Xbox One UK price cut is a middle finger to early adopters

vg247 says "Microsoft took a lot of people off guard today by announcing a price cut in the UK on the Xbox One, a games console it only released last November.

Critics, analysts, fans, marketers and everyone else with a throwaway opinion had been calling out Microsoft for its overpriced console since it first revealed the price point at E3 last year, but it was still a shock to see the company slash £30 off the machine and throw in a copy of Titanfall to boot."

Note: cant please everyone, and early adopters in the uk got forza 5 and fifa 14 for free.

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Mikelarry1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

i understand that early adopters are pissed but come on now MS needs to sell the xbox ones its not doing them any favors sitting on store shelves and warehouses as they would be loosing even more money. this way they sell more boxes to gamers who could not afford the premium price. price drops with every product/ service happen unfortunately if they are not meeting the projected margins they set out to reach

Naga1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Early adopters can either sit around and mope over the fact that they paid more to be early adopters, or they can be comforted by the fact that the company is making strides to ensure that their console of choice continues to be competitive in the market.

insomnium21546d ago


Yup. Pretty much. If they won't offer something to compensate (like they did with the first xbox) it really is the middle finger and a slap in the face too.

4Sh0w1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

BS early adopters know full well going in on a new console anything can happen AND this helps the platform they invested in gain more fellow gamers to enjoy the console increasing it's online community, dev support etc that is a good thing for them.

Also I didn't know that X1 was so much more expensive in the UK than ps4:

714.50 USD 
666.2 USD. 
PS4 is 581.26 USD.

Now the gap is about $85 USD, so it isn't a huge cut but I mean I dont care how well you did last gen asking $133 more in their 2nd biggest market for Xbox is going to be very tough, its still more expensive so I'm not saying will make X1 outsell ps4 now but with a closer price point and kinect included the value propistion its pretty damm close so this will definitely help.

VENOMACR12271546d ago

I bought mine on Day 1, no regrets. Eventually the system is going to be price cut more and more. It is what it is. MS is trying to sell systems. They had a solid launch but now sales are declining so a price cut is fine to drive sales.

loulou1546d ago

Lol all goods drop in price.

The slap in the face is not the price cut, it is the turd hardware...

Microsoft had to react

Charybdis1546d ago

Microsoft just fired the first shot in a hopefully a price-war. Sonny doesn't need to react but would be nice if they would also drop their price just to mess with Microsoft.

gaffyh1546d ago

Tbh, I knew there would be a price cut within the first few months, it was obvious to anyone who was not blinded by fanboyism. I was however expecting them to do it after TitanFall launched to see whether TitanFall made any difference in and of itself, but it looks like they decided that that best chance they've got is to price cut the TitanFall bundle. It's a good idea, and will likely pay off depending on how good TitanFall reviews.

indyman771546d ago

Hey I'm no xboxer (well I was a year ago but not anymore). With that being said, I have to agree! Microsoft has to do something, it can't wait because it is losing bad in even its only two sales lead territories. USA and UK. By more than 40% according to most retailers and sales charts. Microsoft can no longer keep the happy face going, to keep the pokemon effect that everyone wants it.

If they don't move these boxes soon, it will become a even bigger word of mouth mockery. Which will scare even loyalist into thinking they are getting the next dreamcast if they buy it.

More sold equal more software support. So that is the price of being a early adapter. The other price being manufacturing problems. Now on the other hand if Sony did it (FIRST) that would be bad. Because they are not desperate, to catch up before even the most die hard realize it is a blowout in Sonys favor.

SilentNegotiator1546d ago

This is why I always wait at least a year before getting a new system.

ProjectVulcan1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

I always did say Microsoft would drop their price first and I guaranteed it. Even I didn't expect it this early however! Just 3 months after launch.

Sony won't and don't have to. We won't see a Sony drop until they are ready, they hold the cards right now.

Microsoft steeply cut the price of the original Xbox just ONE MONTH after it launched in the UK back in 2002, from £300 to £199.

Early adopters back then got a couple of free games and a controller, but I don't see them doing the same thing this time around. If you bought the console early, surely it is your own judgement that decided whether it was worth the price in your eyes and well- you bought it and thought it was then right?

