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Secret of Mana composer created one track in 15 minutes

"Hiroki Kikuta’s Secret of Mana soundtrack remains one of the most lauded soundtracks on the Super Nintendo. To satiate fans’ burning questions about his work, the game composer took to Reddit to answer questions in an “Ask Me Anything” post.

One eye-catching revelation involved one fan’s inquiry about his work on a fan favorite, “Prophecy,” which he apparently wrote in 15 minutes.

'The composer also gave a neat explanation for the game’s aggressive boss tune, 'Danger,' saying that a key factor in crafting battle music lies in focusing on “the positive factors clashing with negative ones.'" - Patrick Kulikowski (Culture, Hiroki Kikuta, Secret of Mana, Wii U)

ZeekQuattro  +   495d ago
Well la de da.
djplonker  +   495d ago
The best things in life are usually on impulse and I imagine there is alot of songs/books/movies that were better in the beggining before they spent hundreds of hours trying to perfect it kinda like ending a sentence... bum pickles.
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Nobuo Uematsu wrote the Prelude in 5 minutes as well and that is a classic beloved melody.
Chaos_Raiden  +   495d ago
He is a talented composer.

Thanks for the share.
aerisbueller  +   495d ago
One of my all-time favorite games and game soundtracks. Played through the whole game 2 player. Unforgettable adventure.
Chard  +   495d ago
Yep, my first JRPG, and my favourite. The sequel is awesome too.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   495d ago
Some of the best and most recognizable themes in gaming are short, sweet, and made in very little time.

Star-man theme.

I mean, really, how much more simple can you get? And yet to this day it's still a song that makes a gamer get the feeling of wanting to move as fast as you can and wreck anything that even twitches in your direction.XD

Having said that, Secret of Mana is still one of my favorite games of the SNES era, and it saddens me that there was never an officially-translated version of the game's sequel done for the states.[played the fan-translated ROM, though. It's such a great game...]
Letthewookiewin  +   495d ago
I be played this game through a minimum of 4 times. One of my best childhood memories.
XtraTrstrL  +   495d ago
We need a new, good Secret Of Mana game.

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