  +   719d ago
I don't doubt that by the week but I was talking about the launch weekend, just like the previous launch predictions and sales releases were about 1-2 days.
ITPython  +   719d ago
The Japan launch sales are pretty much exactly on par with the US sales based on population and consoles sold. The US is 2.4 times more populated than Japan. Multiply 322,083 * 2.4 and that is close to the million that sold here in the US for launch.

So lets see what kind of weekly sales boost the PS4 global numbers will get. The US is selling on average about 150k a week (was much more closer to launch, but has evened out to a nice steady pace now). Apply the ratio of the US launch in relation to the japan launch numbers (about 3:1), means each week the PS4 will sell approximately 50k more due to the additional sales in Japan.

So sales of the PS4 will jump to an average of 200k weekly sales globally. To give an comparison, XB1 is averaging about 50k a week globally. That is a 4:1 ratio in favor of the PS4 in terms of global sales per week.

Dang... PS4 is unstoppable! If Sony can ramp their production up considerably, it will easily break past 15 million by the end of the year while the XB1 will be struggling to hit 6 million.
insomnium2  +   719d ago

Ummm...didn't Yakuza Ishin release the same day in Japan as PS4? You are bound to get disagrees if your statement is false. People don't agree with false statements.
fenome  +   719d ago
Dynasty Warriors 8 was a launch title in Japan, it released the same day as the PS4 over there.
FlameHawk  +   719d ago
You obviously have no idea what you are talking about, Dynasty Warriors 8 has been out for almost a year in Japan, and they just released the Xtreme Legends in Japan about 3-4 months. The PS4 version is just a bundle of the original and the Xtreme Legends edition which just has a few extra characters and a few other things.
WeAreLegion  +   719d ago
Week one predictions have been the norm, ranging from 500,000 to 1,000,000. It should sit comfortably between the two come this weekend.
Ra3030  +   719d ago
Dude...who said Sony was selling 500k in 2 days? One or 2 days does not make a launch. Give it a week or 2. But that's not even important...My friend you called 322,083 or anyone who purchased a Sony gaming machine a "bunch of idiots". What!!! Why do you have so much hate? What's missing in you life to be so angry? Do you just not like the Japanese people? And so far 3 agree votes. Maybe you guys need to find other things in your life. Something is not right here. IMO.
CryofSilence  +   719d ago
The Japanese mostly game on mobile devices these days.
fenome  +   719d ago
The point I was making is that BOTH Yakuza Ishin and Dynasty Warriors are on the PS4 over there. You made it sound like they were ONLY on PS3 and not on PS4 and that's not true. I guess it was just how you said it, I misunderstood what you meant.
#4.6 (Edited 719d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
andro27  +   719d ago
that is right, it actually sold pretty good with what it is offering now. there is no killer game and most of the Japan only PS3 services are not working on PS4 yet. I am in Japan and I bought PS4 but I think I will use PS3 more for a while. Dark Souls II and Persona5 is coming soon, many gamers are more interested in those than PS4.

but still when MGS5 launches with the special bundle in March, we will see big numbers again.
fenome  +   719d ago
Selection has been limited so far. I'm excited for Infamous next month. MGS5 will definitely get a boost in Japan. Can't wait for this ball to start rolling, there are a lot of good games coming, I just wish they'd hurry up and get here! lol

Glad I still have my PS3 too though, 'cause Dark Souls II is gonna be a beast!
Angeljuice  +   719d ago

In Japan during the same period of time;

PS3 = 88,000 sales
PS4 = 322,000 sales

Not bad at all if you ask me.
Salooh  +   718d ago
It's sold out , how do you expect them to buy something doesn't exist in the market ?.

