Dead Rising 3 gets third DLC pack tomorrow

The third expansion for Dead Rising 3 on Xbox One is due out tomorrow on Xbox Live. Although Microsoft has confirmed the release, details of the DLC itself remain unknown

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GusBricker1485d ago

Nice! I'll have this, Thief and Lords of Shadow 2 all available tomorrow. Not to mention, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, too, if I pick that up.

Crazay1485d ago

I have a Thief and Garden Warfare download codes...and I also have Season Pass for DR3. Oh my god how am I going to keep up?

insomnium21485d ago

Is this DLC going to be fr*ahahahaaaa* damn it I almost made it to the end.

SteamPowered1485d ago

Holy crap. They sure dont want too much lead time before these releases. Seems like I am hearing about them the day before they drop.

matrixman921485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

wtf...the last one like just came out. With this I am expecting it to be extremely short again. Oh well, already bought the season pass

Also, this article states that Fallen Angel will be the last dlc pack. That one is already out. The last one will revolve around a police officer

Eldyraen1485d ago

I assumed all 4 of these would be short affairs after the first released. They show a little more of what happened to the city but lack the presentation of the core story.

I enjoy them but there is a reason they score as low as they do. The dlc itself is a great idea but feels like they didn't put as much effort as they should had. I am still happy with my purchase but just not as well implemented as it could had been (more Pycho/Story flair and would had fit better).

mikimiki1485d ago

Suggests theres a new image showing one of the new vehicles .. doesn't show it hmmm

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