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Nintendo Needs To Loosen The Shackles On Retro Studios

Hardcore Gamer: The ideal scenario would be to let Retro create a new property with the freedom to go in any direction they want, but even if they are to remain restricted to Nintendo properties there is just so much more they could be doing. (Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Wii U)

Reeze  +   592d ago
I have no doubt Retro is currently working on a new Metroid game. However, after that, I'd like to see what they can do with Star Fox, F-Zero, or even a completely new game. They're very talented, and I'd love to see what more they can do!
Vegamyster  +   592d ago
They've had Metroid Easter eggs in both the DK games and Reggie had the Metroid pin at VGX so i'd be surprised if they weren't, Platinum games has shown interest in making a Star Fox game so i'd like to see them take that one.
REDBEARD  +   592d ago
Nintendo just needs to expand the studio so they can pump out games like Metroid, DK, Star Fox, etc for a short time span. I do hope after DKC TF they will work on a new IP.
Kennytaur  +   592d ago
First do Metroid Prime U, then we can talk new IP.
SteamPowered  +   592d ago
I for one cant believe how good that Donkey Kong looks on my Wii U. Every hair is visible and it is actually a challenging game.
Im ready for more!
Ac7iVe  +   592d ago
I'm on world 6-6 almost done , very challenging game but awesome
wheresmymonkey  +   592d ago
Urghhh!!!! The fact Tropical Freeze even exists is because NIntendo let Retro work on what they want to. They weren't forced to make another DKC, they wanted to.

Retro actually went to the higher ups at Nintendo and said we have a ton of ideas left over, can we make another DKC, and they said yes.
weekev15  +   592d ago
This. Retro asked Nintendo if they could do DK, not the other way round. The shackles are well and truly off.
just-joe  +   592d ago
Apparently the writer of the article didn't do his research.
eyeofcore  +   592d ago
Writers/editors at hardcore gamer are delusional...

I guess they don't want Retro to do what they want to do... Hate creative freedom?
WeAreLegion  +   592d ago
I don't think Nintendo is holding them back. According to them, they've had complete freedom and were surprised when Nintendo approved Tropical Freeze.

I'd love to see a new Metroid Prime from them, but even more than that, I'd love to see a new series from them. This is one of the best teams Nintendo has.
wheresmymonkey  +   592d ago
Agreed. They're pretty much nintendo's Naughty Dog or Rare mk2. although they do have a couple of other promising western studios like the guys that made mario strikers,luigi's mansion 2 and the punchout on wii.
WeAreLegion  +   591d ago
I think their most promising new studio is the team that did Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Super Mario 3D World. They have real talent.
Ck1x  +   592d ago
I just think that Retro needs to grow in size. We know that Nintendo not to long ago moved Retro's base to a much larger facility. So they could easily grow from being a studio with 97 employees up to say 150-175. That could effectively give them 2 1/2 teams with the manpower to create some major AAA titles for Nintendo.
for we are many  +   592d ago
DKCTF is all kinds of awesome and particularly in the Graphics/Performance departments and not only in gameplay/level design.
The individual hairs on DK and other kongs(including Cranky's beard!!) are very impressive to say the least and personally speaking I haven't seen anything like that in a game before. The backgrounds and the foregrounds have huge levels of intricate detail that just look very beautiful and runs in perfect 60 fps.

RETRO did what they wanted to do and that's further improve the formula of DKCR and take advantage of the powerful hardware to bring level design ideas that weren't possible on the wii, and it really paid off especially for people who appreciate well designed old school challenging games,
it's just Nintendo haters who deny themselves the quality and fun in this game and other quality games and just bash blindly anything Nintendo related, or Metroid fanboys who have severe lower back pain because RETRO decided to make a sequel for DK instead of Metroid Prime.
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RetroGamingBlog  +   592d ago
At this time, right now, I've lost my passion for Nintendo. That's coming from someone who very much fought their corner. But, after the rather lackluster effort from Nintendo and the little support they've shown the WiiU I'm ready to purchase a PS4. I'm on the edge of selling my WiiU, but nostalgia and he hope they announce something at E3 is stopping me.

Donkey Kong TF looks very average at best and in all honesty Rayman Legends and ZombiU have shown more value in the WiiU than Nintendo's own games. This is, for my own tastes - I'm not staying it as a fact, more in line that my enjoyment from the machine came mostly from those two games alone. Oh, and W101. I own a lot of a WiiU games, and recently I sold 9 off to fund my purchase of a PS4.

