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Listen to the Super Mario Theme Played with Ancient Chinese Instrument

Grab It Magazine is reporting about an unknown musician who can create 8-bit Mario Bros. music perfectly with an instrument made thousands of years ago. (3DS, Culture, GameCube, Industry, Nintendo DS, Retro, Super Mario Bros., Wii U)

iosgamer  +   494d ago
That's amazing. I can only assume she just worked out to do that since modern sheet music wouldn't really carry across, which means she must be a.) very good and b.) a true gamer
SlappingOysters  +   494d ago
What game should she do next? I'll take California games
jhoward585  +   494d ago
I would love to hear her do metroid next.
Qdog  +   494d ago
Wow, what an awesome rendition. Did anyone else notice how strangely close in tone that sounded to the original?
Rockefellow  +   494d ago
What a terrible writer. Unknown musician? Gawker profiled her days ago in a much more comprehensive article. An instrument made thousands of years ago? It might have been invented centuries ago, but I doubt hers is that old.

Finally, as common sense dictates (and a little bit of simple research, which is too much for this clever author), the Super Mario sounds were modeled after the unique sounds of this instrument, making it a lot less of an amazing coincedence that the instrument sounds like the video game. It was simply meant to sound that way.
SlappingOysters  +   494d ago
I think you are confusing the blurb the N4G poster did with the actual article through the link.
Pozzle  +   492d ago
Very impressive!

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