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Thief Review: Petty | GameZone

GameZone: Garrett the Master Thief had a long, ten year hiatus, since his last outing in Deadly Shadows. You would think such a long time to gather your thoughts and hone your skills would do a Master Thief good. In reality, it made Garrett all the more rusty. It's a polarizing experience really, one that has moments teeming with brilliance that are quickly overshadowed by mission-breaking bugs, bad lip-syncing or overly frequent loading times. (PC, PS3, PS4, Thief, Xbox 360, Xbox One) 6.5/10

KakashiHotake  +   463d ago
So far from all the reviews I've read this game is a disappointment. I don't usually pick games based only on reviews because even though a game is reviewed bad sometimes it's still enjoyable. Perhaps I'll check this one out once the price goes down.

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