War Thunder PS4: 5 tips for newbie pilots

PSU writes:

New to War Thunder? Check out these 5 essential tips for newbie pilots!

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Stick891548d ago

When is this coming to the US :(

And yes I know I could just create a EU account but I'd rather just have everything linked to my US account and not have to bother with all that.

redknight801547d ago

Same here, I am just waiting too. I saw on IGN it is listed as simply I hope that means it is coming soon-ish.

C-H-E-F1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Smh make a UK account make it primary account on that ps4 juss like your current US account and you can play it on your US account I had this game since launch. Its not that difficult ppl.

I also have a Japanese account for their Indies. Yall really need to get with the times lOl.

@stick it will be linked to your US account as long as you play under your US account so I dont understand your laziness. You must not want it that bad.

3-4-51547d ago

Hmmm...Going to go play this on PC today. Haven't in over a month.

Such a good game though.

SolidDuck1547d ago

I can't remember where but I thought I heard April, but that might of been planetside 2.

No1up1547d ago

I bought a ps4 over an xbox for this game... after waoting months, i gave up and traded my ps4.

TM3331547d ago

As more and more time goes by, I have a feeling you'll be missing that PS4.

No1up1547d ago

I already miss it, it's a great console, and look forward to the order, the last of us, and more importantly H-Hour... but those games wont be out for MONTHS, and I mean MONTHS.. tell me, after Infamous second son what will be released in april, may, jun, july... by the time those great games come out, I'll pick a PS4 on the cheap.

And no lie, the Craiglist add I put up is still active lol.

SoapShoes1547d ago

Wow, because that sounds realistic. /s

Aleithian1547d ago

Played this on my EU account and wasn't that impressed. The controls and funky-weird menu system ruins the whole experience. If they fix that stuff for the US, this game would be amazing. If not, I'm not interested (which is hugely disappointing, because I was hyped about it).

Einhert1547d ago

Isn't it fair for once that console gamers experience what it is like to have a game put on your platform not built around it?

The menu functions and it is a menu.....the controls work great for the controller if you set it up properly.

Aleithian1547d ago

I'm not sure the word "fair" applies in this context. Your suggestion is essentially that both PC and console gamers should each suffer a "fair" degree of a negative, rather than each enjoying optimized games.

If you think the menu works well on a console controller, that is of course your opinion. For my part, I think they are difficult to navigate, the cursor controls are sluggish, the writing is tiny, the layout is counterintuitive, and aesthetically the menus are a mess of different items making it difficult to determine where everything is.