I'm not holding out much hope, I'm pretty much at the stage where I feel Nintendo can't offer anything for my tastes. I feel they can only offer an insular experience and the message I'm getting from them as a company is they do not want to progress, and there are only a handful of titles coming 2014.

Alarm bells are ringing. If they can't turn WiiU around by E3 I'm going to close the chapter on Nintendo, period. Which is a shame as I have the fondest memories in the 90's playing SNES games, and ironically, I play more of those on my WiiU than WiiU games. :/

Such a shame, because the WiiU could potentially be the best Ninty console yet. When/if any games turn up that exploit some creativity that is relevant to the 21st century.
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deafdani  +   592d ago
So... Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD, Mario 3D World, New Mario U and now Donkey Kong do absolutely nothing for you?

Wow. I don't know what to say. I think Nintendo's own games on the Wii U are awesome, and this new Donkey Kong is probably the best 2D modern platformer I've ever played. I honestly feel Rayman has got nothing against this new Donkey Kong game.

That said... Wonderful 101 is my favorite game of all time. Guess what? It's a Nintendo-owned property, despite being developed by Platinum Studios.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with my Wii U, although I wish it had even more games.
WeAreLegion  +   591d ago
Those are all great games, but they're a one-and-done sort of deal. Hard to compete with a lineup full of innovative indies, MMO's, and almost every genre available under the sun. Nintendo is making progress, but they need to branch out.

You forgot LEGO City: Undercover, by the way. Easily my favorite Wii U game and the best LEGO game ever made.
deafdani  +   591d ago
I didn't forget Lego City, actually. I didn't mention it because I was talking strictly about Nintendo owned IPs. Undercover isn't one of these, despite being published by Nintendo. :P

And I don't understand what you mean by "one-and-done" deals. In my opinion, all of these games are brimming with content, most have great replayability, and Nintendo actually has tried their hand in a lot of very different gaming genres... but people don't aknowledge that because they use Mario for a lot of said genres, thus throwing everything under that stupid argument that they only do Mario games.
wheresmymonkey  +   592d ago
Let me get this straight. you have fond memories of playing SNES games but when they release a new game that basically a direct continuation of one of the best series on the SNES its mediocre.

You loved W101 but you hold out no hope for anything decent even though Bayonetta 2 is out this year and Platinum are talking about making more games for Nintendo.

RetroGamingBlog  +   591d ago
I hold out great hope for both B2 and MK8. My main concern lays with no information on future titles or release dates for bigger titles like X and B2. The fanboy in me craves Metroid and Starfox. If we get those I'll be very content. Even if no other games appeared.
seraphym88  +   591d ago
Retro, You have been posting nothing but "i dont like nintendo anymore' comments on n4g for 2 weeks. You say youve already bought a ps4, and say you sold 9....yes 9..wii U games for it.

Sir, unless you have rediculous amounts of money and like to blow it, your a troll. You bought 9 games for a console you dont like? But wont buy, and even call mediocre, a game that has been getting glowing reviews?

Furthermore, you only have ps3/xbox360/wii gamer tags, no WiiU? Now, if you DO make crap loads of money, its onne of my business and more power to you, but why keep posting multiple paragraph comments about your grief? You kinda dug your pit yourself..


I dont make a whole lotta money, and i have 5 retail games and several digital DLs, and i LOVE my Wii U. MUCH more than Wii.
RetroGamingBlog  +   591d ago
I don't make 'crap loads of money', but I'm an adult so my income allows me to put some money towards my hobby. The only consoles I own are Sega Master System, N64, Gamecube, Wii and WiiU.

I'm no troll. If I'm moaning it's only because I'm annoyed seeing my favourite company performing poorly. But, yes, perhaps I've been over compensating with the barrage of rants and I'll refrain. Or at least balance with some positive news when it's due.

As for my collection. I have it here:


See, no trolling here. :)
stragomccloud  +   592d ago
Ummm.... Retro was asked what they wanted to make next, they chose to make a new Donkey Kong. Simple as that. Also, its my understanding that Nintendo are some of the best people to work for.
DoggyBiscuit  +   592d ago
Forget Metroid I rather have Retro work on a new ip Nintendo let those guys create the game they always wanted the Wii U will only benefit from it
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