Who are you to call them idiots. My revolution made my people care about each other. Everyone look at his brother as a better person or equal to him, that way no one disrespect each other because if you disrespect someone and then he's killed by the dictator how are you gonna feel ?. You should learn that. You are not better then them.
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LKHGFDSA  +   718d ago
it didn't sell out in japan.
JMaine518  +   719d ago
Good Launch! One of the best in Japan.
blastergun  +   719d ago
Lol Finally can shut some of the fanboy mouth. This is not a very strong start of ps4 in japan. Only fanboy in the west buy ps4 when there is no good game.
jebabcock  +   719d ago

Those are good numbers and mean that the gap between the X1 and ps4 just increased by over 400k overall for last week. Not exactly sure what you are getting at...
blastergun  +   719d ago
PS2 in the first 4 days sold more than 600K. Ps Vita also sold the 300K+ in the first two days but tanked the following week. Wii U first two days also sold 300K+. So this is not a strong start for PS4. In fact this shows that japanese gamers are not too excited about the ps4.
jebabcock  +   719d ago
Taking a few stats mangling them together to fit what you want to see just makes you look a little desparate.

comparing the ps4 launch to the vita launch is ridiculous. Sony has yet to get a handheld system on the market that sells well anywhere. The vita's current sales are about as good as it has ever been doing since launch. Thanks in part to its tie in to the ps4. Yep even in Japan the vita sales have picked up recently...

Why not compare it to all the other successful CONSOLE launches in Japan or would that make too much sense? The ps4 numbers were just a bit lower than the wii launch. That is a much more reasonable comparison. We all know that the original wii tanked completely too.. see I can cite a console and without any other reason than its launch sales claim that its numbers mean success for the ps4... Note the sarcasm...

It would be cool if the ps4 could shatter every record for sales in every market... But I suppose we will have to settle for a really really good launch in Japan instead. I Just hope the ps4 can survive the setback...
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KwietStorm  +   719d ago
I guess it didn't do well to shut the fanboy then huh?
wsoutlaw87  +   719d ago
it sold out. They sell what they have. Despite that I think sony is happy with the numbers.
Eonjay  +   719d ago
It right in line with my predictions, it sold nearly 4x the PS3 launch and it the third best in Japanese history for consoles in a long line of dozens of of console launches. Thats pretty good.
CryofSilence  +   719d ago
Third best console launch ever in a country where consoles are losing their importance (mobile dominates). I hope you have low expectations for the X1 when it launches.
skoorydook  +   719d ago
It's a higher attachment rate than the Wii U had at launch in Japan and a higher attachment rate than the X1 had at launch in the USA.

So according to your brilliant and well thought out insight then the entire console industry is doomed.

Dumb ass
DarthBigE  +   719d ago
I predict 1 billion, quadrillion, fafillion Ps4's sold by the years end!!! /s
good job sony. Now make some more games!!!
BG11579  +   719d ago
There aren't enough ressources to produce that many PS4.
nikoado  +   718d ago
They require more Vespian gas...
MasterCornholio  +   719d ago
Good job.

DivineAssault  +   719d ago
Good job sony! PS4 launch was executed nicely.. Now its time to sit back, enjoy the overwhelming amount of incoming software for all of the PS consoles.. Like 5-6 games coming nx month for PSV, PS3, & PS4 that im buying DAY 1
DARK_FOX  +   719d ago
They did amazing and I am happy because it means more games incoming!
aondaatje  +   719d ago
Gotta luv the spin. Simple fact is that PS4 undersold in PS biggest market. Hate all u want. Numbers don't lie
djplonker  +   719d ago
How many xbox ones were sold in japan?


How many more playstations were sold in the usa over the xbox?
(Xboxes biggest market)
Eonjay  +   719d ago
Its 4x the PS3 launch! Thats very good. Deal in reality man. Why are you trying to spin that into a bad thing?
jebabcock  +   719d ago
The US has always been a bigger market numbers wise than Japan for playstation consoles... Not sure what planet you are living on. I don't see how there is need to spin anything. No one expected 2 day sales to compete with US numbers. Just because the ps4 didn't shatter all console launch records here doesn't really mean anything. It took 3 days to sell out instead of 2... When has it ever been bad news for something to sell out in 3 days? Even if Japan had flopped with sales, the ps4 is dominating without including that market. The big piece here is that Japan sales just made that gap between x1 much wider...
RexLex   719d ago | Bad language | show
LiinoMajire  +   718d ago
This uneducated hater will never make it through High-school, it can't even spell *you* or *love* right. I laugh, Haha!
SuMtOnE  +   719d ago
hmm since its Japan i would think it would at least sell 1 Million on launch day since its their home territory.
Eonjay  +   719d ago
If you keep within context of the PS3 87k launch, then the PS4 looks amazing.
jebabcock  +   719d ago
Ps2 only sold 600k in 4 days.... The ps4 selling 1 million within 2 days in Japan would be nothing short of astounding. It would have almost broken previous records twice over if it had done so. selling 320k in 2 days is comparable to what the wii sold at launch. These are pretty good numbers for any launch.
chrisarsenalsavart  +   719d ago
They had only 350 million consoles available so it would have been very hard for Sony to sell more than that.
IG-88  +   718d ago
ha, i think that it should be 350 thousand not million. I do like the people saying that it is bad when they sold the number of units that they had on hand.
sebzhd  +   719d ago
4x better than PS3. Very good for PS4. One is now out this gen.
talocaca  +   719d ago
I think in Japan even more so than other countries...people follow specific games and new IPs are not as popular.

