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Submitted by Romudeth 642d ago | news

Amazon is Now Taking Pre-Orders for the Xbox One Titanfall Bundle

Earlier today Microsoft announced a special Xbox One that comes bundled with Titanfall. Now, people can pre-order this package from Amazon. (TitanFall, Xbox One)

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XiSasukeUchiha   642d ago | Trolling | show
Ashlen   642d ago | Trolling | show
MasterCornholio   642d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(3)
djplonker  +   642d ago
Pass XD

£300 and then we will talk...
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SirBradders  +   642d ago
I'll buy it at £150 in years to come and thats for halo primarily unless Microsoft keep their promise and bring their games to windows which is obviously not going to happen.
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TheEnigma313  +   642d ago
That's a good deal. It sucks for early adopters, but people looking to buy an xbone will probably jump at this deal. I think it would be a sweeter deal if they threw in 3 months of live.
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Galletto3  +   642d ago
Eh its the risk early adopter take. Yea it sucks but no one forced us to buy.

And to be honest the 4 month trade off for $60 isn't too much of a sacrifice
GearSkiN  +   642d ago
saving money is still saving money no matter how you say it, if i didnt have an xbox i would have bought this instead, a console alone for the same price.
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christocolus  +   642d ago
Nice. I hope it does really well.


The bundle comes with a month of xbox live gold subscription free.
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TheEnigma313  +   642d ago
Ok cool. That's a pretty good deal. This bundle could justify the $500 price tag a bit. I would buy it if I could swing the price. I'm still thinking about it though; I'm close to reserving it.
NiteX  +   642d ago
So by saying the word pass does that auto assign troll to comments or something? For what it's worth it's a smart move by MS.
TheEnigma313  +   642d ago
I think it's the fact that those people came here just to say "pass" without a constructive argument as to why.
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famoussasjohn  +   642d ago
2 of the 3 have 1 bubble, think it's safe to assume they are trolls. The last one was just following suit and probably thought they'd get a ton of likes based on their comment.
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HomerDog  +   642d ago
yes it does. I dare you to go do the same thing at a Sony article. it won't take long for you to get banned.
Audiggity  +   642d ago
Ordered it as soon as it was available, about 2 hours ago. Smart move by MS. For those of us who were waiting for a reason to buy next gen - this was an easy decision.
No_Limit  +   642d ago
LOL, the people that said 'pass' are known Xbox haters so it could be free and they will still say the same old tired BS again.

OT, this is a great deal for people looking to buy Titanfall and the XB1. I'll see you guys come March 11. Now, that is a day that I will not pass up to frag some people on my XB1.
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djplonker  +   642d ago
I said pass and I have a 77k gamerscore

(Gt: dj plonker)
Ra3030  +   642d ago
"LOL, the people that said 'pass' are known Xbox haters so it could be free and they will still say the same old tired BS again".

My friend all "those people" said was...."I'll pass". There's no harm or hate in that. I'll pass on the MS offer as we'll an I'm going to pass on it till they remove the kinect and the TV garbage as both are gimmicks and unwanted but most important both are unneeded. And they need to put the price at $199.99 usd where it belongs. And then I'll think about it. And throwing the FPS training game Titanbot on top of that deal is not needed because I'm already skilled at FPS type games like most that went with the other console option at launch.
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SteamPowered  +   642d ago
As an early adopter, I would like to say this is totally lame MS. I can understand a price cut, but one after 3 months? Thats a fine thanks for going to the trenches for you and your unpopular decisions.
Looks like Microsoft just made an enemy for life.
TheEnigma313  +   642d ago
They have to grow their attach rate. I do think it sucks, but it was bound to happen. They can't sit back idle while PS outsells them. I'm sure they don't want to fall that far behind.
SteamPowered  +   642d ago
Their attach rate is bigger than the 360. This is about Microsoft doing some chest-thumping and making more bad decisions. This will turn the loyal against them in an effort to snag the casual gamer ( or gamers on the fence).
Seems like little gain for how much M$ will lose. But hey, Im just one gamer. Maybe others dont feel as jilted.
VENOMACR1227  +   642d ago
There is no price cut. You still have to pay $500 for an X1. Yes, you get a free game and 1 month of Live, but your still paying $500, just getting some free extras. I bought my X1 and this doesn't bother me. Eventually there would be discounts or bundles. Only a matter of time.
jasonc1213  +   642d ago
Why take it so personally? We take this risk when we early adopt. If I had zero good times since November 22nd (or less than $60 worth of fun), then maybe I'd feel sour about it. They may do something to reward the early adopters, anyway. We'll see.
TheRedButterfly  +   642d ago
Bro, the Xbox launched in Europe bundled with FIFA and/or Forza… NA? Nothing. Didn't keep me (and a million+ others (including yourself)) from making the purchase. Why is that different now?

