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Battlefield 4 Platoons Incoming ‘Very Soon’ – Sign Up For Early Access

MP1st - Platoons are coming back to Battlefield 4 “very soon”, says DICE developer “TheBikingViking”. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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LoneWolf019  +   640d ago
To late the Titans are prepping to fall.
UltraAtomic  +   640d ago
XD i know. i haven't even touched bf4 since the titanfall beta.
dantesparda  +   634d ago
Please BF4 smokes Titanfall, in every aspect. Res, graphics, destructibility, scale, detail, player count, weapon count, vehicles and vehicle count, customization, engine, etc and the list goes on. Titanfall aint got nothing on BF, its COD with mechs and a lower player count
Volkama  +   640d ago
They're quite different games. BF4 still holds some cards over Titanfall. It looks better and the scale of it never fails to impress.

Titanfall holds my attention better, I can have fun playing that for hours at a time. But after playing that it's nice to go into BF4 and shoot up some buildings.

I have Titanfall pre-ordered, and I decided to add Premium to my BF4 yesterday because I anticipate wanted to play both.
LoneWolf019  +   639d ago
In the end its all about personal preference! Im glad you enjoy both. As for me BF4 lost my attention the first week. ENjoy it :)
juliotheman21  +   640d ago
Interesting feature.
Npugz7  +   640d ago
Screw titanfall!!! The battlefield series is way better than that COD crap with mechs!!!!!!
Shadonic  +   640d ago
Honestly Titanfall is pretty darn fun, I love battlfeield but from what I played its great. It remindes me of the action packed mayham of battlefield but with faster moment and parkour elements. As of now its kicking BF4 in my preference vote.
uncharted56  +   640d ago
The only problem I see with titanfall is that it will get old faster then a slut being passed around with only 3 game modes and 13 maps. Nonethless I will try it out if it keeps me occupied for a couple of months.
SpitFireAce85  +   640d ago
Dice messed up big time with BF4 they lost a lot of respect
from gamers..This will cost them on their next game..

But i guess that's what happens when you have EA as the
Mikeyy  +   640d ago
NarooN  +   640d ago
Lol yep. EA is the publisher for Titanfall as well.

I really question why Vince and Zampella (and Grant Collier, whom no one seems to ever mention for some reason, despite being a founder of IW as well) left EA originally to get more control over their games, only to eventually leave and then go straight back to EA...
awi5951  +   640d ago

Because they let them own their I.P? I guess that is the reason.
Volkama  +   640d ago
Nothing he posted has any irony to it.

If he referenced Titanfall as an example of how to release a game then yes, but all he says is the BF4 release was bad.

I don't think the BF4 launch will cost EA or Dice too many fans though. It was a shambles, but BF4 is still at the top of it's class and gamers want to play the best games.
UltraAtomic  +   640d ago
have you played it, and be honest??
sAVAge_bEaST  +   640d ago
To all my Ps4 peeps...

_If you party up, in party chat,,. Your entire party will stay on the same team.. 2-64 friends, relatives , & acquaintances.. We had around 10, the other night, friends of friends,,...

also, Vanilla and China Rising, seems to be in True HD, while Second Assault , appears to be still stuck in sub.

(Glad I chose ps4 http://bf4stats.com/ )
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Shakengandulf  +   640d ago
What do you consider true HD? Bf4 on ps4 is 900p upscaled.
What is it for second assault?
Mikeyy  +   640d ago
I too am curious. First I've heard of the add on being a different resolution??
KimoNoir  +   640d ago
Incorrect, the entire game is set on 1600x900. Not exactly true HD but, much higher than 1280x720 that the xbox one outputs ("natively")

The entire SP & MP is set in 1600x900
rbluetank  +   640d ago
thxs for the link... I found out what my longest sniper head shot kill was 265ft. lol I remember a guy snipe me from on top of dragon pass tallest mountain. I was just playing the objective when I was sniped. my very next spawn I shot his astray with one shot sniper rifle to the head. this my best BF4 moment. lol FYI I am forever first an engineer class player.
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Geekman  +   640d ago
Years later......
Rob Hornecker  +   640d ago
Anyone know what happened to the "BF4 only" web site? It seems to be down.
Harmonizer  +   640d ago
Screw Titanfall....Titan mode is coming back to BF :)
csreynolds  +   640d ago
WHO CARES? Pre-match squad options please - Christ DICE, the Battlefield community has only been requesting it for four months...

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