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Editor Ron Burke, long time fan of the franchise, takes the new Thief reboot for a spin. The game is not without issues, but it's still Thief at heart.

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Meltic1548d ago

is it Worth buying or wait until a price drop ?

Knightshade1548d ago

I honestly enjoyed it quite a bit. I turned some of the fancy new stuff off and found a pretty classic Thief feel emerged. nothing's gonna fix that voice repetition though...

Meltic1548d ago

Is the story good or is it same over and over again

starchild1548d ago

I'm a huge Thief fan and stealth is my favorite genre of games. It's good to hear your impressions. This review was also good. I'm 90% sure I'm going to like it.

curtis921548d ago

Probably depends on how much you like stealth gameplay

Meltic1548d ago

not if it isnt so much action...

GarrusVakarian1548d ago

Just Youtube some gameplay and make your own impression, or if you have a PS4 there will be some livestreams to watch, there has been for the past few days.

Dirtnapstor1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Good review. Sounds like the reviewer got sucked into the game...which is what should happen.
I wonder if all those who panned Thief were expecting more of an aggressive Sam Fisher type of gameplay/character.
Still going to gamble on, looks gorgeous, any technical issues can be ironed out with a patch.

Knightshade1548d ago

Yep. I'm a stealth kinda guy, so playing stealthy makes the game fun. If you try to play this like an FPS you are gonna have a bad time </end meme>. The Asylum level is really fantastic - I can't say more without ruining the surprises but it's very immersive.

Knightshade1548d ago

Heh, I don't see that happening. I liked it, but there are some pretty fantastic titles on the horizon.