Thief: Shadow Hunter Review |

Thief is back and better than ever in this new re-imagination of the classic stealth, action game. Take on the role of Garrett a Master Thief as he navigates in the shadows bringing justice to those who have robbed him of his one true love.

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patelsanjeed1550d ago

Just Pre-Ordered this today, can't wait to play it.

Frankskint1550d ago

Haven't gotten round to playing any of the Thief games, do I need to visit those first to familiarize with the backstory before jumping on this one? Any Thief fan with feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

sdozzo1550d ago

It would be nice but no. It's more a reboot.

ArronNelson1550d ago

Oh Dammit Thief will be out soon, must complete back catalogues of games before I can buy this one.