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War Thunder PS4: 5 tips for newbie pilots

PSU writes:

New to War Thunder? Check out these 5 essential tips for newbie pilots! (PS4, War Thunder)

Stick89  +   305d ago
When is this coming to the US :(

And yes I know I could just create a EU account but I'd rather just have everything linked to my US account and not have to bother with all that.
redknight80  +   305d ago
Same here, I am just waiting too. I saw on IGN it is listed as simply March...so I hope that means it is coming soon-ish.
C-H-E-F  +   305d ago
Smh make a UK account make it primary account on that ps4 juss like your current US account and you can play it on your US account I had this game since launch. Its not that difficult ppl.

I also have a Japanese account for their Indies. Yall really need to get with the times lOl.

@stick it will be linked to your US account as long as you play under your US account so I dont understand your laziness. You must not want it that bad.
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3-4-5  +   305d ago
Hmmm...Going to go play this on PC today. Haven't in over a month.

Such a good game though.
SolidDuck  +   305d ago
I can't remember where but I thought I heard April, but that might of been planetside 2.
No1up  +   305d ago
I bought a ps4 over an xbox for this game... after waoting months, i gave up and traded my ps4.
TM333  +   305d ago
As more and more time goes by, I have a feeling you'll be missing that PS4.
No1up  +   305d ago
I already miss it, it's a great console, and look forward to the order, the last of us, and more importantly H-Hour... but those games wont be out for MONTHS, and I mean MONTHS.. tell me, after Infamous second son what will be released in april, may, jun, july... by the time those great games come out, I'll pick a PS4 on the cheap.

And no lie, the Craiglist add I put up is still active lol.
SoapShoes  +   305d ago
Wow, because that sounds realistic. /s
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   305d ago
harrisk954  +   305d ago
LOL... Funny troll!
Aleithian  +   305d ago
Played this on my EU account and wasn't that impressed. The controls and funky-weird menu system ruins the whole experience. If they fix that stuff for the US, this game would be amazing. If not, I'm not interested (which is hugely disappointing, because I was hyped about it).
Einhert  +   304d ago
Isn't it fair for once that console gamers experience what it is like to have a game put on your platform not built around it?

The menu functions and it is a menu.....the controls work great for the controller if you set it up properly.
Aleithian  +   304d ago
I'm not sure the word "fair" applies in this context. Your suggestion is essentially that both PC and console gamers should each suffer a "fair" degree of a negative, rather than each enjoying optimized games.

If you think the menu works well on a console controller, that is of course your opinion. For my part, I think they are difficult to navigate, the cursor controls are sluggish, the writing is tiny, the layout is counterintuitive, and aesthetically the menus are a mess of different items making it difficult to determine where everything is.

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