Does it suck? Kinda… Is it worth "making an 'enemy' for life" ? Hardly. Don't blow this out of proportion.
SteamPowered  +   642d ago
This is just a drop in the bucket for the Microsoft hate. I used to be their staunchest supporter until they kept doing things to lose my loyalty. And things they didnt do to keep it.
creeping judas  +   642d ago
They should of replaced the regular black controller with the TitanFall controller, just to make if feel more of a TitanFall bundle.
Ra3030  +   642d ago
Love the Ghost BC pic. MS should go with a Ghost BC console over the FPS training game. I think this might help their cause.....clearly not with me but know, others!
MightyNoX  +   642d ago
Here is some food for thought. How exactly does this affect EA? I don't think bundling the game with Titanfall was part of the exclusivity deal. More people getting the game for free, less sale off retailer shelves.

If MS compensated them, good for EA... if not, I imagine this is what they're feeling:
#13 (Edited 642d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
maniacmayhem  +   642d ago
I think this works with any other game that has come bundled with a system in the past. Nothing special or new here.

I'm sure MS has paid EA very handsomely so MS can pretty much offer any deal they feel to the consumer regarding Titanfall.
lsujester  +   642d ago
Generally, how these things work is that the bundling company, in this case MS, buys numerous copies of the game to put in with the systems. Since this one is digital, they just put in download codes and will pay EA their share of each one that is used.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt   642d ago | Trolling | show
TomahawkX  +   642d ago
So does this come with xbox live gold? because you can't even play Titanfall without it.
No_Limit  +   642d ago
It comes with one month of Live Gold with the bundle.
#15.1 (Edited 642d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Romudeth  +   642d ago
If you read the article you would have had your answer. smh
TomahawkX  +   642d ago
aint nobody got time for dat
AceBlazer13  +   642d ago
I wonder if a specific set of individuals still want to argue which console is making more profit?

3 month price cut, must be tough. Even the Wii U held on a bit longer.
m0lt0n  +   642d ago
Promotional deal does not equal price cut. This is a company trying to maximize their install base with the first "MUST HAVE" game of the generation. I think it's a pretty strong business decision. Make 60 less on each console, technically, and get the X1 into those buyers homes. You don't think those consumers wont buy more accessories and/or games and/or Live?

This doesnt have anything to do with making profit. MS is probably making more profit on X1, technically. They are making money on every console sold. Last I checked, PS was said to lose just a tiny bit on every console sold.
jmc8888  +   642d ago
Promotional deal in the U.S.
Promotional deal + Price cut for the U.K.

So yes there has been a price cut, just not everywhere...yet.

But Titanfall isn't a 'must have' game. We could go into the semantics that every game is must have for somebody, but overall this game is not a 'must have' from the minds of the average gamer.

..and yes I played the beta on PC and it wasn't a must have. A nice game with some fun moments...sure. A game I might pick up, definitely a possibility. A game that I must A game that people need to spend $499 or $499+ the game (if they can't get the bundle) to play when many of them have options of paying $60 for a 360 version, or $60 for a more advanced PC version? No.

I'm sure it'll sell millions of copies, and it has a chance for a bright future with some sane revisions in future iterations, but right now, no, it isn't a must have.

Also we can get into more semantics about this being a next-gen game. It's on a next-gen console, so is it a next-gen game? Perhaps. But by any metric of what the game does, it is not a 'next-gen' game from that perspective. The 360 version isn't cut down in anyway, and if the rumors are to be believed the 360 version isn't that much of a step below the XBox One version. We'll see. The source engine predates the Xbox 360 even. It's from 2004.

That said, I agree with you that it is a positive business decision. But not nearly as positive that they need. If you're backtracking during a marathon, starting to go forward IS POSITIVE, but merely going forward won't change the results of a marathon. This is the part to realize. It's positive, but it needs to be realized that it is only a positive drop in a big bucket. Not realizing this would be a crucial mistake by Microsoft or anybody.

They need a lot more then bundling in Titanfall to make the gaming public forget about the higher price, poorer specs, and lack of 1st party development compared to their competitor that we will see for at least the next 2-3 years.

Even with Titanfall, the average gamer still sees a cheaper and more powerful product that they can buy in the PS4, and many of them will have a 360 or PC and can play Titanfall anyways. (and no again because it's a Source engine game, this game is the 'next-gen' game that is the easiest for any older or lower spec PC to run.)

