Video Review: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - Game-Smack

With a game series like Final Fantasy, going back for seconds can be bad taste, going back for thirds is gluttony. Yet Lightning has returned to conclude the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy and with it, an adjusted battle system and even a different approach to the story. Does Lightning striking a third time finally show true on its original promise or is this one last cash-grab in a disappointing story?

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maniacmayhem1549d ago

I'm playing this game right now and I am just not feeling it. The time stipulations feel so cumbersome and the story is extremely heavy handed.

I might give it a little more time but I think this might go right back to Gamefly.

TM3331549d ago

I really wish it at least looked better, like FFXIII PS3 quality. Such a downgrade in the visuals dept that I feel jipped. I didn't even touch this game all weekend. Instead played FFXIV Beta on PS4. Loving that game!