The moment games like FFXV, MGSV or GT7 release, sales will take huge spikes for a few weeks.

Japan has always been like that. Just look at the Monster Hunter releases!
chrisarsenalsavart  +   719d ago
Cause in the west we are so much different.
Wait no we 're not, we are even worst.
Cause we re buying the same game series every year
And Japan actually buys a lot more of New IP and genre than the west.
vydeljr  +   719d ago
What I don't understand is why people keep saying the ps4 didn't sell well in Japan?
It sold out if they shipped more ps4s over there who knows how many they would of sold.
This the same debate we had about Xbox finally selling more than ps4 on amazon
when clearly all ps4 launch systems was sold out so of course it looks that way. Where
is everybody brain today?
LKHGFDSA  +   718d ago
it didn't sell out in japan.
"Where is everybody brain today?" lol
2v1  +   718d ago
lol that is from 3days ago when they lauch the ps4
#15.1.1 (Edited 718d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report
IG-88  +   718d ago
No i think it did. they would not send in the second shipment if it was not sold out or close to it.

"Mainly due to the fact that online stores shown “in stock” at the beginning, some said that the PS4 wasn’t selling well in Japan. Yet those sites gradually went to “out of stock” and over the counter availability has become scarce as well."
MegaRay  +   719d ago
Hope it sell more so we see more Japanese games.
I am eager to know what Japan studio workin on
ironmonkey  +   719d ago
oh its selling alright. once those asian games hit the ps4, its going to be a knock out. ff online will kick start a trend you will see. and yes they are all 1080p.
CertifiedGamer  +   719d ago
Japan don't like consoles, they prefer to play on PC. Japan is the smallest video game market in the world. They are currently building robots with AI while we are playing video games with stupid AI.
jebabcock  +   719d ago
All I can say is wow....
chrisarsenalsavart  +   719d ago
Bravo! Bravo!
Encore! Encore!
alti  +   719d ago
certified from what? Your mother's fart? You've got the stank of approval.
CertifiedGamer  +   718d ago
Japan has always been the smallest market, the last time they enjoyed consoles was PS2. If I am incorrect then why have Japanese developers now focused on Mobile and PC. I am waiting for square-enix to say goodbye then I can say goodbye. To disagree with me is only proof that you guys are afraid of making the change to PC. I predict that the steambox will fail and PS4 will be the last super successful console.
Spontogical  +   719d ago
I think the Sony PS4 launch should be used as a case study in all U.S and U.K schools about how to market the fuck out of a product. Absolute goldmine, I'll remember this forever/try to use similar techniques for my business in the future.

Well done Sony!
skoorydook  +   719d ago
People trying to say it isn't selling well don't seem to be very good at maths.

Looks like the education system is failing some of today's youth.
DanManDantheMan  +   719d ago
Ouch! I remember seeing some people predicting 500K or another million. Here's how the other console launched in Japan

WiiU 309k 1 Day Launch + Holiday Tail

3DS: 374k February Launch

Vita! 324k launch

PS3:88K Launch

PS2:600k Launch Gangbuster
#21 (Edited 719d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(22) | Report | Reply
alti  +   719d ago
I shall agree with you, for presenting hard facts, as these fanboys downvote you for presenting info they're not trying to see.
DanManDantheMan  +   719d ago
Yeah, I'm not trying to say PS4 is doomed, just providing a comparison
alti  +   713d ago
lmao downvoted for telling it how it is. Get a grip people.
NeloAnjelo  +   719d ago
Where are MS's numbers? Oh wait...
DanManDantheMan  +   719d ago
Xbox One hasn't launched in Japan... but if you want a full comparison:
#21.2.1 (Edited 719d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report
NeloAnjelo  +   718d ago
No one expected the PS4 numbers to be more than PS2. If so then these people are deluded. My prediction was 500K in the first week, and this article is for a few days. Once it stays in stock then that's a good possibility.