Profit is malleable. It all depends on how many they make versus how many they sell. If they have a million units sitting on the shelves not getting refreshed fast, and production is above that, then those numbers we initially had are useless. They were always estimates about estimates anyways.

Also all those costs are based on a specific level of production. Usually the less you sell and you have to slowdown production, the more the units will cost. Because even though some cost reduction occurs from the top line when lowering production, it usually actually INCREASES the cost per unit because you lose economies of scale.
#16.1.1 (Edited 642d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
jmc8888  +   642d ago
Not to mention they signed deals with ATI, Foxconn, and everyone else that has a part inside the XB1 or constructing it, and it specifies certain levels of production. If they need to cut that down, yes there will be savings, but they may be required to pay a much higher price per unit because the guaranteed a certain level of production for a specific time period. So while I don't think this has quite impacted Microsoft, it no doubt has impacted Nintendo and the Wii U. This part would be realized as a later cost by Microsoft if sales continue to slump and go below any threshold in the contracts.

We also don't know what sort of fuzzy math those numbers were arrived at. Did they take into account just the COGS (cost of goods sold) or do they include all the amortized R&D costs for Kinect2, the cloud, and the redesign of the controller?

Remember folks they would need $100 million dollars in PROFIT just to roughly pay off the R&D costs of the controller. AT $500, that's 200,000 consoles just in revenue. But revenues ARE NOT profits.

If they make $10 profit per console, because only profit pays off R&D, then that would mean they need to sell 10 million units just to pay off the cost to redesign the controller. If they make $50 profit per console, then just 2 million...either way, they need to sell a ton of units just to pay off the R&D, that is generally omitted from all console profit/loss per console breakdown. But this number is MUCH HIGHER for Xbox compared to PS4, because Sony didn't have obscene Kinect R&D costs, nor did they spend $100 million on the DS4.

Remember folks costs are costs as soon as you sink money into making the console, it is only recouped once sold, which actually isn't to the consumer, but to the outlets they actually sell the console to. The Walmarts, the amazon's, the best buys, gamestops, etc.

So this also isn't always broken down in an easy way to understand in financial statements, because much of these costs have been paid for years, and some of these costs won't be realized until a certain timeframe or event has or hasn't happened.

But again, if these outlets are sitting on a million unsold units at any given time, they aren't buying more. So Microsoft will have the money like those are sold, but that's the last bit of obfuscation rabbit they can pull out of their hat. They can't fudge the numbers any more then how many these outlets have bought in total from them.

Now that these outlets are saturated with consoles, and have been for months, what they need to produce to keep up with demand and what THAT costs, when including the R&D costs, would give you a much more accurate figure of if they are making or losing money per console.

Of course you also have to take into account all employee overhead, advertising costs, any current R&D, and game development costs, dev starting/acquisition costs, promotional deals, etc to get a full accounting of whether or not MS is making a profit with Xbox One section of the Xbox division. Oh and don't forget all the costs associated with making their own CPU for the Kinect, and I can't remember if they bought or created that company..but those costs too!

Because the true measure of whether or not Microsoft is making money on the XB1, at least until the 360 is gone, is what all these costs within the entire Xbox division are for the Xbox ONE system and how much they are bringing in through selling the system, peripheral, and game sales.

Also one should realize how much these numbers would change if they added a Kinectless SKU.
#16.1.2 (Edited 642d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
Eonjay  +   642d ago
Giving away Titanfall is their strongest play. They are behind in their strongest region and they want to be able to ride into E3 leading in the largest market. Microsoft has to pay EA for each copy they "give away" so obviously this offer is in limited quantities. This could really go either way. I would like to make a suggestion as a strategist: If the game give them a solid boost, why not just make the bundle standard. They have invested so much money in this game, they might as well buy every copy.
Edvin1984  +   642d ago
I own a X1 and this good incentive, as the system and the game are pretty good. Can't wait for it to come out already lol. PUMPED
kalbo14  +   642d ago
atleast add the titanfall controller to justify the bundle
MegaRay  +   642d ago
I will pre-order it just to cancel pre-order!
Games like titanfall/COD (and killzone for that matter) is destroying the industry, people keep saying they want ps2 days back then dont support games like these, support the games that made ps2/wii great: party jrpg and platformer!
Whatwhatwhat   642d ago | Spam
m0lt0n  +   642d ago
The more the merrier. Can't wiat for the game to come out. The rest of you can stay on here and argue about consoles and resolutions while those of us who enjoy games are busy playing Titanfall. To all those like-minded, see you on the 11th!
curtis92  +   642d ago
I like the box....

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