8bitbot’s Top 5 Unfinished Games

We all have stories of unfinished games that haunt us to this day, whether it be due to hardware failure, lost saves or just plain fatigue. Johan (contributor at discusses his top 5 unfinished games and why he could never quite beat Final Fantasy VII.

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MarioAna1486d ago

I haven't finished DA:Origins either. But my biggest shame so far is Ocarina of Time, need to get that done some time.

btmgov1486d ago

So what you are basically saying in this article is that you are a graphics whore......

Jevous1486d ago

I think you might not have read the entire article if that's your conclusion.

SolidGear31486d ago

Only 8 hours on Origins. It was so bad I laughed. Now DA II I platinumed in a month and was highly addicted to.

thaiboy1485d ago

One of the only games I failed to finish was Assasins Creed III, it just got so boring.