Nintendo Needs To Loosen The Shackles On Retro Studios

Hardcore Gamer: The ideal scenario would be to let Retro create a new property with the freedom to go in any direction they want, but even if they are to remain restricted to Nintendo properties there is just so much more they could be doing.

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Reeze1304d ago

I have no doubt Retro is currently working on a new Metroid game. However, after that, I'd like to see what they can do with Star Fox, F-Zero, or even a completely new game. They're very talented, and I'd love to see what more they can do!

Vegamyster1304d ago

They've had Metroid Easter eggs in both the DK games and Reggie had the Metroid pin at VGX so i'd be surprised if they weren't, Platinum games has shown interest in making a Star Fox game so i'd like to see them take that one.

REDBEARD1304d ago

Nintendo just needs to expand the studio so they can pump out games like Metroid, DK, Star Fox, etc for a short time span. I do hope after DKC TF they will work on a new IP.

Kennytaur1304d ago

First do Metroid Prime U, then we can talk new IP.

SteamPowered1304d ago

I for one cant believe how good that Donkey Kong looks on my Wii U. Every hair is visible and it is actually a challenging game.
Im ready for more!

Ac7iVe1304d ago

I'm on world 6-6 almost done , very challenging game but awesome

wheresmymonkey1304d ago

Urghhh!!!! The fact Tropical Freeze even exists is because NIntendo let Retro work on what they want to. They weren't forced to make another DKC, they wanted to.

Retro actually went to the higher ups at Nintendo and said we have a ton of ideas left over, can we make another DKC, and they said yes.

weekev151304d ago

This. Retro asked Nintendo if they could do DK, not the other way round. The shackles are well and truly off.

just-joe1304d ago

Apparently the writer of the article didn't do his research.

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The story is too old to be commented.