Watch Dogs Release Date already decided, according to Head Creative Director

Ansewering a fan inquiry on twitter for a relase date, Jonathan Morin let it slip that he already knows the date.

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Meltic1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

Dont understand why they hold back the release date of the game. Stupid Thing to do. Just give us it and let it pass.

Beastforlifenoob1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

wtf is this the motherfu**ing FBI/CIA. They are being so secretive about this game as if its some sort of nuclear bomb plan.

is this some fuc**ng sadistic joke am i supposed to be laughing or crying?

Meltic1154d ago

Would be funny as hell if Watch dogs was getting bad Review.

Chrischi19881154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

I know what you are saying. They probably try to hype this game up, cuz hype sells best.

Dravidian1153d ago

Anticipation, tension, and wonder. People get less anxious and mentally tense about things when they have a clear time frame for a release of that tension.There also would be as much people talking about when it released (which also keeps info on the game circulating).

The practice sucks, but it often works very well.

showtimefolks1154d ago

hopefully whenever it is WD will deliver on all its potential

imtheman20131149d ago

Why would anyone disagree with this? That's basically hoping for the game to be bad when it comes out, and it's ridiculous to think that anyone would want that.

wonderfulmonkeyman1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

It would be awkward if the date they've decided upon turns out to be a delayed one for all the other consoles, just like they did with the Wii U version...

WeAreLegion1154d ago

The earlier they announce the release date, the faster regular pre-orders can resume. What are they waiting for?

fenome1154d ago

They're probably nervous to announce it until it's absolutely set in stone. Could you imagine the backlash if they announced it and it got pushed back again? Even if it was just like a week or something, people would freak out. Total Anarchy. Lol

WeAreLegion1154d ago

Haha. True. Still, the game is already a hit, even before release.

Chrischi19881154d ago

Like they did with the Wii U version... pushed back, after a half year push back...

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The story is too old to be commented.