CD Projekt: A Good Story Needs A Clear Cut Ending

The Witcher 3 will be the last game in the series and CD Projekt explains why this is for the best.

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Imp0ssibl3976d ago

Completely agree. Too many times the games industry and even Hollywood fall into this trap and completely ruin a franchise by making endless sequels or unnecessary prequels.

Alexious976d ago

Exactly! Finally some creative team which gets it.

come_bom976d ago

I agree. That's one of the reason (among others) I'm not too fond of MMO's. I like stories that I'm playing or reading to have a ending.

dcj0524976d ago

I loke that about certain JRPGS. Like taoes of Xilloa or ni no kuni. They leave very few stones unturned.

MightyNoX976d ago

Mass Effect 3 jab or am I reading too much into it?

Alexious976d ago

Might be. But it could be extends to so many productions really, even outside games...

Irishguy95976d ago

Nah he said it before, he just means that the Witcher 3 will END the series. There will be no room left for sequels, at least about Geralt. It will truly end the story is all he means

karamsoul976d ago

Self-contained story games are always the best. :)

Festano976d ago (Edited 976d ago )

They agree that there must be a beginning and an end, too bad that we have reached the final chapter.

bienio976d ago

Relase date please!!😄