Top 10 Retro Games That Would Be Awesome On the Wii U

Imagine: Ten classic games chosen to shine on one new system. Which would be the best candidates?

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higgins781751d ago

Sorry, I like the innovation but don't like a lot of the ideas you submit here in your list, still, nice to see somebody thinking about new ways to play old classics.

SteamPowered1751d ago

These games are a little too retro. I think Ninty should break open the N64 gems on 3DS and the Gamecube winners on Wii U. Too bad all the great IP's probably arent paid for anymore. LoTR, Star Wars Rogue Squadron, Jet Force Gemini, Eternal Darkness would be killers if they could update the graphics/games, or just go straight up legacy and play the GC Version on Wii U.

BullyMangler1750d ago

good idea but yes, this is nintendos land, they can have be or do whatever they please. if they all merge theyde be called Nintendo .

Summons751751d ago

I agree on Pokemon Snap but Shadow of the Colossus will NEVER be on any system that isn't Sony owned, that one seemed really odd to be on the list.

GordonKnight1750d ago

The list was not good at all.

All SNES RPGs are needed on the Wii U. RPGs are great to play on the gamepad. Including FF7

Donkey Kong 64 was needed before Tropical Freeze was release.

Double Dragon Arcade since I missed it on XBLA before it was removed.

But these are just my gaming needs.

Geobros1750d ago

I think there are better retro games to bring on Wii U...

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