I mentioned MS because when they do launch their numbers will be insignificant in comparison. The PS4 is already outpacing the PS3 launch numbers by a huge margin.

Once the JRPGs keep coming, the sales will continue.
#21.3 (Edited 718d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
GW212  +   718d ago
How is that ouch? The prediction of 500k - 1M units was a FIRST WEEK prediction. I'll bet the PS4, after 5 more days, sits comfortably within that range.

Don't compare handhelds, that an apples and oranges comparison.

Basically the only one ahead, in the history of gaming, was the PS2. I'll take that.
Hicken  +   718d ago
Ouch! Dan trolling again to try and make the PS4 look bad.

People can predict all they want. The FACT is that it was a very good launch. The numbers for the 3DS and Vita are to be expected, since handhelds are extremely popular there. That leaves just the Wii and the PS2 having done better in the first two days, and the former didn't outdo the PS4 by much, all things considered.

But then, I've noticed fanboys tend to be very poor at considering all things.
LNDCalling  +   718d ago
@DanManDantheMan If you had presented the full figures and applicable periods you may not have got so many disagrees.. also I don't know many educated people who were guessing 500k-1m in "two days"!!

All in the PS4 is having a great launch in Japan, times change, people change and so does the economic climate, given all these factors and Japan's preference in recent years to portables this is in fact a GREAT launch for the PS4, one that I hope continues and attracts Japanese devs back in to the home console arena.

Sega Dreamcast 101.490 (3 days)

Sony PlayStation 2 630.552 (2 days)
Sony PlayStation 3 88.443 (2 days)
Sony PlayStation 4 322.083 (2 days)
Sony PSP 160,019 (1 day)
PlayStation Vita 324.859 (2 days)

Microsoft XBox 123.929 (3 days)
Microsoft XBox 360 62.135 (2 days)

Nintendo GameCube 133.719 (3 days)
Nintendo Wii 371.936 (2 days)
Nintendo Wii U 308.142 (2 days)
Nintendo DS 468,883 (4 days)
Nintendo 3DS 374,764 (2 days)

* Obviously periods (applicable days) and launch months i.e. holidays etc play in to the above figures somewhat but its about as good a comparison as we can get.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   719d ago
Hot damn! Looking real good!
RexLex  +   719d ago
This is just great ! So they shipped 350.000 and sold trough on Monday ,..

So my prediction at lest 600.000 in first two weeks,.. Well underestimated how good it is going to sell in Japan at the beginning,..
#23 (Edited 719d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
NeloAnjelo  +   719d ago
I'm looking at the phantom disagrees when it comes to the sales numbers and wondering how people can still buy the XBONE, or support MS?

After all the terrible policies, and the reversals, then the console being inferior, with multiplats not performing on par, and with it being priced higher... Wake up people, wake up to the facts!
Platinum_k  +   718d ago
They do have their loyal Xbox customers still, but it's hard to be loyal for so long to a console that's inferior in so many ways.

I wouldn't call xbox fanboys the smartest people at the moment.
TristanPR77  +   719d ago
I have to laugh every time someone says the PS4 has no games because they are reaffirming that a console with no games is beating the Xbone so hard lol.
S2Killinit  +   718d ago
It currently as more games than xbone as well (:
RPG_Lover  +   719d ago
I find it somewhat funny that Vita had a better start. Overall PS4 is off to a modest start in Japan. Which is fine.
SonyROXitoohya  +   718d ago
Definitely a great start for PS4 in japan.
S2Killinit  +   718d ago
Good numbers. Now bring on the games (: starting with infamous and the order
curtis92  +   718d ago
PS3 moved 88,443 in 2 days in Japan.

PS4 moves over 322,000 in 2 days.
GW212  +   718d ago
322,000 > 88,443

Am I doing that right?
gamingisnotacrime  +   718d ago
The ps4 is just a major success with head to head competition. I like this because support will be there from multiple developers
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