Mobility Geforce GTX 870M Chip Exposed – 6GB and Different Codename, Are we looking at Maxwell

WCCF: Die Shots and GPUZ Screens of the GTX 870M were leaked recently however its codename and specs arent the same as the Tech Powerup Database. Quite possibly this is our first look of Maxwell Mobility.

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ninjahunter1517d ago

For when you really dont need a bank account.

spartanlemur1517d ago

Yeah I'm going to become broke once the 800 series is released XD

TheOmniGamer1517d ago

6GBs for a mobile GPU... I can only imagine the desktop GPUs and the GTX 880, god damn!

Tundra1517d ago

Whoa that's alot of VRAM. The highest in mobile GPUs currently is around 4GB VRAM on the 780M iirc.

bicfitness1516d ago

Got 2 of those in SLI and it - with an SSD - makes for a beast machine. It should last me another 3-4 years too.

Qwagy UK1517d ago ShowReplies(3)
pleasuretokill1517d ago

Nvidia is ridiculous with allocation of VRAM. Mobile cards getting 6GB while stuck at a res of 1920X1080 and the $700+ 780TI is limited to 3GB.... and 4k TVs/monitors which will use the hell out of VRAM are becoming more and more readily available on the market. What the hell are these people thinking?

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