Could these remakes be heading to PS4 soon?

GamePointsNow has heard several remakes are heading to the PS4 in the near future, so we thought we’d speculate on just what they could be.

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FamilyGuy1581d ago

Short but sweet, seems like a bunch of wishful thinking though.

moujahed1580d ago

I can see Wipeout happening. Everything else is as you said... "Wishful thinking."

stavrami-mk21581d ago

if this was to be true i would be fapping ,heavenly sword with trophies??
phwwwwwwooooor yea count me in

Luthiens11581d ago

Rts is my favourite genre, with the trackpad i would be very excite for starcraft.

mark3214uk1581d ago

hope so i never played the last of us

sad i know but never got time to try it

hkgamer1581d ago

great game, definitely not for everyone.

I haven't even completed it yet. I suck at stealth and action is pretty hard in that game. well for me it is.

the rest is just walking from point A to point B whilst moving the ladder to the right position.

sounds like i didn't enjoy the game but I actually liked it.

yazter1581d ago

I guess it's time to give up on any Parasite Eve remake.

God I loved that game and it seems that when I express my wish for a remake I'm only shouting into the wind.

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The story is too old to be commented.