Whatever Happened to Defending Artists?

Original Gamer: "News came out earlier this week that upcoming game Deep Down would not have any female playable characters due to the game’s storyline. As you may have guessed, many people lost their proverbial shit over this reveal and demanded a change to the story. See, for some people, artistic freedom ends where they say it ends."

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Neonridr1578d ago

lol, no offense but it was the same with The Hobbit. There were no female major characters in the book, however they felt the need to augment the story to help appeal to female moviegoers. Thus they created a completely fictional character and gave her some importance in the second movie.

armycore1578d ago

Well Peter Jackson didn't create the source material, he's providing a little spin to it.

Edsword1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

Not disagreeing with your point, but they were all fictional characters. Also, which one was not in the books? I read the books and I can't recall there being a character with a major role that was extra in the movies. I know almost all of the first book (there are actually 6 as each book is really 2) was not included in the movies, but it would have been hard for people to follow if it were included.

Edit: Nevermind you said Hobbit not LOTR my mistake. Yeah the Hobbit is another story.

Neonridr1578d ago

lol, yeah it was Evangeline Lily's character that they created. Her name in the movie was Tauriel. She didn't exist in the book.

and of course they were all fictional, but you know what I mean.. ;)

KonsoruMasuta1578d ago

Who cares what those people think? Let them lose their minds and complain. There is no need to shoehorn things into your vision just because people don't like it when they can't get what they want.

AaronMK1578d ago

People will make purchases based on what they think.

KingPin1578d ago

so should us guys be complaining that we can only play as a girl in tomb raider. should we start whining and moaning till they make a new story for a guy as well?

some people just like to whine to feel important.

aliengmr1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

I sense something missing from this story. People getting in an uproar over this clearly had a reason to assume the option would be there. Its not like people are freaking out at every release that has a solo male/female protagonist. I've never heard of the game so I'm not sure.

I still think that fiasco over Remember Me was manufactured to a certain extent for publicity reasons. It seemed every article leading up to the release was about the devs/game being victimized for one thing or another.

The reality is, "artistic freedom" is determined by the budget. You can be as free as you want, as long as people buy your stuff.

Sketchy_Galore1578d ago

I hate politically correct pandering and I am sure Deep down will be fun but come on, let's not pretend there's gonna be any singular artistic vision behind it at all. Artistic vision is just about extinct in modern mainstream gaming. Of course there are a few obvious exceptions to the rule (woof woof) but just about everything in modern gaming is now conceived and developed from the get go by focus groups and market research. I don't think one more concession to the unwashed masses is gonna make much difference.

If you're really trying to tell an important story about the human condition that really requires your lead character be a white male, go for it. If you're just trying to throw together a disposable entertainment product based on market research why not just add the option to personalise your character a little?

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