Microsoft simply cannot afford to get so far behind their platform becomes unappealing to publishers, they had to take action and do it fast. At least it may prop up sales for a little while.

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jasonc12131546d ago

As an early adopter, I'm not pissed. Christmas break would have sucked without my system (and my friends/family would probably agree). Maybe they'll do something to make it right on March 11th, but I'm having a good time so why complain? It's a risk we take.

Why o why1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Fair point. Xmas with new tech always seems better.

3 months has to be a console record though. Seems Microsoft didn't agree with the guys on n4g proclaiming the sales were fine or that it's the fastest selling Xbox or what have you. Nah mate. They are using their competitors sales as the barometer. Next region for sale.... NA

tehpees31546d ago

My local Game has a window with tonnes of them brand new for various prices. It needed a price drop in the same way 3DS did and rightfully it is taking heat because of it.

dumahim1546d ago

I don't really think that many early adopters are all that pissed. They go into it knowing full well the price is going to drop at some point. And this is UK only. By the sounds of it, there wasn't that many early adopters there anyway, and if I recall, they got a free game as well.

Volkama1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Ah I don't think many early adopters are complaining. It's just one of those things, happens with consoles or anything else you may buy. Whenever I buy electronics I do my best not to keep track of the price of it from that point forward :)

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate vg247 trying to champion the cause but... meh I don't actually care.

Would certainly be cool if MS gave away Titanfall to the early adopters as well though!

Mikelarry1546d ago

@ gaffy

they want 360 owners to make the jump and get titanfall on xbox one rather than 360 so doing a price drop after wouldn't really help if half of ms install base is playing their most anticipated title on last gen console

jmac531546d ago

We all know the loyal fan base will grin and take it. They have been doing so for years.

christocolus1546d ago


I totally agree with you and besides its difficult to please everyone. The price was always a major issue for ms and gamers have been complaining about it since launch.

Now MS is making moves in the right direction to lower the price and its a middle finger to early adopters? So far approx 300k units have been sold but ms knows millions are yet to buy it and i bet this news has got more thumbs up from more than 300k potential uk xbx one owners. ms is focused on the long term and thas a good thing. I am an early adopter myself and im very happy about this cos more gamers get to own the system.

frostypants1546d ago

Yep. Everyone knows that MS must cut the price of the One to avoid losing marketshare (and thus leverage over developers) to the PS4.

The logic that MS somehow owes early adopters is infantile.

Zoloftuser1546d ago

Is this writer very young? I love how people feel like everyone owes them something. If you think this does not happen in the age of technology I feel very sorry for you. Stand by your purchase like a man (or women)and quit crying. Everything goes down in price like this. Phones, PC parts, Tablets, ect. If you want it early then expect to pay more. It is the American way!

Slap in the face, please.... Have some accountability.

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-Foxtrot1546d ago

If they can easily do something like this then what's to say they won't announce a Kinect-less bundle later on this year.

People keep saying

"They won't because it would be a slap to the face towards early adopters"

Yet they've just slashed the price this early despite loyal fans buying their console day one at full price.

Mikelarry1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

when they did all that reversal there is nothing i believe they cannot / will not change if things are not going their way as they are a business in this industry to make money

4Sh0w1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

"If they can easily do something like this then what's to say they won't announce a Kinect-less bundle later on this year."

Very, very simple answer because a price drop in no way undermines their vision of kinect as a integral part of the X1 experience, now you may say they could do a 180 and "give up" on kinect, but its not happening when you look at how much they've already invested and plans for future titles, entertainment/tv and their whole marketing approach I think they are smart enough to know it would do more harm than good. Nah clearly they would just drop the price again if sales stagnate as you can see here vs change their entire strategy and fracture the infrastructure with a kinect-less X1.

I thank sony for having a affordable ps4, which is now making the X1 more affordable in the UK.

Why o why1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

That's true 4show. The customers who haven't jumped in yet are the winners.

Early adopters usually get the shaft but ms felt they had to react and take the flack from those said early adopters because you have to admit, this was way quick to cut the price.

