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Digital High – Fun with Titanfall, 1886 Underwhelming, and Does Resolution Matter?

Entertainment Fuse: The crew of your favorite podcast, Digital High, are back with a few returning helpers. Donna is here to say her farewell, finally, and Joshua is back to lend his voice, along with Vincent, regarding the recent Titanfall beta. Aaron isn’t left out as he chimes in as well.

- Lightning Returns Final Impressions – 2:54
- Titanfall Impressions – 11:20
- The Order: 1886 – 49:52
- Irrational Games Layoffs – 1:06:49
- Doom Beta Packaged With Upcoming Wolfenstein – 1:17:35
- Minecraft Mini-Games – 1:21:24
- Resolution Differences Between Games – 1:28:20 (Industry, PC, PS3, PS4, The Order: 1886, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

stuna1  +   138d ago
1886 underwellming opinion! But I'm sure it'll get nice and hot like you want! As far as the Order I'll form my own opinion.
deathstriker  +   138d ago
I just listened to the The Order part (I skipped to it and will listen to the rest later), but I got where they were coming from. It looked great graphically, but the gameplay looked like Gears or any other 3rd person shooter. They should've shown monsters, unique guns, etc. I want the game to be good since I have a PS4, but that trailer and footage was a slight misstep IMO.
Majin Uchiha  +   138d ago
Gears doesn't look that clunky, but yea it's too early to try & trash the game, we've seen like a 20 second clip of gameplay for the Order
mcarsehat  +   137d ago
They're selling the game off the graphics, the gameplay isn't as important to them. come on, after reading all of the resolution crap, how was this route not going to be taken?
arika  +   137d ago
Im sure these people downplaying the order 1886 are going to eat their words when this game comes out. Titanfall is not even next gen because it can be played on xbox360, it might be fun but not next gen.
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rafaman  +   137d ago
The problem with this game is the same as other shooters: you have this crew and you play with only one of them while the others are only AI. In a time where everyone praises the cloud and online services, not making any use of it is dissapointing. This game asks for coop, but lack any sort of multiplAyer. I mean... It is a shooter. There won't be a great story behind it, so there is no excuse for not letting us play it with friends
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beerzombie  +   138d ago
1886 looked pretty good and seemed to play smooth. Adam Sessler showed a preview. I would think it'll turn out as a buy for most people. Thief could be example how it could go.
DanzoSAMA  +   138d ago
Titanfall > The Order: 1886
arika  +   137d ago
The order 1886> titanfall.
mcarsehat  +   137d ago
i've disagreed both of you for pettiness. you have only had the chance to play one of them up to now and i don't think arika has played titanfall, why even try and compare them both?
Hicken  +   137d ago
For the same reason you would insinuate in your previous comment that The Order is all about graphics, and gameplay doesn't matter. Don't go trying to act all neutral now.
mcarsehat  +   137d ago
Nope, Didn't put that. i always get answered for things i DON'T actually comment.

Read it again, i said Sony were selling the game on the graphics, not the gameplay, not it's style over substance because i don't even know WHAT type of gameplay they have implemented in the game, you might acquire superpowers, you might BE a werewolf i don't know. just that the advertising will be centered around the looks.The same as the e3 trailer with REAL TIME FOOTAGE and the articles on websites will be LOOKS AMAZING/STUNNING.
None of them will say PLAYS amazing.

But i am guessing that it will be a gears rival for those that can't buy gears, it isn't an insult to the game, its just the most likely route that they will go for a third person squad based shooter.
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