Is the Lack of Hype for Thief 4 Good or Bad?

Sean Halluday of Pixel Gate writes:

"There’s been a distinct lack of hype for the upcoming release of Thief 4 thus far, even more so given its release on both Xbox One and PS4. Sure, there are launch trailers popping up all over the internet, interviews with big sites and walkthroughs and so forth, yet there still seems to be a distinct lack of excitement or anticipation building up around the game. But is this advantageous or something to be concerned about?"

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TomShoe1364d ago

Meh, it's an alright game, but there's nothing much that gets me really excited about it. I've never played the original thief series.

BigFnHooters1364d ago

"Meh, it's an alright game"

Pretty much how I felt about the first game a long time ago. Was really surprised to see the new game getting so much hype.

abzdine1364d ago

and it took 10 years for it to be completed. another disaster financial year for SE.
Gameplay video that was released last week showed how average this game is. nothing for me... i'm waiting nicely for inFamous instead

Army_of_Darkness1364d ago

I'd definitely get Tomb raider: DE for PS4 over this game.

starchild1364d ago

The Thief games have all been fantastic. Some of my favorite games of all time.

I think the new one is going to be great. The only thing I don't like is that the rope arrow can only be used in certain places. I liked it more when you could use it on basically every wood surface.

But it looks like a true stealth game and that is right up my alley. You can't just run around and kill people real easy. Even games I really like such as Splinter Cell Blacklist or Dishonored are much more action oriented and you can go on a rampage and just kill things left and right. Thief makes you take a more thoughtful approach.

iistuii1364d ago

Yep, I'm with you. I have watched a lot of videos of it being played & cant see anything i don't like. Looking forward to it.

showtimefolks1364d ago

its sad how some of these once great series get new entries, now and just don't have that magic in them. I feel like the developers/publishers want to appeal to everyone, so the game looses most of that IT that made it special in the first place

iistuii1364d ago

I think it's the public & the new type of gamer that's the problem, & you'd right the dev's want to keep everyone happy. I read so many reviews where they complain you can't fight it out. Even on the original you were useless at anything physical, your a thief, not a assassin. It's about getting in unnoticed & out again without alerting anyone. I'm looking forward to my pre order on the videos I've seen of it being played & not the reviews.

Jdoki1364d ago

Finding a balance between hand-holding and hardcore is a really difficult job these days.

With games costing so much more money to produce, it's not surprising that publishers need games to appeal to the widest audience possible. Unfortunately that often ends up with mediocre end product.

It's lucky we still have games like Demon's / Dark Souls, but in general the one thing that has marked out the last two console generations is the move toward making games more accessible for casual gamers.

MrSwankSinatra1363d ago

Hey not every series can make a comback, tomb raider, deus ex & thief. Two of three is not bad

Meltic1364d ago

The stealth action in this game was good. But only Arrows and Close combat.. boring. They should have done just like dishonered. Then it would be very good.

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Bigpappy1364d ago

They need to show something that excites and capture gamers attention. Everything I have seen so far looks like something I have done before.

SynestheticRoar1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Could of use a some of that titan fall hype. Just a little

djplonker1364d ago

I am not a huge fan of hype (he says ironically on a gaming website...) everytime I have been drawn in I have been let down in some respect like the battlefield 4 trailer that made it look like you could level huge buildings instead of it being a one building scrited affair it would have been alot less exciting if they just showed a mp match in full!

They spend millions on marketing (usually) when word of mouth gets the job done its not like we are all connected and this way it kinda forces them to make a fun game!

Ugh I am getting flashbacks now of watching the ff13 trailer thinking I cant wait :/

GamersHeaven1364d ago

Good not many people will be wasting 60$ on this turd.

starchild1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

The game is not a turd. Lots of reviewers thought it was great.




"this is probably my vote for game of the far, I know it's just the second month of the year...but so far it takes the cake. This and the Last of Us Left Behind are both amazing games. far I really can't find anything wrong with it though. Graphics, everything's top notch...gameplay is amazing. The story's really intriguing...I actually care what's happening."

These are all people that liked it a lot.

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