Maybe some live months or a rebate of similar status would be a nice way of stemming any ill feelings. Just a suggestion.

MightyNoX1546d ago

You have to take into account that said people made those statements because they had no grasp of the desperate situation MS is in.

Naga1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

The reluctance to unbundle Kinect has very little to do with alienating early adopters. While anything is technically possible, the real reason Microsoft will probably never drop Kinect is the fact that they believe it to be integral to the Xbox One experience - that it sets their console apart.

You don't have to agree with them or their vision, but that's their vision.

Honestly, as strategic options go, dropping their vision for Kinect is at the very bottom of Microsoft's list right now, like it or not. If the original Xbox is any indication, Microsoft is willing to take a HUGE financial hit in order to see their vision become a reality.

AnteCash1546d ago

"Microsoft is willing to take a HUGE financial hit in order to see their vision become a reality."

MS is willing , im not sure about the shareholders.

mcstorm1546d ago

Your spot on. But then again here in the uk we get hit by higher price than the USA ect because of VAT as its at 20%. Also the UK is a strong hold of last gen for the 360 and they wont want to lose a big market share to sony here.

Also Microsoft can afford to make a loss on the xbox one its self as they will look to make the money on games and dlc ect.

I got a day one and im not unhappy about a price drop as this happens a lot. It happed to me with the WiiU and also the 3DS. Its also happed on other products I have bought like TV's ect its just normal life really.

-Foxtrot1546d ago

You talk about their vision with Kinect yet when they revealed Kinect for the first time as Natal that had a totally different vision then what Kinect was.

The Xbox One reveal, they had a totally different vision for the Xbox One then what they do now.

You I doubt all this is to preserve their vision but more like to shove it down peoples throats..."YOU WILL LIKE IT".

Seriously you can buy an Xbox One and don't have to plug Kinect in so why can't I just buy the console without it. I'm not going to use it either way.

Naga1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

@ Foxtrot

"The Xbox One reveal, they had a totally different vision for the Xbox One then what they do now."

If you think Microsoft has dumped their vision of an all digital future, and an always-online gaming environment, you are sorely mistaken. In fact, if you think that's not the shared vision for both Microsoft and Sony for the future... you are sorely mistaken. Microsoft didn't change their vision for the Xbox One - they simply delayed it after realizing it was premature.

But don't worry, we all get it - you don't like Kinect, and you don't like Microsoft. You think Kinect is stupid and unnecessary, that the Xbox One underpowered and overpriced, and the Microsoft is arrogantly championing their own interests over those of the gamers. We get it.

EverydayGuy1546d ago

That is a good point. Hope Microsoft can re-capture its former glory from the 1st generation days.

frostypants1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Of course, the entire purpose of a business "vision" is to make money. It's funny how fast a vision will change if a different route will make more.

Also, their vision of an "all digital future" is completely separate of their vision for Kinect. They could drop Kinect entirely and have minimal (edit: zero) impact on the digital/always online plan.

Kinect is their R.O.B. Let it die. It's an unwanted expense with little practical value, no matter what they thought the potential was.

Face it, the technology STILL isn't ready for prime time. Maybe Kinect 3.0.

And I promise you, if their research shows beyond a doubt that they could sell significantly more hardware (and thus software) if they take Kinect out, they will, and they won't think twice about it. It's about money.

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mushroomwig1546d ago

Sorry, but this is ridiculous. You should know what to expect as an early adopter because this is just the kind of thing that can happen.

jonboi241546d ago

Though 3 months after launch is unheard of. Surprised the couldn't just launch at this price when they heard they heard the ps4 would be cheaper.

jimbobbeers1546d ago

The majority of early adopters aren't pissed, put your dummy back in.

N81546d ago

Maybe they will do this in the US. I might hold off getting one for a bit longer

The Meerkat1546d ago

I'm in the UK and I'm holding off for the proper price drop.

Now I know Gears won't be on the PS4 i'll need an X1.
But there is no rush.

jasonc12131546d ago

Titanfall is free with an X1 on Amazon and MS's website today. It's a good time to buy the console in the US IMO. I think the price drop in the UK is fair because (as I understand it) the cable TV integration doesn't work or work as well.